Kim Zolciak Proves She’s Not Bald, Tweets About It

    June 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Reality television star Kim Zolciak has been garnering rumors for years now that she’s completely bald, because she is never seen without a long, perfectly coiffed wig on. But she put those rumors to rest on a preview for her new show, “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding” when she appeared with her own head of blonde hair. Fans were confused as to why she would cover up perfectly good locks, but Zolciak says she just likes the way she looks in wigs.

“I know I have great hair, but I love wigs and look good in ’em,” Zolciak said. “Now I won’t get another tweet [asking] “Are you bald? Has Kroy seen you without your wig?’ He has seen me topless in every sense of the word.”

Kroy is her husband of six months, Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann. The couple have one child together and another on the way; the days leading up to their wedding were filmed for the new show, whose title is a play on the name of her song, “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party”.

And YES that is all my own hair! Not extensions, not clip ins!!!!!! Alllllll me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Omg @Kimzolciak looks so amazing with or without wig. Love the real hair
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@Kimzolciak it is lovely girl! You should rock it like that more often #wigless
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Can’t believe @Kimzolciak is revealing what’s under that #wig tonight! #dontbetardyforthewedding
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  • dottie

    What the hell does she wear these wigs for? She looks like shit in them and she’s constantly playing with them and forever brushing the stupid stuff off her face. They look like some horse’s mane. It makes her look like she has a Nervous Tic.

  • http://WebProNews Barbara King

    Kim’s natural hair looks great, however, there is a more important practice that is more irritating….being so attractive actively becomes ugly when she continually choosing to spew out ugly f-bombs like a pretty, street walker! It’s demeaning and takes away from he beauty of everything. I have never heard Kroy speak like anything but a gentleman, so why can’t Kim drop her old habits and compliment her man? …..just thinking….

    • http://yahoo Lucy

      Agree. Real hair lovely. She needs to clean up her language…..Kroy is SUCH a gentleman. he deserves the best from her.

  • Jessica

    Kim, you have gorgeous hair. I would even say I like the look better without the wig. Sometimes it looks heavy or it falls forward too much. But wigs are for people with jacked up hair, I may wear a wig from time to time if I’m having a bad hair day. But you look so much better without the wig. I love your real hair.

  • Elizabeth Bolton

    I love Kim and am very happy for her, and Kroy, and the baby is soooooo adorable, and when Kim talks to the baby, his smile is worth a million words, (which I might mention) the jewelery Kim just bought for her wedding were pretty but not the price tag, what is she thinking buying earings and bracelet, for HUNDREDS, OF THOUSANDS, it’s UNREAL, SHE ALREADY MENTIONED, SHE’S OVER BUDGET, BY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, what,is she trying to do,???? maybe that’ll push Kroy to the limit!!!!! he’s so in love,with Kim, I just WISH THEM ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD, God Bless Them all, love ELIZABETH

    • john

      you are such a loser elizabeth lol