Kim Kardashian Makes Fan’s Dream Come True

    December 8, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kim Kardashian made a fan’s dream come true when she texted her while at Kanye West’s concert, and invited her to come sit right next to her.

Known on Twitter as @MyleezaKardash, the 19-year-old young woman was all too happy to comply.

The Yeezus concert took place Thursday night in New Orleans. Myleeza tweeted Kim Kardashian in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. She must have been shocked when Kim not only tweeted her back, but invited her to come sit with her for the rest of Kanye West’s show.

Certainly a dream come true, the tweets that went back and forth between these two ladies tell the story up close and personal.

The day after the concert–probably forever known as the day after the best day of Myleeza’s life, she took to Twitter yet again, to properly thank Kim Kardashian.

And if things couldn’t get any better for Myleeza, Kim thanked her for the wonderful evening, too.

Do you think Kim Kardashian has even an inkling of the joy she so obviously brought into this young woman’s life? Her simple gesture no doubt meant the world to Myleeza, and will keep her excitedly happy–and tweeting–for a long time to come.

Image via Twitter

  • chelsea

    And of course, there’s Kim with her breast sticking out, eyes on the camera, she could have cared less about the girl…publicity, publicity! When is she ever home with the baby? Looks like she does not trust Kanye…………………

  • http://yahoo Lynn

    NOW, that is what I LOVE to see, people making other peoples’ dream come true, thanks Kim for doing that and showing you have a heart when IT COMES to FANS, just made a dream-believer and follower out of me, GREAT JOB

    • Serenity

      I think as a public figure Kim takes a lot of hits from a lot of people, but I think what she did for this girl and her friend was very kind. As for people talking about her and Kanye’s parenting skills, people that aren’t there to see the everyday of their lives need to back off because you really don’t know what they do. No person has a right to judge someone else unless you have first hand knowledge of what is going on and know what you are talking about.

  • Paul

    Kim might as well just move to Inglewood and hang out. She’s be right a home it seems like.