Kim Kardashian: Monroe Moment Almost Shows Bare Bump

By: Amanda Crum - May 30, 2013

Kim Kardashian had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe, “7 Year Itch” moment recently when a gust of wind caught the skirt of her babydoll dress and sent it pluming up around her.

Kardashian was on her way to a restaurant in Beverly Hills when it happened and was, of course, surrounded by paparazzi, who snapped pics of the almost-flash. She managed to keep the skirt down before her bare baby belly was shown, though.

Kardashian recently returned from a family vacation in Greece, where they shot scenes for their reality show. No doubt the photographers will be following her around more than usual until she gives birth, which should be sometime in July. For now, there are rumors going around that she’s getting procedures done on her face–such as Botox–due to pictures floating around that show her looking a bit puffy. However, it’s more than likely simply pregnancy that’s giving her a healthy glow and a fuller face.


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    So now we get stories about the Cowdashians because something almost happened but didn’t? This is got to be the start of The End Of Times…