Kissing, Desire & Business

    June 5, 2002

As we mold our own energy on a more consistent basis and on purpose in order to design our lives the way we choose, we learn more and more about the skill of visualization, and pondering and daydreaming. We are told that this is one of the key factors in allowing our intentions and desires to manifest, both in ease and momentum.

I am always looking for new ways to make this all easier for ME. Knowing full well, that we all want the same thing. I am no different from you. And one of the ways I do things in order to change a belief I may have, is that I simply change the word. It’s easier for me to change a word, than a belief system around a word.

For Instance: Many words mean the same as “desire”, but many of those words for me carry a tension around them; like “goal, ambition, hanker, yen, yearning.”. They seem to be saying “just out of reach, and I can feel it just out of reach, but I’m getting it”.

We don’t need those types of emotions, when were are designing our lives on purpose. They almost feel like lack type of emotions, and we don’t want that showing up in our business or our lives in general.

I changed the word, “Desire”. Some options were: preference, ask, fondness, and then I added “affection”. To have a desire for something, we can certainly have an affection for it.

Then I changed the word “result”to mean: fruit, harvest, gathering, unfold.

Example: I have a “fondness” and “affection” for chocolate ice cream, and simply having that “feeling” vibration of affection for chocolate ice cream brings the fruit of it; Or the Harvest or Gathering.

If we can stay in the “affection” mode and not the “result” mode then we are more allowing of our manifestation. When we take our feelings and eyes off of the affection and put it on the result, we actually push the manifestation away or slow it down.

How can we Know the difference. How do we know when we cross that line. Here is what works for me and came so clearly.

Kiss or Kissing ?

If I am entertaining thoughts of “kissing”, I am in no way attached to the “kiss”. I am only feeling the affection, the fondness, the fun, the moment, and the not “end result” kiss. It is the affection of what I am in that moment, and not the end result kiss, which is physical mechanics.

Think about this. If I were to think about end result product “kiss”, then I am having thoughts of which way his nose, which way mine? What’s he thinking? Do I do this or do I do that? Will he do this with his this or that? Etc. And what is missing from all of that? ENJOYMENT !

It is the feeling of fondness and affection (desire words), for kissing……not the end result kiss.

It’s not the end result ice cream, it’s the enjoying of eating the ice cream. It’s the enjoyment, ENJOYMENT of HAVING IT! It’s the KISSING…….not the KISS ! It’s the moment of the enjoyment of the end result , not the end result.

It’s not the ice-cream product made of sugar and milk. It’s the experience and enjoyment of eating the ice cream. It’s the affection of the moment of having it, of the experience of it. Not the owning of it. And this applies to all material and non- material issues.

We are to stay in the enjoyment stage of visualization, this is where the affection and fondness for the thing is. If we stop enjoying it, then we change the subject. Keep the tension out of the enjoyment stage, and the enjoyment stage ceases when you begin to think about the end result. We wouldn’t think of our dream home, in terms of brick and mortar. We would think of it in terms of loving being in it, of the affection we have for living there.

If we stop enjoying the moment, then we are looking for the result. Stay in the enjoyment stage. Stay in the enjoyment stage. Stop there ! (end/sj)

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