Killer Bees Responsible for Death of Texas Man

    June 3, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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A man is dead after disturbing the hive of an estimated 40,000 “killer” bees in Moody, Texas.

62-year-old Larry Goodwin died on Saturday after his tractor ran upon a hive of the killer bees while clearing brush for a neighbor. The bees had reportedly holed up inside an abandoned chicken coop. Goodwin was able to run away and attempt to remove the swarm with a garden hose, but it was too late. He died on the scene. According to NBC news, family members said Goodwin was stung so many times that “every inch of exposed skin was covered with stings.”

During the killer bee attack, a woman and her daughter attempted to come to Goodwin’s aid – but they were stung over 100 times in the process. One of them is reportedly in serious condition.

Killer bees are the colloquial terms for Africanized honey bees, a hybrid variety of bee that results from the cross-breeding of the African honey bee and European honey bees. These Africanized bees’ stings are no more potent than your average honey bee – what makes them “killer” is their extreme aggressiveness. Killer bees are more easily provoked and when that happens, they attack in large numbers. They are also relentless and can keep attacking a victim well away from the original area of disturbance.

These bees are agitated by the vibrations of large machines and other power equipment – tractors, mowers, etc.

The bees have been cleared by local company Bees Be Gone.

“You can’t believe how bad they are. They make me want to get out of this business,” Allen Miller, owner of Bees Be Gone, told The Waco Tribune. “They can get up under your clothes where no other insect can go. In a hive of ordinary European bees, about 10 percent will attack if the hive is threatened, but with African bees, all of them attack you.”

  • Chris

    Am I the only one upset that the European honey bees, had to become “Africanized” to become more aggressive? How do we not know that the European bees didn’t become hyper-aggressive because of the need to control the African side of itself? KNOWLEDGE! lmfao

    • @Chris

      Get a life, D,,ass, thats your problem with bees? Or the fact the they are disappearing because of us(like anything else we did to the planet) and , as Einstein said over 100 years ago, ‘Once the bees are GONE, WE’RE GONE!’. So, instead of complaining of these ‘illegal’,’foreigner’ European bees(why do I think your problem with ‘foreigners’ is not limited to the bees?), you should pray everyday that they will not completely disappear, because then, WE’re done! 90% of the food we eat is because of the bees’ hard work! Get informed, ‘genius’!

      • Lou

        Chris what is your problem! Why wouldn’t we resent bees or ants and other unwanted pests being brought into this Country by cargo or people.

  • @Chris

    What I meant was; ‘Bees are bees, you dont put a label on them, ‘Africanized’, ‘European’, etc ..They are just bees flying all over the world for millions of years!! So what if they became more ‘aggressive’? Haven’t we? Its keeping pace, bud!! We’re not helping them, so they try hard to survive, and occasionally, a person or animal pays the price!! Tragic, but thats life!!

    • Bill

      Yeah, we don’t want those agressive African bees mingling with our peaceful European bees. Sounds like the old South.

      • http://www,yahoo.com anthony renke

        Well I wish there was a way to get rid of African honey bees there are very dangerous I do you can smoke them out .

  • Sheba

    Don’t bees die after they sting you? How many stung the man and women, and how many were removed?

  • jo

    OBAMA putem up to it, this country is going down fast!