Knowledge Can Leave with Employees

    July 13, 2006

I left more than a gig of email at Microsoft. And that was after deleting all the crud out of it. What knowledge was in there?

Tons of stuff about Channel 9 that would have been awesome for someone to use to learn about how things get onto Channel 9 and how it evolved. Gone. Deleted.

Jeffrey Treem talks about this on his blog “Inside the Cubicle.”

I hope this is the last job where I have to throw away knowledge when I leave.

I’ll probably open an internal blog and see if I can get all the good stuff outside of email and onto the intranet so that if I get hit by a bus someone can step in and learn everything I was doing in email and continue.

How much stuff did I delete from Microsoft? Well, all sorts of emails from people all over the company. All sorts of resources (I got lots of emails from coworkers saying things like “get the latest build of Vista from XXXXX server.” Those kinds of things don’t seem important, but I’m missing them already.)

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