Killer Left Chilling Note, Said He Liked Killing People

By: Zach Walton - December 26, 2012

Nobody really knew what to make of William Spengler after he set his house on fire and then proceeded to kill two firefighters who arrived on the scene. In a new note found by investigators, we now know that the killer fully intended to kill a lot more people before he was stopped by law enforcement.

The AP reports that Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering held a news conference on Tuesday revealing that his department’s investigation found a note left by Spengler. The note laid out the killer’s plan of burning down his entire neighborhood and killing many more people than the two firefighters and his sister that lost their lives on Monday. Pickering noted that Spengler’s writing was mostly incoherent rambling, but it did contain one rather disturbing line – “I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down, and do what I like doing best, killing people.”

Investigators are still trying to piece together what caused Spengler to go off on Christmas Eve, but this isn’t the first time that he’s been involved in violence. He was charged in the death of his grandmother in 1980, but only served 17 years after reaching a plea bargain that reduced his charge to manslaughter. After getting out of prison, he lived with his sister and mother. Some speculate the death of his mother in October, whom he reportedly loved very much, may have set him off. The investigation is still ongoing, however, and may reveal more insight into what caused Spengler to snap on Christmas Eve.

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  • honeybrown

    I think this man was sick to do what he did. You not safe at work, piublic places or at home and our children aren’t safe at school. It’s like we can’t live because somewhere somebody’s killing people for no good reason. I don’t care to know why he shoot those people because no excuse is good!

    • Patricia Throneberry

      THANK YOU VERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james

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    • ShapeShifter

      The answer is zero – for your question, your logic, your math, as well as your incoherent sentence construction. Your spelling and grammar is not too bad, though.

  • donna Talarico

    yeah,,, they probably would only put him away for life and we would be paying to keep this sicko b alive !!he was such a coward he killed himself.. thanx sicko for sparing us taxpayers ! go directly to HELL where you belong!

    • Patricia Throneberry

      You go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim

      yeah, you told him…. sigh…. he should have been hung when he bludgeoned his grangmother with a hammer.

  • Patricia Throneberry

    I think the laws should have alot more tuffer punishment on these people.Clamming they are sick is a cope out.The type of weapons being used to commit these crimes should not be sold to the public period.They should be sold to the Military and Police Officials only.If the laws were set to punish the criminals instead of the victims.the world would be a better and safer place to live.

    • brian

      Making those guns illegal is not gonna keep them out of the hands of twisted criminals. They are criminals, they don’t follow the law! So tell me how making a law is gonna stop them

    • Melissa

      Patricia, while I don’t fully disagree with your comment (although we do have that pesky 2nd amendment for a reason), please learn how to articulate a sentence. Sounding like a moron is no way to bring about change or even your point for that matter. When you sound like you didn’t finish high school nobody is going to take you seriously.

      • alice

        I agree with Melissa. Please take the time to proofread what you have written. I am not critical of your opinion. You have a right to express yourself, just be more aware of your spelling and punctuation.

    • http://com paul

      your spelling and grammar is appalling. you should be embarrassed

  • linda

    Most people want to leave a legacy of some sort in their life. People want to be remembered for something they have done in world, even if that means taking lives. A sick twisted person sees all of the media coverage regarding CHILDREN being murdered, and tries to one up someone thanks to the outlandish exposure by news outlets. This man will be in the history books now thanks to the media. Good job reporters you just got your next big scoop!!!!!

  • joseph

    This guy was clearly not in his right mind. I think that people like this should be put away for life! He desided to take his own life, but I think we need not judge him, as God will do that for us. To others that will do the same think in the future, we need to catch them and put them away and throw away the key. There judgement will come in time, as for us all; we will face the Lord for judgement.

  • Real Talk

    Is it me or is Wyte people going crazy! Every day you read the news, a wyte person has done some unfathomable stuff! I got some real talk for ya: watch Wyte people, they crazy and killing everything and everyone. From elementary schools to the malls! Wyte’s are crazy!

  • Real Talk

    Is it me or is Wyte people going crazy! Every day you read the news, a wyte person has done some unfathomable stuff! I got some real talk for ya: watch Wyte people, they crazy and killing everything and everyone. From elementary schools to the malls! Wyte’s are crazy!

    • brian

      Your an idiot.

      • eric

        I love when people call other idiots……when they themselves can’t spell worth a damn and/or make egregious grammatical errors.

        Brian, YOU’RE the idiot.

        • TiFfLe

          on a much lighter note, which also completely changes what i originally wanted to say, that is some funny ass shit! thank you so much for brightening up my day for a minute, eric

      • Mike

        Actually, you’re an idiot.

        • Hilary

          Excellent comment, Mike. Eric is an idiot. Real talk is an idiot too. Never underestimated the stupidity of the human race.

    • kirk

      no its not you

    • Kary

      Haha I’m white and I totally was thinking the same exact thing us white ppl are effin crazy!! Lol!! Look at most of the serial killers in the US…. I’m pretty sure all white!!

      • jesse

        Ya so long 6 year olds more guns right?

      • MyNameIsTopSecret

        Hmmm…and I suppose that it’s the white people who are killing black people on a daily basis in the inner cities. The daily killings across this country related to drugs, gangs, etc. are primarily black on black and somehow, those people aren’t crazy at all, right? No, they’re all just victims, including the killers, and it’s all the fault of white people. GET REAL!! Knock off the race baiting…it’s getting old!!

        • Misty

          Thank you…AGREED. My sentiments exactly.

    • Andrew Cassey

      I’m white and take absolutely NO offense to your rake on white people. Because true is true–I believe white people DO in fact go crazy like that. I’ve always believed that when it comes to crime, Latinos stab their girlfriends, Black people rob liquor stores with old .22 caliber pieces of shit, and white people…walk into McDonalds and just start shooting everyone. That’s the racial breakdown on crime in America. Oh, and Asians shoot everyone too, but not for the same reason as whites–they do it because of some perceived shortcoming with regard to asian “honor”, or because they feel they’ve been ignored by American society. It’s all simple math. But yeah, I agree with you about (as you call them) “wyte” people. And I AM ONE!!!

      • jesse

        YA MORE guns Right ?

      • jesse

        Yep kill 6 year olds who cares were crazy white people more guns RIGHT ?

        • Jim

          keep giving irresponsible women the right to abort and kill babies… right? PROTECT THE CHILDREN!! well unless it’s for abortion…

      • jesse

        Kill 6 year olds do the math 6 year olds cant fight back. More guns we need more guns.

        • Jim

          babies in the womb can’t fight back either.

    • Shaggy247365

      Whites aren’t crazy, they have just had enough from people like you.

      • jesse

        Why do they kill kids ? Weneed more guns.

        • MyNameIsTopSecret

          And the kids getting killed in the inner cities due to senseless drug and gang violence don’t count, right?!?! Your argument is ridiculous…

    • B

      Yo dawg I think you are correct yo!

      Psh, yeah right…’s people like you while racism is still around….

      • B

        Dammit, it posted my comment in the wrong place, I am an idiot….lol

        • Tammy

          LOL it ok B cause according to this chater we prettymuch are all idiots……. I mean really people look back and forward and read some of the stuff you all are posting. now who is CRAZY????? LMAO IDIOTS

    • Jim

      actually you blacks have been killing for years so it’s normal around town to hear it.

    • Misty

      And white people are the racist ones. Yeah right.

  • Mollie

    It is unbelievable to me that we still allow people to walk free after they have murdered someone. This man killed his own grandmother with a hammer. He should’ve spent the rest of his miserable life in prison where he couldn’t hurt anyone else.

    • jesse

      Right more tax dollars for prisons. Sorry no more TAXES ask the Republicans. NO tax no prison more guns right ?

      • Jim

        right… 1 bullet to the head… but no… you libs hate the death penalty… only for women who want abortion… that death penalty is ok…

    • Shaggy247365

      I know of one instance where a man killed three of his wives and served less than 6 years total. He was stabbed 11 or so years ago but survived and is still walking the streets as far as I know. Working in law enforcement is fun but sometimes extremely dangerous. You must be prepared for any senario.

  • jesse

    Iknow what to do to help stop the killers- MORE guns-arm the firefighters.We need someone to ride SHOTGUN with our first responders more guns right ?

    • Jim

      no, we need to execute murderers, rapists and child molesters… then there would be ZERO repeat offenders.

      • al

        hell yes

      • enga

        U have the worst harshest justice system in here w nasty lengthy sentences. Nothing liberal about America at all. BS blown out of proportions by nasty media.Psychoes are overlooked because there is no time to evaluate them. Medicare system in bancuptcy!

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t like how they say this guy just “snapped”. Obviously he was involved in at least one other incident and this guy had issues. This guy should of never been released from jail.

  • ERIC

    Who in the world would sell that guy a gun, oh I forgot gun shows.

    • Jim

      who in the world would let this guy out of prison after bludgeoning his grandmother with a hammer??? Oh I forgot, our liberal court system.
      Who in the world would let this guy plea down to a misdemeanor?? oh, I forgot our DA’s who want a 100% conviction rate….
      Go ahead, blame the gun, but if this guy was executed it never would have happened.

  • from Detroit

    yes it is true that most of the mass killing our from But how many of the so called brothers kill other Brothers, I think if you add up add the inter city murders you will find that black on black crimes outway the few Crazy Wytes. but these crimes don’t make the news. like newtown and aurora.


      Now in English please? inter? outway? wytes?

    • Sonny

      yea black people kill each other for territory reasons..stupid I know ….but killing innocent children now thats sick…read the facts

  • http://yahoo Bre’

    Good Lord! Come on. Jail doesn’t do anything for the criminal except give them a free ride for however long thier sentence is. They live and eat at our expense. They are draining our society. We should be a lot tougher on the criminals. Watch some shows like Arrested Abroad. See what the prisons look like in countries who’s crime rates are the lowest. “off with thier heads” Give them some consequenses to think about for the crime. Instead of cutting loose a murderer in 6 years and keeping a pot smoker for a longer sentence make the true criminals crimes like murder a longer sentence or inflict death row with a quicker ending.

    • T

      I agree – no such thing as repeat offenders – they should get the death sentence – right off the rip – set the example plain and simple

      • benjamin Throop

        Well said T

  • steve


  • forrest

    bet he killed his mom to

  • alice

    I agree with Melissa. Please check your spelling and grammar. I am not critical of your opinion, just make it a habit to check on your written expression for errors.

  • S.


  • Walter Parker

    One thing that is a FACT: At least black people kill each other for reasons, wrong but can be logically explained. On the other hand white people kill without reason solely based on mental disorder and complete insanity.

    • Martha Worth

      What the heck is your problem??? Your comment makes you almost as bad as him.

    • Walter Parker

      Once I initially hear news reports similar to this one I don’t even have to see a picture of the suspect, I already know automatically that they are of Caucasian descent. I have guessed right 100% of the time. No offense I am not racist, just stating FACT’s.

    • angie smallfoot

      It takes a black person to make a comment like that, there are just as many crazy blacks as there are whites. there is no logic for killing anybody, but there is stupidity in black folk who make racist comments. white people call that ignorance.and thats why theres racism. why cant it just be a crazy thing?

      • Walter Parker

        Our Government through research tracks things like this just like everything else, numbers don’t lie. Your anger and opinions are displaced when being directed my way.

        • angie smallfoot

          At least i can admit im a racist.Most black people are to stupid to get away with more than one murder, white people plan for ten days before acting out.blacks plan ten seconds, and get caught.Your probably still mad about slavery, get over it.I have.

          • Walter Parker

            I stick to the topic. I don’t do the back & forth childish rebuttals. Since you have it all figured out (sarcasm), why don’t you look up “Serial Killer” online – you might learn something.

          • Quinta

            Angie you are a ignorant bitch.

    • benjamin Throop

      Really? What was the reason the black man shot and killed my friend??? Yea, Thats what I thought…..

  • Caitlin

    This is proof that taking away our right to own guns will not stop violence. People will be people, sometimes people are sick. Like this man.

    • Linda

      I’m sure there are all types of serial killers no doubt. Just seems the whites ones virtually ALWAYS makes headlines and worldwide news…Why is that I wonder…

  • susan

    I really hate it when black people throw the race card on everything… for those of you on this post that seem to think black people only kill for a REASON as someone said above. Here is a list of black serial killers, this list is from 2009 so I am sure it is longer now but there are 57 on there.

    This is not a race thing or a white people are crazy thing. This crap happens because our judicial system is just a system that enables these people to do what they do over and over again. Hence “repeat” offenders.

    Strict sentencing needs to be put in place and get rid of plea deals.

    If someone molests we know they will be a repeat offender if they are released judging by well facts with all the repeat offenders out there already. Therefore no one who molests should ever under any circumstance be released.

    • Sonny

      No…. white people are the crazy weird ones…its a fact …they commit the most horrible crimes…white america huh…..more like america is f**ked

  • Ron

    Disarming American citizens won’t solve the issue, it’ll make it 10 times worse. Take Washington DC for example, they ban guns and homicides escalate 10 fold. Allowing teachers to carry concealed at work was probably the smartest idea Texas ever came up with besides keeping the death penalty. I mean seriously, try shooting someone when you already have a gun pointed at you.
    This guy most definitely had some issues, he killed his grandmother right. He should have been put to death immediately, screw appeals court, put a bullet in the sucker’s head and be done with it. Instead we feed, clothe and provide warm shelter for these poor excuses for a human being!!! We keep them caged like animals and allow them to enter into a gang faction, while enjoying taxpayer benefits of home, then turn them lose again!!! What wrong with this picture? Now we have another convicted felon on the streets able to purchase firearms from any Joe Blow hard up for cash, I mean who’s gonna know right? In other words, if American citizens were disarmed the felons and psychopaths still have access to guns, all while honest citizens walk around unarmed.

    • james smith

      U are right! Car’s kill people too, maybe Gov should take them too

  • Quinta

    What the hell is wrong with you people????!!!! How does this become a black/white issue. The issue at hand is about this foolish man who committed these murders!!! Everything turns into “I hate blacks”, “Black people are this” “Black people are that”. If the lord made us different colors and loves us the same why does it matter to you? You people need to pray for your hating souls! DISGUSTING!!!!

  • james smith

    All u black and white are screwed up! All people are not perfect and neither is the system

  • james smith

    All people suck

  • L Smith

    Who sold him the hammer to kill his grandmother. The hardware store!
    Really!! Good thing the off duty police officer had his off duty pistol to put a stop to this killing spree of innocent people.

    • james smith

      You are right about hammer!!!! We should BAN all hammers

      • http://yahoo ENSTEIN FR. MT. PROV., PHILIPPINES

        Permit me to agree with you. Since the hardware store sold the hammer tha he used in killing his grandmother, there should be a law passed controlling the sale of hammers. In other words, its not the gun, its the person the gun.