Kimberly McCarthy: Texas to Execute Woman Tonight

    June 26, 2013
    David Powell
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Texas is looking at a grim milestone tonight. If the state proceeds with the execution of Kimberly McCarthy, it will mark the 500th execution since the death penalty was reinstated in the state in 1982.

McCarthy was sentenced for robbing and stabbing to death retired psychology professor Dorothy Booth, 71, in 1997. DNA evidence also tied McCarthy to the 1988 murders of Maggie Harding, 81, and Jettie Lucas, 85. Harding was killed with a meat tenderizer, Lucas with a claw hammer. McCarthy was indicted but not tried for those killings.

In the slaying of Dorothy Booth, prosecutors demonstrated that McCarthy had stolen Booth’s Mercedes, driven to Dallas, pawned the wedding ring taken from Booth’s severed finger for $200, then spent that money at a crack house. She also used Booth’s credit cards at a liquor store.

McCarthy attributed the killing to two hypothetical drug dealers, neither of whom were proven to exist.

McCarthy’s attorneys appealed the conviction on the fact that 11 of the 12 jurors were white, that Booth was also white, and that African-American jurors had been improperly excluded.

McCarthy’s attorney, Maurie Levin claims there are no further avenues for appeal. “If there was something to appeal, I would,” said Levin.

Assuming the execution moves forward, McCarthy, 52, will be the first woman executed in the US since 2010. She will be the 13th woman nationwide—and fourth in Texas—to be executed since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Texas, which brought the death penalty back in 1982, has executed 496 of the more than 1,300 men executed since 1976.

According to federal statistics, women account for 10% of the nation’s convicted murderers and 2% of death row inmates.

  • Sunny

    Texas is performing the public a great service by executing this pathetic excuse for a human being.

    • http://yahoo Deborah Feathers

      Good bye Ms. McCarthy. Good for Texas. Judged by a jury of your peers, murder is still against the law.

    • http://webpronews.com Esther

      Amen. California should follow Texas’ example.

    • http://N?A Darrell Smith

      While these murders she committed were grisly,and she showed no remorse ?,If we the people feel that murder (unless it is self defense) is the worst of crimes,one human being can do to another,then how can the State justify there right to Take a persons life.
      Is the person who was killed,going to be brought back to life,because if that was the case,then I would be for the putting the guilty to death.
      But it does not. Would it not be more of a punishment,for the convicted to spend the rest of their life behind walls,and that they know,that they will never see the other side of those walls ever again,and that the convict is going to half to surive in the closet thing to hell on earth ?.

      • john

        you don’t get it. These subhuman people would do just fine in prison,they have there own social network in prison, enjoy three meals a day. and never have to get a job. Ridding them off the face of the earth is the only way to deal with this scum

      • Lori

        Oh really Darrell? So then, you’re saying that if this bitch viciously murdered somebody YOU loved, you’d be more than willing to give your hard earned money out each week to keep that person as happy and healthy as possible without thinking twice about it? If so, then YOU have some MAJOR issues yourself … I hope that by the time this is posted, she’s 6 feet under for doing what she did … something of which SHOULD have been carried out the DAY AFTER she was convicted~!

      • Jim

        You can pay their way for the rest of their life all by yourself .

  • stephen francis mccarthy

    How did this piece of human waste acquire the proud name of one of the high kings of Ireland? Tragic

  • Mrs. Cha

    yep fully agree…i think the death penalty should b n all states! u take a life, why should yours be spared? honestly, its just a waste of tax payers dollars to keep u locked up feeding your ass! The person u killed dont get that right…they should get 24 hours after being arrested to repent or whatever, then execute them! dont get me started, murders, rapists, baby killers should not have their life spared n no way shape or form.

    • Lori

      Couldn’t agree with you MORE honey …

  • Jim

    Just another sack of garbage , There’s a lot more garbage to get rid of . They need to get rid of the garbage faster , I’m sick of paying their way for years & years with my tax money .

  • Jacobs

    Good. May this ape rest in piss.

    • casey

      u r the pig only god can judge so u rest in piss

  • http://www.siriusfitness.net SiriusNas

    Dump ’em on an island with no way of escaping and have them fend for themselves with other murderers, rapists and horrible folks in society.

  • casey21

    U people can say what u want yes she did a horrible crime but god is her judge and jury so u people can keep your nasty comment to yourselves