3 KILLER Joint Venture Marketing Strategies!

    September 8, 2003

1) Donate A Percentage Of Your Profits To Charity

You could ask an e-zine publisher to run your ad at no-cost and, in exchange, say you will donate a percentage of the profit made from the ad to a charity of his or her choice. Of course you’ll need a way to track the sales from the ad for as long as it runs.

2) Start An E-zine Ad Swap List/Web Site

You simply start an e-mail list where people can submit their e-zine ad swap requests and all the subscribers will see them. Everyone who subscribes to the list would want to do ad swaps. You, of course, can submit your ad swap request to get free ads. Plus, since you’ll own the list, you’ll get first choice on the ad swap requests. You can just receive all the swap requests to approve them and send them onto the e-mail list.

3) Free Consulting For An E-zine Ad

Offer an e-zine publisher’s subscribers free consulting. You could have a regular ongoing column where you answer their subscribers’ questions related to the subject of the e-zine. It’s like a question/answer section. You don’t even have to be a total expert; you could always contact and ask other experts for the answers if you don’t know them.

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