Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Shed Baby Weight

By: Lacy Langley - October 15, 2013

Kim Kardashian is looking GOOD these days, and it’s not just the super cute baby she’s sporting. She has garnered a ton of attention for her new blonde hair, her almost always fantastic wardrobe, and her relationship with her baby’s daddy, Kanye West. However, it’s her dramatic post-pregnancy weight loss that has many people asking “just how did she do it?”.

Well, now the truth is out! Kim is an ardent follower of the Adkins Diet.

You remember, your mom probably did it for a while before all the allegations surfaced of heart disease and other ailments from all that meat. There seems to be a new generation of followers to Dr. Robert Adkins’ high protein, low carbohydrate diet. The diet plan eliminates carbs but encourages dieters to not concern themselves with counting calories.

Kim isn’t the only celebrity linked to the controversial diet. Sharon Osbourne has said that she, Ozzy, and their son, Jack have all experienced weight loss success on the diet. It’s also been used successfully by stars Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones over the years.

What about all that stuff we used hear about heart disease risk, clogged arteries, and too much red meat gumming up the works? Well, E! asked Jonny Bowden, author of The Great Cholesterol Myth, what the deal really is with this diet.

“What distinguishes the Atkins diet is the absence of a lot of carbohydrates, so that leaves out a lot of choices. You can make bad choice and good choices, but there’s nothing dangerous about the Atkins diet. There really isn’t a downside to it. Low-carb eating is the healthiest way to go and I completely support that, but you have to really change your relationship with food,” he adds. “I haven’t in 20 years of practice seen any real negative effects on someone that follows a low-carb diet regularly using good foods and a smart approach.”

Well, perhaps those of us out there seeking to lose those extra 10 pounds before Christmas (when we will proceed to pack it right back on) should look into this a little further…

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  • Deb

    SHE HAS NOT….Did you see her in her clothes

  • Reality

    She isn’t ugly that is for sure. TV adds pounds to people. People are just jealous when they think she is an ugly woman. I have been to my local mall, Walmart, and grocery stores —- believe me there are a lot of unattractive people out there. I have also met with officials from playboy and believe me — you don’t get looked at if you are ugly. The average women in playboy are knockouts in real life.

    Even though she is pretty, I don’t like how she manipulates. I couldn’t care less if she did a sex tape because frankly, millions of Americans are doing freaky things in the bedroom. They won’t admit it but if you look at dating sites, internet porn, and internet usage you see a completely different story. What people say they do in this nation and what they actually do is two completely different things.

    However, what bothered me most was the fake wedding. There are lots of lonely people out there that would sincerely love the chance to find love and get married to someone special. For her to just fake love and a wedding, makes a mockery out of a really good institution. No one should ever mess with a person’s heart or emotions. It is worse than slapping them across the face.

    What is inside a person matters more than what is on the outside I think.