Kim Kardashian And Kanye West: Is The Marriage Over Already?

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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West headed for divorce? According to the rumor mill, that seems to be the case. It’s been reported that the couple has been arguing nonstop since their marriage. A source tells HipHollywood that Kim is unhappy with the marriage. “Kim and Kanye are arguing more than ever,” the source said. “Kim feels like their relationship is more of a business relationship than a real marriage. All they do is talk about business whenever they’re together and it’s stressing Kim out more than it ever has before.”

Another insider tells Radar that Kim approached her mom Kris Jenner about her marital troubles, but Kris urged Kim to work on it because her career won’t survive another divorce. It’s worth remembering that Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries after being married for only 72 days, became a public relations nightmare for the reality show star. While Kris is urging Kim to stay married to West, the insider claims that Kris is actually part of the reason why the couple have been fighting.

“Kanye wanted to take over more of Kim’s career when they got married and he’s started doing that, but Kris won’t allow him to have 100 percent control,” the insider claims. “She wants control and so does he, because he thinks of himself as a visionary and feels like he sees things differently than Kris.”

The rumors started circulating after Kim was seen meeting with her divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, on November 11. Despite the divorce rumors, the couple still appear publicly and there appears to be no sign of trouble between the two. Kim’s rep also told E! News that there is nothing wrong in the Kimye camp and that the latest divorce gossip is nonsense.

Kim Kardashian recently appeared on the cover of Paper magazine and the nude pictorial took the internet by storm.

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