Kim Jong Un Uses an iMac [PHOTOS]

    March 29, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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We’re not international politics experts, so we’ll refrain from commenting on North Korean state media’s suggestions that leader Kim Jong Un and his generals are planning some sort of “U.S. mainland strike,” and whether or not this is credible or simply some sort of chest thumping designed to pump up support, domestically.

But they did release some interesting photos of Kim Jong Un seemingly making some sort of plans in a military control room.

And in those photos, we can confirm Kim Jong Un’s predilection for Apple products.

Look! An iMac!

“A 21.5 inch aluminium unibody iMac is on Kim Jong Un’s desk, confirming long-held rumors of the Kim family’s passion for Apple Macs,” says NK News.

Here are the photos that purportedly references some sort of attack plans:

  • Harry Devlin

    No wonder North Korea can’t afford to buy food. They’re sending all their money to Cupertino.

    Can’t Apple at least send him the latest model? It looks really bad in terms of product placement for him to have such an old model on his desk.

  • Moses

    It’s a fake iMac look at the curve on the side and no iMac is that thick

    • Wendy K

      Older versions of iMacs were that thick. It’s not a fake.