Killed For Eyeing Boy: Parents Kill Daughter With Acid

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It’s almost unimaginable here in the states that a young girl could be subjected to such a cruel and painful fate as being burned alive with acid, but in Pakistan, where just such a thing occurred late last month, it has become a way to defend a family’s name.

Mohammad Zafar and his wife Zaheen say that when their 15-year old daughter, Anusha, turned to look at a boy who was passing on a motorbike, she offended the family’s honor. She was immediately scolded, but the parents later decided to go further.

“She said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t look again.’ By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way,” Zaheen said. Her husband says he tried to wipe the acid off, but by then it was too late. The couple are parents to other children, most of whom are younger than Anusha and don’t understand why their parents are being taken from them. They say an older daughter had already brought shame to the family but didn’t go into specifics.

Such “honor killings” are not uncommon in Pakistan; over 900 girls and women were killed last year under similar circumstances, and the Human Rights Commission believes the number is actually higher due to some incidents which go unreported.

Anusha’s parents are currently being held in jail, where they share adjacent cells. They allegedly kept the girl from receiving medical attention for hours after the acid attack and told questioning neighbors she had attempted suicide.

Zaheen, staring out from her cell



Mohammad, comforting his teary children as he is led away in chains

Killed For Eyeing Boy: Parents Kill Daughter With Acid
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  • deedee

    Remember, all religions and cultures are equal… who are we to judge this act?

    The sad thing is… there are actually people out there who will agree with the above statement.

    • Silvia

      This has nothing to do with religion.

      • Shogun

        Wait..what? You actually believe this has nothing to do with religion? Do you think these murderous parents just came up with the concept of “honor killing” on their own, without being influenced by religious extremist dogma?

        • Silvia

          it’s about being narrow minded. like yourself.

        • http://yahoo.com Beebz

          This actually is not based on religion. It is unfortunately their culture in the middle east. My father and his side of the family are muslim and are from caribbean/indian decent. They do not perform “honor killings” in the islands. And I agree that they should be killed the same way they murdered their daughter.

          • Silvia

            thank you Bebbz. I rest my case.

          • Lori O.

            Wow Sylvia and Beebz! Their culture comes from islam! What are you thinking?

      • Lori O.

        Grow up! It has everything to do with islam!!!

        • Silvia

          “Grow up! It has everything to do with islam!!!”

          That is certainly a very convincing argument. I congratulate you on your matureness and your ability to demonstrate knowledge. quite impressive.

    • mceverod

      deedee – WWho are we then to judge a pedophile or any other criminal? Unless you are trying to be funny, you are as ignorant as the jackasses who killed their daughter. Family honor? How can idiots like these two have any honor?

  • barbara

    do unto others………….
    burn the parents alive!!!!!!!!!

  • Catherine Anne Robare

    That is the way the parents should be punished. They should experience the same fate as their daughter!

  • pj

    I am sorry to paint a country and a culture with a broad brush but how can this be tolerated. How can so called honor killing be acceptable behavior on this earth. And how can our country give a dime, let alone multi billions in aid to this country. Their morality cannot be defended and their country is a harbinger of evil.

    • Lori O.

      Amen! And as long as their country and culture continues to follow such an oppressive, blood thirsty religion this will be the case!

  • eleise

    I say stop giving these animals publicity.They have no respect for life.Women mean nothing to them and are a lower form of garbage to them.When they are here they want to have their rights and beliefs ,but as an American go over there and try doing what you believe or dress the way you do here,no way they say we have to obey their ways of life or get out fast.FFFFFFFFFF EM …..WHEN HERE THEY NEED TO ABIDE BY OUR WAYS ..WE DONT KILL WOMEN ,WE DONT KILL OUR FEMALE DAUGHTERS ,AND YES WE SHOW OUR HAIR IT IS NORMAL ,ALL HUMANS HAVE HAIR….TAKE THE STORY OFF……THEY SUCK

  • TJ

    She dishonored the family by simply looking at a boy? Yet killing your child does not dishonor the family??? If it was such a good thing to kill for your family’s honor why lie to cover it up???? The way people think sometimes confuses me completely!

    • Lori O.

      It’s all about their religion which is neither peaceful or great! It’s oppressive, violent and blood thirsty!

  • Yo Daddy

    They just need too be shot in their head

  • Katie

    There is NO HONOR in murdering your daughter.

  • http://yahoo Maggie

    How STUPID !!! These parents should get the Same Treatment. Unbelievable!!!!!

  • susan

    its life and it is not judgeing them but what they did is so wrong and G O D will judge them and he sure will.

    • Lori O.

      Please!!! You’re worried about judging them!! You can judge their behavior!

  • http://yahoo.com mary

    I know that it was a painful death, shame on you all for what you all did to that young lady. let someone put your hand in acid where you all wont be able to do it to anyone else

  • Kat

    call it whatever you want. Bottom line: it’s murder. May they rot in hell for killing this poor young little girl, who did nothing more than look at a boy.

    • Bittersweet

      Not even look at a boy but turn her head. The noise probably just caught her attention. I hope there is a hell, they definitely deserve to be in it.

    • nbay

      It’s something how you lying republican supporters will try and confuse the public with your lies and you have absolutely no limits as to how low you will go.

      • Justified620

        What in the world has Republicans or Democrats have to do with any of this? And I thought people around here were the only ones with “Crainial Rectal Infusion”. You make it sound like it is only the Republicans who torment our President because he sides with the Muslims just like his father before him did. And, just so you know, I AM A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. I voted AGAINST him in 2008 and I will vote AGAINST him in 2012. He had NO EXPERIENCE when he ran for office even as a Senator let alone for President. His policy of handing out other peoples things to those WHO WANT and not necessarily need has far reaching effects. If you still continue to support these actions (especially after watching the Video 2016) then you should immediately rush your self to the Emergency Room for them to pul;l your head out of your rectum before you smother to death.

      • Lori O.

        Obama and Hillary who have called islam a GREAT religion. It’s not great or peaceful. It’s oppressive and blood thirsty! Sorry, but that’s not a lie! Think for yourself!

    • brad

      what does obama have to do with this? let obama worry about the shit that is here in the u.s.

      • Lori O.

        Obama and Hillary have both called islam a great religion. It is neither! That’s what!

  • http://www.paladinfirearmsllc.com Marty Zima

    And THIS is the type of womens rights that Barack Obama has said he is supporting in the middle east?

    This isn’t about contraception ladies, it is about the basic human dignities and rights that all women around the world should share.

    But Obama wants you to think that HE’s made such great advances for women’s rights around the world.

    Tell that to a dead 15 year old and ever woman who has been executed by their parents fro wearing make up, for smiling at a boy, for driving a car.

    Tell that to the 15 year old girl the Taliban shot in the head because she wanted equal education opportunities for girls in Pakistan.

    Yes, Obama has worked hard for women to be treated equally in the middle east. There they kill them all equally.

    • Bob Paris

      Are you serious Marty? You do realize that President Obama is the President of the UNited States of America, not Pakistan. The horrendous and cruel actions taken by these parents more reflect the desires of the religous right here in the USA. If the right wing taliban here in the USA have their way, they will make sure no one has any choice and that it will be Christianity and no other religions. That’s what a vote for Romney will bring, the samne type of poor judgment that this girl’s parents showed.

      • Lori O.

        Wow! Bob, have an original thought! Why do you believe this nonsense? Obama is the one who has called islam a GREAT religion! Really? What’s great about it? It’s NOT peaceful or great! It’s oppressive and blood thirsty! HOW do you confuse these parents with Christianity? God, not Allah, is forgiving!

  • Randy

    Gotta love those people. Are they even people. A dog wouldn’t do that.

  • http://yahoo Lera

    Who are we to judge human beings with feelings and emotions whom some of us have daughters and love them and would not think of killing them just because they talk or look at the oppisite sex, and I can care less what the oppisite sex is, to muder this child in such an inhumane way is pure evil and wrong, the hell with traditions. Both parents should face what this child went through and see how it hurts to inflict such punishment upon a human being. Her parents are not perfect and I am sure while growing up that both of these evil people got away with things they should not have done.Who will go along with such evil and pure murderous act but a fool without a consious.

  • adam

    this can’t be life….

  • Sam Vito

    This is a real “War on Women” and it’s disgusting and shameful. This, people is what a war on women looks like, not the phony, made up nonsense that is being propagated in this country by fools like Sandra Fluke and Nancy Pelosi.

  • Randy

    Hey Obama what do you think of your people now.

    • rp

      my god, you are an idiot

      • Daniel Boone

        Actually rp…it is YOU who is the idiot…and blind foolish sheep being led to slaughter and too stucking fupid to even ask where you are going!

        • Only

          Actually, you’re right. Randy’s not an idiot. YOU’RE the idiot. Randy’s just stupid.

      • Susan

        @rp – actually you are somewhat of an idiot. To whom are you addressing your “intelligent” remark?

    • happy

      randy you ar a total ass!!!! grow up.

      • Daniel Boone

        You’re the one who needs to grow up and get your head out into some light where you can see what is going on around you! Are you really as stupid as your post indicates?

    • http://yahoo bryan

      Randy,,, you have no idea how ignorant you are. that was a real stupid comment!

  • Gina

    Animals! Do the same to the parents!

  • edward Searand you can shove it bird and al

    the culture that created this mindset should be exterminated from the face of the Earth

  • Daniel Boone

    Yeah…Islam is a PEACEFUL religion! Just how many of these stories do we need to hear, read, see before the LIBERAL IDIOTS OF AMERICA come to their senses!

  • vic

    freaking towelhead

  • Lisa

    I wont judge a person by their religion, but I will judge a person who could kill their child- and this was not a human way, this was a painful and agonizing death- HOW could anyone do this to their child? No GOD condones suffering..

    • Lori O.

      You HAVE to judge the religion!!! This is NOT a great religion, as this story shows! It oppresses women and encourages killing and violence! People need to speak out with courage! This is outrageous! If you can’t speak out against this religion after an act like this then you have no courage.

      • Bob

        well said indeed. according to the article this happened at least 900 times last year alone! I`ve seen several videos last few years showing gorillas protecting human children
        from harm as if the child was their own. These scum need to learn from the apes!

  • Lori

    No young woman or any woman die because she saw a boy on a motor bike, What honor is there in torturing and killing a child??? REALLY?? COMMON!

    • Lori O.

      They’re following their oppressive, blood thirsty religion!!

  • http://yahoo LoriH

    If men and boys were killed for the same “transgressions,” there would be no male population. Can’t say that would necessarily be a bad thing. Women are devalued everywhere. Just try to post a comment on Yahoo against men (when most of the commenters are men who hate women,) and it is censored. Men rule and control the world, yes. Thank God I don’t have to, as a woman, take responsibility for the world going to hell.

    • Bob

      Really? well you know what, all men come from women so what did you expect?

      • http://yahoo LoriH

        There was one sentence of my comment that I shouldn’t have said, and I deleted it. Yes, I realize that men come from women and it takes the two sexes to create life and it is precious. It just horrified and angered me to the point of replying in a sexist and biased way. Sorry.

        • Bob

          Hi it`s ok. it`s just so very sad to think that could happen to a young person for so tiny a “crime”. What a truly sick society. Lets remember for all to hear, Men are not the enemy, women are not the enemy, Islam is the enemy of anything resembling humanity. This sad story speaks for itself and how many more have we not heard of?

          Take care all and thanks for your reply Lori. :-)

    • Lori O.

      Wow! I’m a woman and you have real issues! I’m sorry for whatever has happened to you in your life but there are wonderful men out there. I pray you find one.

      • Bob

        I think anyone with a soul would b po`d after reading this article. She said she was sorry and I accept that. See, it`s called forgiveness. Yet another thing Islam knows nothing about. Also, it seems it was the mother who killed her with acid. Can you imagine? I cannot and firmly believe that`s to my credit. Sometimes there are no words.

    • jeff

      What a moron..this person turns a a terrible tradjedy into a feminism post. Quit feeling sorry for yourself not everything is about you

  • Brian

    They killed their daughter over a name. A NAME. Life is worth millions more than a name ever can be.

    Enjoy hell.

  • C_ladystar1

    Throw acid and both there asses and don’t call for medical attention!!!!

    • http://webpronews Musa Muslim

      There must be some mental illness and both parents should be taken to a behavioral scientist to ascertain their mental status and then hanged to die slowly if sound health because both eyed each other before proposing couple .

      • Lori O.

        They’re not mentally ill! They’re just following their oppressive, blood thirsty religion!

  • susan

    No matter what country your in killing someone for such a rediclous reason is Murder and they should be punished…. The daughter could have been admiring the bike for allthey know.They assumed to much and made to much of it.

  • Jim

    The parents should be fed to wild boars and taped for the whole world to view.

  • kenn`eth

    This is sad,the way the world goes on with this happing every day
    in the east,and people wonder why islam is so hated.when this kinda of
    mind set is praticed everyday.honor killing,what a joke.not every man who looks at a strange woman has does not have lust in the’re heart,and the way that men treat woman over there,is shamefull.hell they treat there livestock better,but put all the property in the womans name so theyt can’t get sued out of it,woman can’t be sued
    in a islamic conntry

  • Richard

    They say it is dishonorable and immoral for their daughter to look at a boy riding by on a motorcycle. How honorable and moral is it to lie to neighbors and say it was a suicide attempt?

    • Bren Odo

      Good point Richard

  • Michelle

    And they call us the heathens and infidels-go figure

  • Carolynn

    Stupid, stupid, backward beliefs. Those parents need to meet the same sort of horrible death.

  • vicki

    This makes me SICK.

  • michelene

    They should be put to death for dishonoring the human race.

    • Maria

      michelene, you hit it right on the nail! I’d give you a thummbs up if I could!

  • tausha

    honor killings??? what is this world coming this is ridicolous. honor killing would be killing a man that raped your daughter because he dishonored HER.instead they simply ignore when that happens. are these people really so selfish and self centered? as a mother of two girls this pulls at my heart. they deserve the worst

  • Colleen Laginess

    I am sorry but to do that to a child for something as ridiculous as that is uncalled for. What a horrible way to die for the young girl.

  • Bren Odo

    How do they know she was even looking at the boy?? Maybe she just liked the motor scooter he was riding on. INSANE, They are animals!!

    • Vickie Watkins

      I too, believe that it will be happening often in the United States sooner than we think. More and more, of those kind of thinkers are now living in the states. A few cases have already occurred in the states.

    • http://yahoo kelly

      No they are lower than animals I’ve never seen an animal killing their own babies. Seriously these two should be burned alive and I’m not promoting violence but they don’t seem to have respect for life and they will get a taste of what it feels like at least. people with that mentality is what’s changing this world for bad.

  • Mason

    I actually believe this will be happening in the United States of American in 100 years. I am total left wing, progressive, non conservative Blue state, Obama voting, vegan eating Democrat. And yet I totally believe Creeping Sharia will bring this to the U.S. in 100 years. It’s easy to see as Indonesia has gone this way in less time.

    • http://yahoo Beverly

      If you are all those things, then I don’t know why this bothers you. I think they should spend the rest of their lives in prison, and the children should be removed from the home immedately. And not to relatives. They are barbarians.

  • john sergi

    ragheads go figure

  • Kevin

    I would forever rather be an “Infidel” than a souless heathen who follows the teaching of a person who encourages this type of behavior. They are lower than animals.

    • http://yahoo Steven

      Damn right! How dare they hide behind their so called God and mame and torture even their own. They should suffer even a worst death!!!!!!

  • Andy Kennedy

    They should be excuted in the same fashon.

  • tausha

    this isnt honor, how is there honor is such selfish self centered behavior. those dogs should be thrown into the lions den

  • Robert

    a religion of love and peace….give me a break

  • MRL

    I am so grateful I wasn’t born in that backward country.

  • Tracy


  • Brad

    Reason 678 why all of the Middle East needs to be completely wiped off the face of the Earth abd replaced with a new Disney World. Completely disgusting filthy people. Don’t believe me? Visit India.

  • roger bence

    all islam shud be eradicated if the bastard wears a rag onhis head kill him before he kills u or ur daughter because u spoke to a male these ignorant fing a== holes got no right to breath free or breed this is how islam has been for 6000 years since abraham death is the only way to deal with islam

  • Rip Van Winkle

    What a world when parents consider their 15 year old daughter dishonorable because she looked at a boy and consider it honorable by throwing acid at her and murdering her.

    • GOQUE


  • Lori V

    What could be in the hearts of parents who could through acid on their 15 year old daughter. I can’t see how any loving parent could do this, what could be more important than your children? I’m sickened by this story and all like it. Thank God I’m a Christian.

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