Kmart "Jingle Balls" Commercial Controversy


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Kmart is sure to have the most entertaining and controversial commercial of the holiday season. The Joe Boxer ad, which was released this week, has been nicknamed "Jingle Balls", and shows six men shaking their (well you know) to the sound of the Christmas classic, "Jingle Bells".

The "Show your Joe" ad starts very innocently with six very handsome men standing behind a table ringing bells. The controversy begins when they move out from behind the table and begin shaking their hips.

While some have found the commercial truly offensive, many others have commented that the commercial is "hilarious" and "the best of the season". Kmart's Facebook and Twitter profiles have been bombarded with both good and bad comments.

"Kmart exec's - you've taken Kmart to a whole new Smut level, with your junk jingle," said
Jon- Karen Arthur. Another Facebook user wrote, "No... I believe that sickening commercial is horribly inappropriate for a "family oriented" store. It is not being a "hater" to expect common decency in a tv commercial. I choose moral uprightness..So I am boycotting Kmart this Christmas and invite others to do the same."

What do you think about Kmart's "Show your Joe" commercial? Leave your comments below.

Image via Twitter