Kindle Paperwhite Gets Goodreads, FreeTime Integration


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In September of this year, Amazon announced a new Kindle Paperwhite that boasted a better display and easier-to-read text. Now the retailer is delivering an update that will make its latest flagship eReader even more desirable to readers and parents alike.

Amazon announced today that the new Kindle Paperwhite will be receiving Goodreads and Kindle FreeTime integration via an OTA update over the next few weeks. The Goodreads integration is one of Amazon's first uses of the service since it purchased the book recommendation platform earlier this year. As for Kindle FreeTime, the feature was already available in Kindle Fire tablets so it only makes sense to see it show up on the Paperwhite as well.

“The new Kindle Paperwhite is already the best e-reader in the world, and we’re excited to make it even better with new features we think readers will love,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “First, we’re combining the world’s largest e-reading community and the world’s largest community of book lovers with new Goodreads integration. Second, given the great customer response to our tablet version of Kindle FreeTime, we’re excited to extend this feature to Kindle Paperwhite, helping parents encourage their kids to read more.”

With Goodreads integration, Amazon says you can expect the following on your Paperwhite following the update:

  • Share favorite passages with your Goodreads friends without leaving the book.
  • See what your friends are reading, read their reviews and discover new books to read.
  • When you finish a book, immediately rate it without putting down your Kindle.
  • Keep track of all your reading activity—update your “Currently Reading”, “Read”, and “Want to Read” shelves directly from your Kindle. Easily add your Amazon book purchases, print and digital, to your Goodreads account.
  • As for Kindle FreeTime, parents can now set reading goals for their children. For instance, you can set a goal for your child to read 30 pages a day. After completing the goal, the child will be rewarded an achievement to satiate their desire for instant gratification. Parents can also set milestones, like an achievement to be given when their child has read a combined 1,000 pages.

    If you don't mind waiting, the above features will be delivered to Kindle Paperwhites via an OTA update in the coming weeks. If you can't wait to get started on Goodreads, you can download the update today from Amazon's Kindle software update site.

    [Image: Amazon]