Kim Kardashian Freezes Her Eggs, Gets New Kitten

    September 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kim Kardashian has had a busy few months, between the highly publicized divorce, spending time with beau Kanye West, taking care of her retail stores, buying a new kitten, and freezing her eggs to preserve the Kardashian genes. Apparently Kim really wants kids and is taking precautions to ensure she’ll be able to have one when the time is right.

“I decided to get my eggs frozen so that when the time is right I am prepared in case something happens,” she reported, saying it would be documented during last night’s season finale.

Kardashian also said she has always wanted a family, but didn’t “take the time to find someone”. Although she’s been married twice, so we have to assume she means she didn’t take the time to find the right someone. She certainly seems to think Kanye may be the man for her, though, as she spoke candidly about her relationship during a recent visit to “The View” and said she believes it’s a permanent thing.

If her new kitten is any indication, it would seem Kim wants Kanye to stick around; she named the cat Mercy, after Kanye’s first single from his new album, “Cruel Summer”.

Image: Instagram


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