Kirstie Alley Slams Maksim Chmerkovskiy On Twitter

    August 5, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Kirstie Alley has never been one to hold back when she has an opinion about something, and her feelings on her former Dancing With The Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy are no exception.

The actress took to Twitter over the weekend to vent about her frustrations with Chmerkovskiy, who said in a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live that their friendship had gone downhill, reportedly due to his continued friendship with Leah Remini. Remini famously left the Church of Scientology last year and said the group had kept her from family and friends.

“If you leave Scientology publicly, you have to be shunned… and that is the sad truth of it. In the church of Scientology…you are not allowed to speak to anyone who’s left the church in any way,” Remini said.

“I thought we had a great relationship, and if it was something else or not, I don’t know. But I got a message that now that I’m associating with other people that she can’t be associated with, I am no longer to be spoken with, and sorry, but that is what it is … but I still think the world of her and I wish her the best,” he said.

Chmerkovskiy hasn’t responded to the tweets, although he did mention the interview on Twitter.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Likely

    Kirstie needs to shut up and just go play with her Scientology friends. Bubye :/

  • IDA

    I am confused by this? I get you can’t be friends with anyone who has left the cult… er religion…. but what does that have to do with “ass raping” and Twiter?

    I think they are both idiots.

  • frenchtoasteater

    Kirstie just reupped with Jenny Craig as their spokesperson. They have to loving this … not at all.

  • Bebop777

    This must be the new-look ‘ass raping’. I guess Im too old to recognize it.

  • Tracy

    Kirstie has really turned into a bitter and completely brainwashed woman.

  • Jessica S.

    if a religion makes you this angry, makes you shun people just because they turn from your religion then this tells you right here it is not a good religion at all!

  • Narapoid

    This is sad. She dedicated a CHAPTER OF HER BOOK to this guy. Her twitter did not deny that she disconnected, but the cult is forcing her to destroy another friendship. And she is in the top echelon.

    This happens all the time in $cientology, but active members will say ‘it is a personal choice’. Total BS.