KnowTia Announces Oasis CRM 2.0

    May 22, 2006

The Oasis CRM product line, made by the KnowTia Corporation, is set to be updated with a brand new Version 2.0.

A major new feature, touted by the company as the future of CRM platforms, will be the integration of Ajax into aspects of the main Oasis CRM interface.

KnowTia is aiming its latest software upgrade “at corporate clients and those who have outgrown their small business applications.” With previous versions, they have tried to be competitive with corporations such as NetSuite and

KnowTia has asserted in the past that these companies’ offsite hosted CRM models “act as a paid service instead of a true CRM investment.” KnowTia proudly proclaims their own products as “100% Web-based CRM.”

With Oasis CRM 2.0, KnowTia hopes to remain a contender. New features such as Ajax dashboards, blanket order management, and an enhanced user interface (as compared to the previous version) will be employed in conjunction with their existing real-time integration with BusinessVision 32 and QuickBooks Pro.

Other advertised features include contact-based (as opposed to account-based) CRM, complete order management (including fulfillment), “easy to use and customizable” web-based interface, and “comprehensive” contract and complete inventory management.

Ajax should allow users of the Oasis CRM software to pull data from the server to the interface without web page refreshing or any other disruption. This would permit for simultaneous and refreshing dashboard graphs in a web environment, which KnowTia believes will be a major selling point.

The integration with BusinessVision 32 and QuickBooks Pro (which the older versions of KnowTia software, KnowTia Professional & Corporate Editions, also featured) lets users access information about their clients’ finances without giving up their own company’s financial information.

According to Oasis officials, this will allow “for a constant loop of client data which is consistently flowing throughout Oasis CRM and their accounting system.”

Oasis 2.0 comes in the midst of a number of developments, both in terms of technology and news, in the CRM world. SAP recently made public the first on-demand/on-premise CRM suite, known as SAP CRM 2006s. But, which the KnowTia Corporation considers a direct competitor, just released some rather mediocre first-quarter financial numbers. Although the former tidbit presents itself as a huge obstacle for KnowTia, the latter could give the company a comparative advantage.

The Oasis CRM tagline is “your True Total Business Solution.” Their website reveals plans to make that become true, telling of product integrations with Sage PeachTree, Microsoft SB Financials, Microsoft Great Plains, QuickBooks Merchant Services, and Quickbooks POS 5.0 in the coming months.

The features afforded by Ajax, in addition to these impending integrations with popular accounting packages, should help KnowTia protect its corner of the market with Oasis 2.0 CRM.

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