Kim Kardashian Invites Fan To VIP Section Via Twitter

    December 7, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Everyone knows what it’s like to be so close to your favorite artist, band or celebrity, yet so far away. One teen, who was attending a Kanye West concert got the surprise of her life when it turned out her favorite celebrity was also looking for her.

19 year old Myleeza tweeted that she was sitting at the concert and looking everywhere, hoping to spot Kim Kardashian. When Kim saw her tweet, she immediately responded to it and invited the girl and her friend to sit with her in the VIP section during the concert.

Myleeza wasted no time celebrating and for a split second, wondered if she was dreaming. Myleeza spent the concert alongside Kim in the VIP section and even got to walk backstage with her. Myleeza’s Twitter page became a diary of her night as she tweeted about every exciting moment of her experience.

Myleeza continued to tweet about her time spent backstage with Kim and also shared photos. It seems like Myleeza may have achieved celebrity status on Twitter herself, even if it is short lived. Regardless, it seems like Kim was able to help Myleeza live a dream and may have changed her life with a simple gesture of friendship and a tweet.

Image from Twitter.

  • Pers

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