Know Your Business From Top To Bottom

    August 25, 2003

Every business environment has its own special technique of operating and to know all aspects of the key elements is what makes it successful or is what makes it more difficult to survive.

In today’s competitive marketplace a business operating purely by a staff of managers holds a tough decision making process. Their recommendations to invest in research and development plays an important role in any business portfolio. These important decisions are usually submitted to the owner'(s) before a final approval is made.

As a business owner it pays to know every key element for operating a successful business. Many long hours have been spent to ensure nothing is missed. Large or small business owners should be able to supply on demand any answer to any question and solve any problem with a solution.

The President/Owner of any company sometimes gets advice on how to run their business from managers, staff, or employees. This is good because any idea or suggestions are hardly ignored. Some owners even hold weekly meetings to capture business revenues and to build better quality products or services for continued growth.

One common mistake in trying to improve those key elements of operating a business is if the business is operated by managers only, management procedures are constantly changed trying to improve a better system. A knowledgeable business owner should not let this happen instead, they need to set a standard of operating procedures and implement those key elements using a company policy.

Regardless of the type of business an employee or even a customer sometimes have an impossible question or problem for the owner to solve. This is when decision making at its best comes into play and knowing the correct answer is initiated from the top. If a wrong answer or solution is given by someone other than the president/owner, then the knowledge of operations is at fault. there is no one to blame but the one in charge for this mistake.

Key strategies must be in place to manage a successful business. They Are:
*Take Total Control of Your Business
*Know how to Dramatically improve profits
*Provide the critical elements required by investors, leaders and buyers
*Develop your own unique selling advantage
*Operate a profitable Enterprise with a powerful management tool
*Stay ahead of your competition – always
*Make your business plan the heart and soul of your operation

Eliminating the frustration of not knowing your business from top to bottom can be solved by staying in constant contact with your inner instincts making the business more successful. Never give up and diversify your knowledge by remembering when you started and those times of failure.

Steven Boaze, Chairman, is The Owner of
Corporate Web Solutions. Steven is the Author of
two successful Books, thousands of articles featured
in radio, magazines newspapers and trade journals.
Steven has 25 years experience in journalism, copywriting,
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