Kim Kardashian Nixes India Trip Due To Obligations In Dubai


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If you're a Kim Kardashian-West fan in India who was hoping to catch a glimpse of the reality television diva, you're out of luck!

Kim Kardashian, who's currently in Australia promoting her new perfume Fleur Fatale, apologized to fans on her Instagram account.

She wrote:

To all my wonderful fans in India, I'm so disappointed I wasn't able to come to India as planned.

When the opportunity presented itself to make the trip, there was a short window to coordinate all of the elements necessary to make it happen. Unfortunately, time ran out so the trip has been canceled.

Kardashian said that she would reschedule and that she looked forward to meeting her fans in the flesh soon.

There had been all sorts of excitement and speculation about Kim Kardashian's time in India.

At one point, it was believed the 34-year-old celeb would appear on the highly popular Indian reality TV show Big Boss.

That plan was scrapped along with any other promotional plans in India.

Amid the disappointment, there is some confusion as to what kept Kim K. from arriving as planned.

According to multiple sources within India, it all came down to visa issues.

A source told the Hindustan Times that Kim Kardashian planned to travel from India to Dubai on her tour.

This would require an in-person visit to the consulate since she was coming from a foreign country to India. She would also be destined for another foreign country rather than headed home after her time in India.

Since Kim Kardashian had a packed schedule in Dubai, she did not have the extra time to work out visa issues.

Unfortunately, this led to Kardashian scrapping her time in India altogether.

Though this turn of events is no doubt disappointing to Kardashian fans in India, perhaps this issue will inspire better planning in the future.