KitKat 4.4 Is The Future Of Confectionery Delights


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It's no secret now that the next version of Android is called KitKat. Google and Nestle have even teamed up to give away free Nexus 7s and Google Play credit. In announcing the partnership, Nestle has put together a genius piece of advertising.

Below, you'll see Christopher Catlin, Chief Breaks Officer at KitKat, describe what makes KitKat bars so special. You'll learn that it's "confectionery perfectionary" and available in two and eight "megabites" options. There's even a chunkybite KitKat - whatever that is.

The more illustrious among you may recognize that Nestle is parodying Apple's hardware introduction videos. Catlin is an obvious Jony Ive parody, and the focus on aesthetics over functionality is an Apple trademark.

It's a little weird that Nestle is parodying Apple for an Android promotion, but perhaps it's easier to parody a soft spoken hardware designer than ads about learning how to speak in public.

[Image: KIT KAT/YouTube]