Kim Kardashian Takes Sexy Snaps For Kanye West in Barely-There Dress, Brother Walks In

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Kim Kardashian may have shared a little too much with stepbrother Brody Jenner.

On Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Brody Jenner walks in on his stepsister while she is shooting some sexy pics for her absent husband, Kanye West.

The family was in Thailand for a family vacation earlier this year before Kim and Kanye's wedding. Unfortunately, West couldn't make the trip, so Kardashian decided to make sure her man didn't forget her while she was away. So what's a woman in love to do? Take endless selfies and pose for some sexy photoshoots to show West what he was missing, of course.

The awkward sibling encounter happened when the 33-year-old reality star slipped into a body-baring sheer white dress — which was VERY revealing. Unfortunately for both of them, Brody, 30, walked in as her assistant was taking the sexy photos of her.

Brody immediately ran out of the room, shouting "Whoa!" and cursing as Kardashian attempted to cover up, while screaming, "Oh my god!"

"What are you doing?" Brody questioned. "What the f--k!"

A rather traumatized Brody went straight to brother Brandon and his sister-in-law to tell the tale.

“[Kim's] assistant was taking photos of her while she was in this see-through, white, a** out….and I just walked in on it.”

As if it wasn't bad enough, Brandon and his wife, Leah, questioned whether he was turned on by his stepsister.

"You got a little turned on by your sister," Brandon said, to which Brody responded nonchalantly, "maybe just a half c--b."

The white dress shoot was just one of many photos that Kardashian snapped during her vacation — there were selfies taken left and right. One was captioned, "Wish you were here," presumably referring to West.

In one of the shoots, she stripped down to a nude bikini, which she posted on Monday as a throwback to their vacation as the episode aired.

Image via Kim Kardashian, Instagram

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