Kindle Finally Lets You and Your Family Share Ebooks

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Amazon told us that it was coming soon, and today is the day. You can finally share ebooks with your family on your Kindle devices.

Amazon has announced a slew of new features for its Kindle line, and 'Household and Family Library' is one of them. This feature lets two adults (you and your partner) share your ebooks across Amazon accounts, and also gives you the ability to manage up to four kids accounts.

Family Library lets you share across Kindle devices, and even lets you share across Kindle apps on non-Amazon devices. The only drawback is that this only applies to ebooks – not previously-purchased TV shows or movies.

Though Family Library is the most significant new feature announced today, Amazon also unveiled a few other interesting things. For instance, there's Word Wise, which aims to help people better understand what they're reading by displaying simple definitions above difficult words.

Amazon has also added deeper Goodreads integration and has improved search.

You can snag the update here.

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