Kim Kardashian Takes Another Revealing Selfie

By: Amanda Crum - January 6, 2014

Kim Kardashian and her workout buddy Blac Chyna took a break from their routine recently to show off their hard work, posting pics to Instagram of themselves in tiny outfits that showcased their toned tummies and backsides.

“Getting right for the new year,” Kim captioned one photo.

The new mom has been anxious to show off her post-baby body, posing on the beach for some magazine covers and taking selfies for social media, most of which show off her famous derriere.

Kim and hubs-to-be Kanye West have been all over the headlines in recent weeks, for everything from West’s bizarre behavior onstage to the expensive Birkin bag he had hand-painted for Kim for Christmas. The couple was also spotted on a ski trip around the holidays, which may account for Kim’s slim figure.

Image via Instagram

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  • She is Look Good

    She is looking good. The girl isn’t ugly. I hate to tell people. Problem is that she isn’t very nice and she is a liar and a bitch.

    In America, we confuse good looks with being nice and a good person. Studies have been done on this. Lots of them. Attractive people always get the benefit of the doubt and they have to go a long way before people start believing they are jerks. In fact, you have to fake a whole wedding before that happens!! Ugly people will be thought of as terrible much quicker. However, it has been my experience that you can never ever judge a book by its cover. I give this story as an example. I audited a prison once. It is my job. I met people that the outside world thinks are so terrible and once I actually researched their cases those criminals weren’t nearly as bad as people thought. In fact, right now, I know about 20 prisoners that are completely innocent of their crimes. No doubt in my mind. The biggest tip off in those cases is when you find someone who never had any trouble ever and then got arrested under suspicious circumstances. I mean really strange situations. Like entrapment cases or stings. I also know cops that worked at that prison that everyone thought were so wonderful. The community loved them, but in actuality, those cops killed people in cold blood. I won’t say what prison, but rest assured the authorities know. There are still some good people left in government and particularly the FBI.

    My whole point is this. Don’t judge people by looks or just simple conversations or even public perception. Often the truth about a person is much deeper than that. Much of what we see in this country is an illusion. I promise you this.