Killed For Eyeing Boy: Parents Kill Daughter With Acid

    November 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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It’s almost unimaginable here in the states that a young girl could be subjected to such a cruel and painful fate as being burned alive with acid, but in Pakistan, where just such a thing occurred late last month, it has become a way to defend a family’s name.

Mohammad Zafar and his wife Zaheen say that when their 15-year old daughter, Anusha, turned to look at a boy who was passing on a motorbike, she offended the family’s honor. She was immediately scolded, but the parents later decided to go further.

“She said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t look again.’ By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way,” Zaheen said. Her husband says he tried to wipe the acid off, but by then it was too late. The couple are parents to other children, most of whom are younger than Anusha and don’t understand why their parents are being taken from them. They say an older daughter had already brought shame to the family but didn’t go into specifics.

Such “honor killings” are not uncommon in Pakistan; over 900 girls and women were killed last year under similar circumstances, and the Human Rights Commission believes the number is actually higher due to some incidents which go unreported.

Anusha’s parents are currently being held in jail, where they share adjacent cells. They allegedly kept the girl from receiving medical attention for hours after the acid attack and told questioning neighbors she had attempted suicide.

Zaheen, staring out from her cell



Mohammad, comforting his teary children as he is led away in chains

  • deedee

    Remember, all religions and cultures are equal… who are we to judge this act?

    The sad thing is… there are actually people out there who will agree with the above statement.

    • Silvia

      This has nothing to do with religion.

      • Shogun

        Wait..what? You actually believe this has nothing to do with religion? Do you think these murderous parents just came up with the concept of “honor killing” on their own, without being influenced by religious extremist dogma?

        • Silvia

          it’s about being narrow minded. like yourself.

        • http://yahoo.com Beebz

          This actually is not based on religion. It is unfortunately their culture in the middle east. My father and his side of the family are muslim and are from caribbean/indian decent. They do not perform “honor killings” in the islands. And I agree that they should be killed the same way they murdered their daughter.

          • Silvia

            thank you Bebbz. I rest my case.

          • Lori O.

            Wow Sylvia and Beebz! Their culture comes from islam! What are you thinking?

      • Lori O.

        Grow up! It has everything to do with islam!!!

        • Silvia

          “Grow up! It has everything to do with islam!!!”

          That is certainly a very convincing argument. I congratulate you on your matureness and your ability to demonstrate knowledge. quite impressive.

    • mceverod

      deedee – WWho are we then to judge a pedophile or any other criminal? Unless you are trying to be funny, you are as ignorant as the jackasses who killed their daughter. Family honor? How can idiots like these two have any honor?

  • barbara

    do unto others………….
    burn the parents alive!!!!!!!!!

  • Catherine Anne Robare

    That is the way the parents should be punished. They should experience the same fate as their daughter!

  • pj

    I am sorry to paint a country and a culture with a broad brush but how can this be tolerated. How can so called honor killing be acceptable behavior on this earth. And how can our country give a dime, let alone multi billions in aid to this country. Their morality cannot be defended and their country is a harbinger of evil.

    • Lori O.

      Amen! And as long as their country and culture continues to follow such an oppressive, blood thirsty religion this will be the case!

  • eleise

    I say stop giving these animals publicity.They have no respect for life.Women mean nothing to them and are a lower form of garbage to them.When they are here they want to have their rights and beliefs ,but as an American go over there and try doing what you believe or dress the way you do here,no way they say we have to obey their ways of life or get out fast.FFFFFFFFFF EM …..WHEN HERE THEY NEED TO ABIDE BY OUR WAYS ..WE DONT KILL WOMEN ,WE DONT KILL OUR FEMALE DAUGHTERS ,AND YES WE SHOW OUR HAIR IT IS NORMAL ,ALL HUMANS HAVE HAIR….TAKE THE STORY OFF……THEY SUCK

  • TJ

    She dishonored the family by simply looking at a boy? Yet killing your child does not dishonor the family??? If it was such a good thing to kill for your family’s honor why lie to cover it up???? The way people think sometimes confuses me completely!

    • Lori O.

      It’s all about their religion which is neither peaceful or great! It’s oppressive, violent and blood thirsty!

  • Yo Daddy

    They just need too be shot in their head

  • Katie

    There is NO HONOR in murdering your daughter.

  • http://yahoo Maggie

    How STUPID !!! These parents should get the Same Treatment. Unbelievable!!!!!

  • susan

    its life and it is not judgeing them but what they did is so wrong and G O D will judge them and he sure will.

    • Lori O.

      Please!!! You’re worried about judging them!! You can judge their behavior!

  • http://yahoo.com mary

    I know that it was a painful death, shame on you all for what you all did to that young lady. let someone put your hand in acid where you all wont be able to do it to anyone else

  • Kat

    call it whatever you want. Bottom line: it’s murder. May they rot in hell for killing this poor young little girl, who did nothing more than look at a boy.

    • Bittersweet

      Not even look at a boy but turn her head. The noise probably just caught her attention. I hope there is a hell, they definitely deserve to be in it.

    • nbay

      It’s something how you lying republican supporters will try and confuse the public with your lies and you have absolutely no limits as to how low you will go.

      • Justified620

        What in the world has Republicans or Democrats have to do with any of this? And I thought people around here were the only ones with “Crainial Rectal Infusion”. You make it sound like it is only the Republicans who torment our President because he sides with the Muslims just like his father before him did. And, just so you know, I AM A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. I voted AGAINST him in 2008 and I will vote AGAINST him in 2012. He had NO EXPERIENCE when he ran for office even as a Senator let alone for President. His policy of handing out other peoples things to those WHO WANT and not necessarily need has far reaching effects. If you still continue to support these actions (especially after watching the Video 2016) then you should immediately rush your self to the Emergency Room for them to pul;l your head out of your rectum before you smother to death.

      • Lori O.

        Obama and Hillary who have called islam a GREAT religion. It’s not great or peaceful. It’s oppressive and blood thirsty! Sorry, but that’s not a lie! Think for yourself!

    • brad

      what does obama have to do with this? let obama worry about the shit that is here in the u.s.

      • Lori O.

        Obama and Hillary have both called islam a great religion. It is neither! That’s what!

  • http://www.paladinfirearmsllc.com Marty Zima

    And THIS is the type of womens rights that Barack Obama has said he is supporting in the middle east?

    This isn’t about contraception ladies, it is about the basic human dignities and rights that all women around the world should share.

    But Obama wants you to think that HE’s made such great advances for women’s rights around the world.

    Tell that to a dead 15 year old and ever woman who has been executed by their parents fro wearing make up, for smiling at a boy, for driving a car.

    Tell that to the 15 year old girl the Taliban shot in the head because she wanted equal education opportunities for girls in Pakistan.

    Yes, Obama has worked hard for women to be treated equally in the middle east. There they kill them all equally.

    • Bob Paris

      Are you serious Marty? You do realize that President Obama is the President of the UNited States of America, not Pakistan. The horrendous and cruel actions taken by these parents more reflect the desires of the religous right here in the USA. If the right wing taliban here in the USA have their way, they will make sure no one has any choice and that it will be Christianity and no other religions. That’s what a vote for Romney will bring, the samne type of poor judgment that this girl’s parents showed.

      • Lori O.

        Wow! Bob, have an original thought! Why do you believe this nonsense? Obama is the one who has called islam a GREAT religion! Really? What’s great about it? It’s NOT peaceful or great! It’s oppressive and blood thirsty! HOW do you confuse these parents with Christianity? God, not Allah, is forgiving!

  • Randy

    Gotta love those people. Are they even people. A dog wouldn’t do that.

  • http://yahoo Lera

    Who are we to judge human beings with feelings and emotions whom some of us have daughters and love them and would not think of killing them just because they talk or look at the oppisite sex, and I can care less what the oppisite sex is, to muder this child in such an inhumane way is pure evil and wrong, the hell with traditions. Both parents should face what this child went through and see how it hurts to inflict such punishment upon a human being. Her parents are not perfect and I am sure while growing up that both of these evil people got away with things they should not have done.Who will go along with such evil and pure murderous act but a fool without a consious.

  • adam

    this can’t be life….

  • Sam Vito

    This is a real “War on Women” and it’s disgusting and shameful. This, people is what a war on women looks like, not the phony, made up nonsense that is being propagated in this country by fools like Sandra Fluke and Nancy Pelosi.

  • Randy

    Hey Obama what do you think of your people now.

    • rp

      my god, you are an idiot

      • Daniel Boone

        Actually rp…it is YOU who is the idiot…and blind foolish sheep being led to slaughter and too stucking fupid to even ask where you are going!

        • Only

          Actually, you’re right. Randy’s not an idiot. YOU’RE the idiot. Randy’s just stupid.

      • Susan

        @rp – actually you are somewhat of an idiot. To whom are you addressing your “intelligent” remark?

    • happy

      randy you ar a total ass!!!! grow up.

      • Daniel Boone

        You’re the one who needs to grow up and get your head out into some light where you can see what is going on around you! Are you really as stupid as your post indicates?

    • http://yahoo bryan

      Randy,,, you have no idea how ignorant you are. that was a real stupid comment!

  • Gina

    Animals! Do the same to the parents!

  • edward Searand you can shove it bird and al

    the culture that created this mindset should be exterminated from the face of the Earth

  • Daniel Boone

    Yeah…Islam is a PEACEFUL religion! Just how many of these stories do we need to hear, read, see before the LIBERAL IDIOTS OF AMERICA come to their senses!

  • vic

    freaking towelhead

  • Lisa

    I wont judge a person by their religion, but I will judge a person who could kill their child- and this was not a human way, this was a painful and agonizing death- HOW could anyone do this to their child? No GOD condones suffering..

    • Lori O.

      You HAVE to judge the religion!!! This is NOT a great religion, as this story shows! It oppresses women and encourages killing and violence! People need to speak out with courage! This is outrageous! If you can’t speak out against this religion after an act like this then you have no courage.

      • Bob

        well said indeed. according to the article this happened at least 900 times last year alone! I`ve seen several videos last few years showing gorillas protecting human children
        from harm as if the child was their own. These scum need to learn from the apes!

  • Lori

    No young woman or any woman die because she saw a boy on a motor bike, What honor is there in torturing and killing a child??? REALLY?? COMMON!

    • Lori O.

      They’re following their oppressive, blood thirsty religion!!

  • http://yahoo LoriH

    If men and boys were killed for the same “transgressions,” there would be no male population. Can’t say that would necessarily be a bad thing. Women are devalued everywhere. Just try to post a comment on Yahoo against men (when most of the commenters are men who hate women,) and it is censored. Men rule and control the world, yes. Thank God I don’t have to, as a woman, take responsibility for the world going to hell.

    • Bob

      Really? well you know what, all men come from women so what did you expect?

      • http://yahoo LoriH

        There was one sentence of my comment that I shouldn’t have said, and I deleted it. Yes, I realize that men come from women and it takes the two sexes to create life and it is precious. It just horrified and angered me to the point of replying in a sexist and biased way. Sorry.

        • Bob

          Hi it`s ok. it`s just so very sad to think that could happen to a young person for so tiny a “crime”. What a truly sick society. Lets remember for all to hear, Men are not the enemy, women are not the enemy, Islam is the enemy of anything resembling humanity. This sad story speaks for itself and how many more have we not heard of?

          Take care all and thanks for your reply Lori. :-)

    • Lori O.

      Wow! I’m a woman and you have real issues! I’m sorry for whatever has happened to you in your life but there are wonderful men out there. I pray you find one.

      • Bob

        I think anyone with a soul would b po`d after reading this article. She said she was sorry and I accept that. See, it`s called forgiveness. Yet another thing Islam knows nothing about. Also, it seems it was the mother who killed her with acid. Can you imagine? I cannot and firmly believe that`s to my credit. Sometimes there are no words.

    • jeff

      What a moron..this person turns a a terrible tradjedy into a feminism post. Quit feeling sorry for yourself not everything is about you

  • Brian

    They killed their daughter over a name. A NAME. Life is worth millions more than a name ever can be.

    Enjoy hell.

  • C_ladystar1

    Throw acid and both there asses and don’t call for medical attention!!!!

    • http://webpronews Musa Muslim

      There must be some mental illness and both parents should be taken to a behavioral scientist to ascertain their mental status and then hanged to die slowly if sound health because both eyed each other before proposing couple .

      • Lori O.

        They’re not mentally ill! They’re just following their oppressive, blood thirsty religion!

  • susan

    No matter what country your in killing someone for such a rediclous reason is Murder and they should be punished…. The daughter could have been admiring the bike for allthey know.They assumed to much and made to much of it.

  • Jim

    The parents should be fed to wild boars and taped for the whole world to view.

  • kenn`eth

    This is sad,the way the world goes on with this happing every day
    in the east,and people wonder why islam is so hated.when this kinda of
    mind set is praticed everyday.honor killing,what a joke.not every man who looks at a strange woman has does not have lust in the’re heart,and the way that men treat woman over there,is shamefull.hell they treat there livestock better,but put all the property in the womans name so theyt can’t get sued out of it,woman can’t be sued
    in a islamic conntry

  • Richard

    They say it is dishonorable and immoral for their daughter to look at a boy riding by on a motorcycle. How honorable and moral is it to lie to neighbors and say it was a suicide attempt?

    • Bren Odo

      Good point Richard

  • Michelle

    And they call us the heathens and infidels-go figure

  • Carolynn

    Stupid, stupid, backward beliefs. Those parents need to meet the same sort of horrible death.

  • vicki

    This makes me SICK.

  • michelene

    They should be put to death for dishonoring the human race.

    • Maria

      michelene, you hit it right on the nail! I’d give you a thummbs up if I could!

  • tausha

    honor killings??? what is this world coming this is ridicolous. honor killing would be killing a man that raped your daughter because he dishonored HER.instead they simply ignore when that happens. are these people really so selfish and self centered? as a mother of two girls this pulls at my heart. they deserve the worst

  • Colleen Laginess

    I am sorry but to do that to a child for something as ridiculous as that is uncalled for. What a horrible way to die for the young girl.

  • Bren Odo

    How do they know she was even looking at the boy?? Maybe she just liked the motor scooter he was riding on. INSANE, They are animals!!

    • Vickie Watkins

      I too, believe that it will be happening often in the United States sooner than we think. More and more, of those kind of thinkers are now living in the states. A few cases have already occurred in the states.

    • http://yahoo kelly

      No they are lower than animals I’ve never seen an animal killing their own babies. Seriously these two should be burned alive and I’m not promoting violence but they don’t seem to have respect for life and they will get a taste of what it feels like at least. people with that mentality is what’s changing this world for bad.

  • Mason

    I actually believe this will be happening in the United States of American in 100 years. I am total left wing, progressive, non conservative Blue state, Obama voting, vegan eating Democrat. And yet I totally believe Creeping Sharia will bring this to the U.S. in 100 years. It’s easy to see as Indonesia has gone this way in less time.

    • http://yahoo Beverly

      If you are all those things, then I don’t know why this bothers you. I think they should spend the rest of their lives in prison, and the children should be removed from the home immedately. And not to relatives. They are barbarians.

  • john sergi

    ragheads go figure

  • Kevin

    I would forever rather be an “Infidel” than a souless heathen who follows the teaching of a person who encourages this type of behavior. They are lower than animals.

    • http://yahoo Steven

      Damn right! How dare they hide behind their so called God and mame and torture even their own. They should suffer even a worst death!!!!!!

  • Andy Kennedy

    They should be excuted in the same fashon.

  • tausha

    this isnt honor, how is there honor is such selfish self centered behavior. those dogs should be thrown into the lions den

  • Robert

    a religion of love and peace….give me a break

  • MRL

    I am so grateful I wasn’t born in that backward country.

  • Tracy


  • Brad

    Reason 678 why all of the Middle East needs to be completely wiped off the face of the Earth abd replaced with a new Disney World. Completely disgusting filthy people. Don’t believe me? Visit India.

  • Rip Van Winkle

    What a world when parents consider their 15 year old daughter dishonorable because she looked at a boy and consider it honorable by throwing acid at her and murdering her.

    • GOQUE


  • roger bence

    all islam shud be eradicated if the bastard wears a rag onhis head kill him before he kills u or ur daughter because u spoke to a male these ignorant fing a== holes got no right to breath free or breed this is how islam has been for 6000 years since abraham death is the only way to deal with islam

  • Lori V

    What could be in the hearts of parents who could through acid on their 15 year old daughter. I can’t see how any loving parent could do this, what could be more important than your children? I’m sickened by this story and all like it. Thank God I’m a Christian.

  • http://don'thaveone Fast Eddie

    Another example of Muslim fanaticism!

    • Bob

      when you get right down to it that`s the only kind of muslim there is. Question everything or look where blind “faith” has gotten you.

  • Disgusted

    These people are disgusting and they wonder why Americans feel this way about their so called religion. They have no soul to be able to do that to a child-especially their own. SICK TWISTED P.O.S’s

  • marjorie

    This is beyond wicked. This is an act of Satan. To hurt your daughter that God gave you, and then watch her die and lie about. Their is no God in these people.

  • sbt

    They have not feeling at all!! I can even described them as animal since I will be insulting the animal kingdom!!!

  • Steve


  • http://webpronenews.com Hunter

    How much more immoral can one get, than to throw acid on their child. These people have less value, less charactor, less morality than a pig. That is why they hate pigs so much. They realize a hog is of more value to the world.

    • Bob

      Well said, and lets not forget hogs taste better I`m sure.

  • roger bence

    these same animals kidnap or buy underage America girls who have disappeared from their homes and make sexual slaves of them to be bought and sold like cattle, i have seen web sites offering young girls for sale,yet they kill their own child for a single glance pakistan is not our ally no matter what the leaders say kill all the males who wear a diaper on their head, Hitler was right just wrong religious group and nationality

  • chen

    If it was so honrable then why did they lie to neighbors about what occurred. They should have acid thrown in their faces. See how they like it. She was only 15!!!!!

  • http://yahoo G

    The family’s HONOR??? What kind of dignity is there is setting your child on fire? Well,let’s take heart in knowing they burn too.

  • Mohammad Blowme

    There is no honor in killing.However, it would be very entertaining to throw these people (the whole family) into a pot of boiling oil!

  • http://yahoo Gayle Heinis

    Their family’s HONOR? What kind of honor is there in setting your own child on fire. Well, let’s take heart in the assurance the parents will burn too.

  • ronald mills

    Coming to Obama’s America soon



    • mike

      yes it is: this is exactly what obamas religion is and im sure he thinks its what she deserves. but whoever votes for obama agrees with what this barbaric religion did to this poor girl

      • Barbara

        How do you know what Obama’s religion is? There are just so many uninformed people that pos comments on sites like this. Just because you can post a comment doesn’t mean you should.

        • http://yahoo kelly

          I’m catholic this is not inquisition time. This happened hundreds of years ago and it was a shame and disgrace to my religion but it is the past. These people apparently still live in the 1800’s under a different religion.

      • JAY

        mike, you are an idiot, sorry but somebody had to break it to you. Unqualified comment and missing the point. Name one action of the President that supports your stupid comment.

      • http://webpronews catlin


    • John Benton

      Why turn a terrible tradgedy into a polital slam. Have a heart and leave politics out of it. Neither Romney or Obama had anything to do with this. It’s a crazy world right now. Be glad most of us are civilized and realize how horrible a parent that believes in this punishment is.

    • Ty

      You’re a small person. A very tiny existense. Let me indulge your ignorance really quickly (hell, I’ve got a few minutes before class starts…I’ll humor you, centipede.) Why on EARTH would you think President Obama would want this kind of monstrous behavior happening in a nation he runs? Or ANY nation, for that matter? Is his skin so dirty, filthy, nasty, gruesomely BLACK that you beleive he would enjoy reading an article like this? Is your HATE so profound and sharpened that you would think that man’s characted to be so vile? No…let me ask you a better question, Roland…WHY have you not yet walked to a quiet creek, sat down in the water, and remained there, SILENTLY until you died? Why, man?

    • A

      Insensitive comment!



  • stephanie webber

    The comment that the parents made to a neighbor stating that “she had tried to commit suicide” indicates that they KNEW they commited a crime…as well as “suicide” is also considered “shame” and “dishonor”..They are MURDERS point blank!

  • http://yahoo.com matt

    if the usa worked like this our population would be zero .



  • AlexanderW24

    We voice are opinions like we want somebody to know how angry we are at this atrocity and then revert back to our meaningless lives with our heads high and noses up like we’ve actually made a difference. All you guys are hypocrites. If stuff like this truly bothers get up and do something about it. This whole “social media” complex is getting out of hand and its disgusting. Like anybody gives a shi* what any of you insignificant people think.

    • Patrick

      Your response proves you care what we think!Here we are free to listen and communicate and you are free to shut the hell up if you don’t like it!Better country ,better culture hands down!!!!

    • timothy porter

      sure no problem, let’s all head over to pakistan and hold a protest. who the hell are you kidding?

    • Ouija

      Actually I give a shit about what people think. Public outrage is exactly what is required in this situation and social media is a good way to accomplish that. You are very presumptuous in assuming that people are all hypocrites and they are doing nothing about it. I have seen suggestions that people donate to Amnesty International in regards to the honor killings happening in Pakistan, however I do not see any suggestions from you, only condemnation that people care enough to comment. Perhaps the clue to your attitude is in your words… meaningless lives… I have a feeling your’s has become one and you need some special counseling before you dress as the Joker and shoot up local theater.

    • http://yahoo kelly

      YOU MUST BE FROM THAT SIDE OF THE WORLD… It makes me sick to know we have heartless human beings around us. You shouldn’t be here in first place if you don’t give a s… we know there are morons that don’t care.

  • jim w more

    they should be dunked in acid

  • http://yahoo johndaddy

    And they think WE are the infidels and barbarians. Using religion as an excuse to kill is the reason we should never respect these scum. Karma will settle this for the disgusting subhuman parents.

  • Theolonius Ware

    How can our (American) political leaders interact on an equal basis with a people who consider such action acceptable?

  • Kye

    That poor child begged down to the very end. May the punishment of the parents fit the crime they committed.

  • Patrick

    There is nothing good or honorable about any religion or culture where it is more honorable to kill your daughter then for her to look at a boy!The emam that taught this twisted view of islam should also be held accountable for this young girls death.Saying that your religion is of peace does not make it so your actions and those you condone speak louder then any words wrote or spoken!

  • harrystong

    These people are barbaric animals;also, they must be insane. I cannot imagine anyone being so cruel.
    Throw them into a fire furnace;burn them in a pot of oil,or put them in a vat of acid-slowly.

  • http://yahoo.com jane

    Who are these people? They should just pour acid on them as well. What a callous behaviour!!!!!


    this is what happens when people have no education!

  • louis

    It boggles my mind that people still believe in a loving, caring God. I ask them all, where was your loving, caring God when this young girl needed help?

    • lloyd

      God gives us free will to make our on choices. He dont control us like robots. He holds us acountable for our actions in His on time.& thats what hell is for

  • Eddie Schwantz

    These parents are beasts. The shame to their family was brought by these parents alone. It is time that Pakistan make very public examples of those that practice this hideous behavior of killing family members in the name of honor.

  • Mary

    BRAD, with a statement like that, you sound like your related to this family.

    Please, do some research before commenting. Pakistan is part of South Asia and they are not considered Middle Eastern. Even if so, that’s a very ignorant statement to make. The people of the Middle East do not all share the point of view, religion or culture. The Middle East is the CRADDLE OF CIVILIZATION. I personally am a CHRISTIAN from IRAQ raised in the USA, so am offended by your comment.

    Yes, it’s disgusting what these parents did what they did and I hope they pay for it, but really, your comment is uncalled for. Should the US have been wiped out because of Jeffery Dahmer? Or the countless other cannibals, child rapist and murderers?

    While I’m all for freedom of speech, I also believe in thinking before you make a statement. I can easily say, while your family in Arkansas is inbreeding, you should really invest on a map and history book and brush up on your geography, you typical American. But I won’t… Have a nice day :-)

    • Goldie

      This is B-ll s-it why in the hell do they think they have a right too do that too any one they should be made to suffer!;

      • Goldie

        Look Im sorry for U for that ,But it is what it is its so f-c-ed up over there they dont give a damn for when they kill and who they kill, it’s terrible, how womans and kids havae died for no reason at AL!

    • Bob

      Mary, I agree. Kill all people associated with Penn State, and all Catholics.

      No more baby raping by Joke Paterno.

    • Millie

      I agree with you about doing him doing his research etc., yet you made the same type of comment at the end of yours by calling him a typical American. What is a “typical American” then? Please don’t put us all in the same category of how we behave as you have just scolded him for doing so. Very hypocritical. Thanks.

  • Renee

    these animals should be burned to death with acid as well

    • Tex

      One belief in a god is as deluded as another, I should hope that some century in the future we will move past these indoctrinated mindsets and start embracing reality rather than superstition and emotionally dependent wishful deluded thinking.

  • scott

    These people over there don’t cherish life the way we do. All Americans need to understand the kind of mind set we are dealing with. This un-imaginable to us. What kind of God would condone this kind of behavior. They are barbarians. I would die for my children in a second. I could never even imagine harming my own. Crazy people.

    • Tom Sanchez

      Scott, you mean a society where abortion clinics are firebombed, abortionists are killed purely for performing their legal rights, inmates are beaten, raped, even killed by guards and other inmates with the complicity of guards? Of course, these “honor killings” are barbaric, should be punished in accordance with international law, and should be stopped immediately but before we, Americans, like many of the threaders, including you, “cast stones” at people like these parents, let’s take a very good, very clear, truly unbiased look at our society before we go about condemning others. True, we don’t do honor killings but is our violence “better”, “more civilized”?

      Answer that for yourself. Intolerance, inhumanity to others, blind faith in a religion, child abuse, racism know no national boundaries nor color nor sex nor religious affiliation.

      • Chriztina

        well said, Tom S. I agree with most of what you said. One point, however, at least here in the US, we have faced and condemned our racist past, still prosecute and imprison those who abuse, rape, and murder (well, Zimmerman may be an exception…we’ll see), and we still keep striving to improve our behavior. There are always going to be twisted, sick individuals who abuse, rape, terrorize, and torture members of their own family or others. All we can do is prosecute each case as it occurs, try to teach the next generation better values, and pray.

  • Tex

    This is what happens when deluded indoctrinated mindsets are not challenged and ignorance becomes the norm. Sick minds produce tragic results.

  • Bob

    If you believe in a religion, you have stupid beliefs just like these moron parents.

    Children learn that Santa Clause isn’t real before they’re teenagers. Why do adults still believe in non-existant deities?

    Because they’re dumb.

    • Steve


      How about learning to shut the fuck up occasionally? Not everyone is an Atheist, not everyone wants to hear Atheists go on about worship equals stupidity. How about this…could it be that your lack of belief makes YOU the idiot? Or are you just one of those over zealous citizens who doesn’t want the Pledge of Allegiance in schools either? While you’re at it…I hear that there’s a Menorah down by City Hall that you should call the ACLU about! It’s really bothering….um….NOBODY BUT YOU!


    • frankB

      bob is a dumbass

  • Steve

    The culprit here is not Islam, or Pakistan, The culprit is ignorance.

    • Jim

      This is why they continue to do such things. People excusing the religion when it is indeed a bloodthirsty, phallic cult.

  • Steve

    They should die. Before they die they should be publicly humiliated. Pakistan is a barbaric and disgusting piece of desert that should be summarily wiped off the map. They contribute nothing to the world and commit the most heinous of crimes against humanity. Should I read that they were destroyed by missile strikes tomorrow I would not shed one…single…tear.

    • Bob

      Steve, I believe that Pakistan invented the sport of dragging a dead goat around by horse.

      Oh wait, that might have been Afghanistan. My bad.

      • Steve

        Ha! Excellent!

      • Chriztina

        right. and it was Texas that invented dragging a man behind a truck until his head falls of. We should be careful of painting all residents of a region with the same brush.

  • Dean H.

    I worked in the eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia for 2 1/2 years. They are barbaric. And we need to understand the real differences in the western cultures and theirs. To pretend otherwise is just ignorant and wish-full thinking. They have a barbaric sense of reality. They still execute people for witchcraft. Women are property. And not a word from the western media or N.O.W. Stunning.

  • Marvin

    This is rather barbaric, but we cannot force our views of society on them. America’s hands are stained as well, for example the Salem witch trials. They have to evolve on their own, we cannot interfere and force our beliefs/views on society on them, That leads to hatred and war. If their willing to change their society and become open-minded to our views I’m sure there will be no hesitation in lending them a helping hand. If they don’t and their society crumbles that will be very unfortunate, but the harsh reality of human society.

  • http://webpronews catlin

    This is sad. I am glad we live in a country that is not strict. To kill your own flesh and blood over looking at a boy? For gosh sakes she is 15. And it does not matter where you live, girls get curious. I hope the parents get their eyes splashed with acid. And I hope they rot in jail.

  • Steve

    All people should be saddened by a tragic story like this, but to use it as a basis to attack a Religion or an ethnic group or society is ridiculous and hypocritical. As if brutal senseless violence doesn’t exist, and happen regularly in the US.

    • Deidra

      I totally agree with you. People nowadays are just itching to bring up something about someones religion and/or ethnic group no matter what they did or didn’t do. I don’t care what religion or ethniticity they belong to..what they did is down right sickening! Then again some people just don’t think about anything except for descriminating against others that dont share their own beliefs.

  • jim

    But with all we see of these people, we continue to allow more and more to immigrate to the U.S..

    • http://none pam

      yes Jim we do, and it is because we consider this “freedom of religion” which Islam is not, it is a theo-political construct of domination.

      If American legislators do not wake up to this Trojan Mosque-ing of America, it will one day be too late.

      Islam is a system of peace, only once all the Infidels (us in the Great Satan and all non Mullims, Jews, etc)
      are beheaded. Read the Quran.

      Google this subject, there are endless videos of clerics calling for the death of those who disagree with the Quran and their “prophet”
      one example search,


    • Mary Jayne

      those people that leave are those who are trying to escape the radical people over there. not all are like that. just the majority.

  • http://none pam

    What is so surprising about this?
    Read the Quran.
    It’s the MINOs = “Muslims In Name Only”
    who do not follow these practices.

    If you believe your book, this is simply obedience to the faith.

    • Gbolahan Faluade

      Where in the world did you read in the Quran that parents can throw acid on their children’s faces to kill them…

      That is soooo untrue it does not even merit a denial!

  • http://yahoo Shanea

    Its a very sad and an unhuman thing to do, but this is what they are taught to do. Due to the kind of god they serve. If they would only seek JESUS He would change their cruel and hateful hearts.

    • Mary Jayne

      oh shut the fuck up with your jesus. jesus is just another interpretation of god. life is cruel. and what these parents need is some good acid torture.

  • vanessa

    such a barbaric act. They are stuck in the past beliefs/traditions. Instead of moving forward to modernize and improve their country they go backwards.

  • Chris Dunsmuir

    Are we still sending taxpayers money to that barbaric country?

  • Shelley

    It is normal to look at people and it is normal human behavior for a teenage girl to look at a boy. She didnt do anything wrong. Both these parents should be burned to death with acid so that they can take their rightful place in hell.

    • http://0 rclabaugh

      i agree

  • don banjo

    Well, it is already happening in this country.


  • gene

    Shows how stupid some cultures are. Now if the boy did a double take at her; he’s fair game….Just kidding i have 5 daughters.

  • http://yahoo john johnson

    The mother and father should be placed in acid as well, with the same fate.

    • sam

      I completely agree the mom and dad should be burned with acid, to give them a taste of their medicine.

  • sus

    Such barbarians, why do we even bother to educate and help people in these parts of the world? We should walk away from Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else we are in the middle east, it’s a no win situation. You can’t change thousands of years of barbaric customs.

  • Ave

    I can’t imagine raising a child for 15 years then throwing acid on the child for looking at “a boy.” Heartless people.

  • http://yahoo LoriH

    If men and boys were killed for the same “transgressions,” there would be no male population Women are devalued everywhere. Just try to post a comment on Yahoo against men (when most of the commenters are men who hate women,) and it is censored. Men rule and control the world, yes. Thank God I don’t have to, as a woman, take responsibility for the world going to hell.

    • Lol

      LOL, agreed
      I think certain world human rights should be imposed on countries operating in the middle ages

  • Dickie

    We should turn the whole area into Glass

  • Mary

    Yes, I know I did just that. It was to prove a point. I said “I can easily say that”, meaning I can throw around stereotypes and categorize, but I won’t (with a small hidden dagger to remind him that no one/country is perfect). So I wasn’t unintentionally being a hypocrite, just proving a point.

    Some people seem to think if you’re not Hispanic, Asian, White, Black, or European, then you are Middle Eastern. Wrong.

    Overall, I believe these parents should be punished an unimaginable punishment just like the one they induced on their daughter for simply looking in a boy’s direction. And judging from most of the comments here, it sounds like the majority hoping for the same. Kind of like an EYE FOR AN EYE- Code of Hammurabi…. hmmm… (Ancient Babylonian King from the Middle East) lol

    Love & Peace everyone :)

  • emma

    I guess she’ wasn’t supposed to look at a boy, until her parents arrange to trade her to a man for a donkey.

    • Valerie


    • ali

      You should think before post such a comment……very heartless.

  • ray

    They couldn’t have dishonored themselves anymore by doing this …..You just can’t fix stupid

  • JDintheOC

    These parents aren’t any better than the Alqaeda members who shot that girl in the head. I hope they rot in hell, forever haunted by the image of their daughter!

  • Richard Patterson

    You can expect that in a third world country!!!! They’re so far behind the rest of the world that it’s pathetic!!!! How did their daughter get here if her parents didn’t look at each other!!!! See how backwards they think!!!!

    • quietstorm1x

      @ Richard Patterson: That’s a very good point…

  • Maia

    America’s 500 year addiction of abject racism is just as barbaric don’t you agree? What are we going to do about our problem with primordial barbarisms rooted in the history of christanity?

    • Lol

      Your right (sarcastic)
      America has made no progress in 500 years! Really? think before you post

    • johnfromchicago

      Show me a christian who has done this to their children. Show me ONE christian who has stapped bombs to his child believing that the child would go to heaven as a martyr. DON’T confuse Christianity with Islam. They are polar opposites.

      • Carlos

        You forget that Islam is a relatively new religion as compared to Christianity and Judeism. Go back not even a century and a half and people justified slavery by using the Bible. Go back another century and people were burned at the stake accused of witchcraft. If we ever let politicians try to bring that “old time religion” back to control our laws who knows what could happen in this country. Just look at Nazi Germany just a mere 60 years ago when some fanatic convinced seemily rational people to scapegoat a whole people based solely on their religious beliefs as a threat to their Christian society. Believe me we aren’t that different from these people in Pakistan.

        • saved?

          No matter what U have done if U have confessed the hope in Christ,and confessed your sin(S) in hell U will not lift up your eyes.??

        • Enemosentem

          You so stupid Islam is the only religion that is stayed consistent through the beginning of time since then not ONE word of the holy Quran has changed and by the way I can think of christians killing more people than everyone else combined they need to expire every one of you disrespecttful chistians so you can go get pooped on in hell Insha’Allah

        • Chriztina

          narcissism, mental illness and stupidity can show up in any culture and religion: does anyone else remember the young woman who put her infant in the oven thinking it was demonically possessed?

          • Deb McFarland

            That is an isolated incident, not a practice endorsed by an entire religion! Doi.

    • Mike

      Obviously your right Christianity has a sad record as well BUT– this history doesn’t make what these parents did right. It is very odd to me that all people on this earth claim God is “LOVE” does this act say “LOVE” to you. Or does it say “EGO”? I really don’t think these parents will suffer any punishment the area will wait and when the worlds eyes are off them this Mom and Dad will go free to care for their remaining kids. Lets hope these kids heed their parents warning if you cross mom and Dad you “WILL DIE”

    • http://yahoo stephrn carr

      whar an idiotic statement the constitution refers to keeping organized religion out of government and from dictating how people live their lives by government dictate not keeping religious people out of politics.racism occurred mainly during the slave trade by wealthy northern land owners who treated poor white sharecroppers and tenant farmers the same as former slaves.

    • David Foster

      You do not know what you’re saying or talking about. It’s obvious you have never taken U.S. History 101. Stop making rants just to make them. It doesn’t make you important or meaningful. Just lets everyone know how stupid and ignorant your thoughts are. Read real U.S. History and stop trying to link our culture to this barbaric culture.

  • Maia

    I’m looking forward to the day when the USA emerges out of the religious dark ages. Surely, we can see what religiosity is doing to us. Maybe Pakistan is our mirror sould we have the courage to look. Do we have the courage to look in the mirror and see ourselves in the eyes of another?

  • johnfromchicago

    Islam is such a peaceful religion.

  • http://webpronewss redd cheries

    Women have more power than they think.Women just tend to do things backwards,but exspect good results.Women take dating whey to serious.Providing men with sex outside of marriage.And this takes a emotional toll on them.Not using proper birth control,even if the mans is resistant to it.Putting up with abuse and lies for love.Settling for less.Not having a strong enough say in the marriage,and the rearing of the children,and the fiances.But always especting for things to work out;half of the time they don’t.A Women’s voice matters.Her life matters,the children she brings into the world matters.She should not wait on the approval of a man,because what she does’nt understand and men all ready KNOW…A MAN is nothing..nothing without a WOMAN.She should find..her strenght.. and comfort..and power inknowing she brings forth the next generation.And that is and AMAZING thing.That’s God’s gift to man…. a woman .Love your self first.

    • http://OUTRAGED wfbax@pacbell.net

      Of course the first thing someone does is to blame this child! I don’t know where you live (obviously English is not your first language) but as the writer of this article states, this is a very common thing that happens in Pakistan…and what they didn’t say is that it is very common in (probably) all Muslim countries. It happens here in the US in Muslim families (Shariah law)and many people here think it’s okay “because their religion requires it and we have freedom of religion”. No matter what country you live in and no matter what your religion is, a 15 year old girl is not yet a woman. No matter in what religion or country you’re raised, it is almost second nature for a child to turn and look at a motor bike. This child would probably have done the same thing even if a girl was on it. Of course, in Pakistan it is highly doubtful a girl or woman would have been allowed to ride a motor bike! But to automatically become irate because a child or woman looks at someone is maniacal! And the fact that it was the MOTHER who would do this is even worse! Of course the father probably ranted and raved at his wife and accused her of everything under the sun and probably told her that it was her DUTY to DISCIPLINE the girl. It’s an awful thing to say, but the poor little thing is probably better off. Every country in the world should find this to be an antediluvian and horrific practice…and every man, woman and child should be outraged at such treatment of ANY human being. I’m pretty sure that these “people” wouldn’t even treat a dog in such a manner! Actually “people” does NOT refer to beings of this sort…the true words that should be used for beings who would do such things as this are as follows: abominable, animalistic, barbarous, base, bestial, boorish, brutal, brute, brutish, cruel, depraved, disgusting, feral, foul, inhuman, irrational, loathsome, low, monstrous, obscene, piggish, prurient, repulsive, sadistic, swinish, unclean, vile.

    • quietstorm1x

      @ red cherries… Well, first of all, your spelling and punctuation is atrocious, but that’s not why we’re here, are we? I think you have a misconception of the article. Clearly you have a fixation with the empowerment of women. Fine, but funny… The setting takes place in Pakistan, not AMERICA!!! Everything you stated in your comments may apply to an American woman, but sadly, and unfortunately enough, it’s not the “way of life” in many of those mid-east countries… Those women live in fear of their husbands which is why they are not at liberty to apply the American liberal culture in their countries. Chances are, the wife/mom was scared to oppose her husband’s cruel, inhumane acts for fear of her own life… You with me so far?… Another thing is, men don’t “NEED” women… They both need each other… It almost sounds like you or someone close to you were hurt in a relationship that didn’t materialize the way it was anticipated. I know a number of single men and women whom are absolutely unhappy without a significant other in their lives, so again, in the long run they need each other. The older you get, the more you come to terms with this… May the Good Lord bless the poor child’s soul. How very unfortunate…

  • azie

    indefensibly crude and utterly barbaric just goes to show you can’t let religious dogma drive the state, separation of church and state is not only sensible but necessary in defense of justice, liberty and common sense. May she rest in peace, God bless her soul.

  • Libby

    The poor girl was probably not even thinking of the boy when she turned. how many times do our eyes wonder while we have other thoughts in our mind.Shows how stupid this parents really are. I hope they get punished here on earth before they forever burn in hell.

  • Jasmine Martin

    This story makes me sick. I cannot believe such evil exists in the world. What a horrible mother and father. I can’t imagine killing my own child. I don’t know a lot about Pakistan’s culture, but it seems like a complete living hell, for women, in particular. A poor, innocent girl suffering and dying at the hands of her own parents? It makes me so depressed to think that people like her parents exist in the world. Not everyone has parents who love and care for them. But no one should ever have to endure parents who place no value on their life. What is the mother thinking? Really. How shameful is it for them to be standing in jail now, with their story plastered all over world news? Sheer evil and stupidity.

    • cinnamom28

      wow…makes me think my racist cousin would act in an equally cruel way if he were to have a kid who looks at some non-caucasian or non-full-blooded, except maybe Native American that way or he assumes. he probably hates to even acknowledge his ancestry as it is.

  • http://goggle larry tibbs

    if i rember american did the same thing to a black boy who l0oked at a white and it was ok

    • David Foster

      It was NOT okay and this was not the way of American culture. It was just crazy racially prejudiced ignorant white people who did this. Nobody, not even other whites approved of that.

    • Hi there

      I remember when black folks killed a white boy for looking at a black girl… Noone cares when white people get killed

    • DC

      It’s not OK idiot. It was not ok then and it is not ok now. Murder is Murder regardless of skin color, religion, or anything else.

  • Ajeta

    We are all God children!! But here you have people that don’t care about giving or taking away life. Remember 9/11!!!!

  • http://yahoomail blessing odu

    the parent there are very wicketh to do such a thing to their child, anyway the should not do them anything

  • http://cnn Chris Boston

    This story absolutely sickening. I love my kids and would never harm them. This couple needs to spend the rest of their lives in prison for first degree murder! No time off for time served or any of that other garbage that would work in their favor. It is natural for boys and girls to look at each other, but killing a child because he or she does so because it is said to dishonor the family? How can they claim being dihonored when they kill their own child?!!

  • http://www.yahoo.cm Hendrina

    Totally inhuman!

  • Donald

    Islam is a religion created by a power hungry man that does not care about life especially the life of women. I am a Blackman and I know about the racial tension in America everyday it is getting better because we are working to change it and make it better. But in these backward Islamic countries it is getting worse day by day. They kill woman and girls easy as swatting a fly, if you don’t see a problem you need to go live in one of these countries and you will see that is if you live. The Western world are the only power that are challenging the fanatics.

  • http://0 rclabaugh

    sickening God rest this child’s soul

  • Fati Alhassan

    See how helpless some children are, even at the peril of their lives.

  • ali


    Why you people make fales stories about Pakistan No sach incident happen here in pakistan. and All of you people who just read the news and start comments please 1st confrim the source. Go to google and write “Killed For Eyeing Boy: Parents Kill Daughter With Acid” you will find not a 1 pakistani news source…..hence you will find indian, USA, British..
    “Amanda Crum” Dont make these kind of fales stories.

    • DC

      Sorry Abdul, looks like this is true

      • Chris

        I am sure the news in Pakistan is completely trustworthy….NOT

      • Mark

        And how is the 14 year old girl who was shot in the head for going to school doing? As I recall she was rescued by British imperialists who she could get oppressive Western health care.

        • stg58

          You forgot to say “Death to America”.

  • DC

    Most every comment here is based on condeming someone or something. When will we all learn to be civilized to each other. Love our families, children and our neighbors regardless of their color, or religion. Oh I’m sorry, must have had a senior moment, this is Earth and we are Human. The answer is obviously NEVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  • Chris

    They should both get acid thrown in their faces, but then get treated just before they die so they have to live out their lives….in jail, but with horribly deformed and disgusting faces…and that would even be too lenient

  • Am

    This is why Muslims sicken me, it’s not just extremists, their whole culture needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.

    • Chris

      You are ignorant

      • stg58


        You are the ignorant one. Islam will not stop the violence and conquest until it is destroyed or it is the dominant religion on earth.

        • Aleem Alibhai

          “Islam will not stop the violence and conquest until it is destroyed or it is the dominant religion on earth” this statement proves your ignorance to the world around you. I am not sure you realise this but your statement can just as easily be applied to almost any religion known today. Due to your fluency in the English language I am assuming you live in the “western world”, Probably Canada or the United States of America. I would like to remind you that both of these countries were brought into the world by European “violence and conquest”. European explorers, all of which were Christian, arrived at and subsequently conquered both these places, whipping out the rightful owners of the land by means of furious onslaught and genocide. I would also like to bring up the infamous Christian Adolf Hitler. In Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, he wrote about his belief in Christian supremacy. He was also the leader of Germany and ordered the genocide of approximately six million Jews and started world war two.
          I am a proud Shia Ismaili Muslim living in Canada. I do not personally know a single Muslim that is a convicted felon. Islam is a religion based on the ethics of kindness and caring. The actions of extremists should not and cannot be the basis of your views on our religion. The actions of this couple is not sanctioned by Islam, it is purely cultural. Just as it is cultural for women to wear clothes that reveal skin in America, it is cultural for women to not be allowed to wear revealing clothes in Pakistan. It has nothing to do with religion as I know many Muslim women who wear the same brand of clothing as Christian women. You were brought up with certain morals and ethics, this defines what you believe is right and what is wrong. People in Pakistan were brought up with different morals; they believe, to some extent, that this kind of behavior is acceptable (obviously not throwing acid on someone’s face seeing as they ARE in jail). Even in Canada and America I have heard stories on the news were an infant was put into the microwave for crying too much. This is obviously not acceptable but, it still happened. Should someone from Pakistan read such an article they too would assume all Americans put their children in microwaves for acting up. Is this fair? Absolutely not! We must remember to look at things through the eyes of others before making such comments. Isolated events must be left isolated and not associated with entire nationalities or religions. In no way, shape or form am I saying what these parents did was acceptable and neither do their people seeing as they are in jail.
          In the future please refrain from posting defamatory comments without first looking into the situation thoroughly. And if you still feel that your opinion is true, please refrain from posting it onto the internet. Thank you.

    • Haym

      Anyone who says all Muslims are terrorists/violent/animalistic is uneducated and ignorant. There are over 3 Billion Muslims in the world and an estimated 500,000 muslim jihadist terrorists. That means roughly 0.02% of muslims are terrorists.
      Now Im just guessing, but its likely that more then 0.02% of Americans are in prison for violent crimes. Using your logic, all Americans are violent criminals. People like you are why our world can’t get along. You’re just as bad as these parents; wanting to kill or maim people because you dont share their religion.

      Cites; CIA estimated figures from January 2012

  • Mark

    And thanks in part to our “trading partner” China, Pakistan has nuclear weapons. After we educated most of the Pakistani scientists right here. Love that globalization!

  • susan

    Women in the mideast have a very long way to go. Unfortunately, it will be spreading to the rest of the world eventually. It would take a true act of God to change things for the Muslim women. So sad for this way of thinking. They are not allowed to be human beings because of extreme fear.

  • cafenitro

    We have people here in America who would like to take us back to this kind of thing.

    • stg58


      Do you mean muslims here in the United States?

  • cafenitro

    Muslims? What about Paul Ryan / Aiken / THE GOP?!!

  • michael

    sucks belonging to a species that’s too stupid to save itself

  • Chriztina

    What parent carries around a jar of acid at all times, just in case his child does something he doesn’t approve? To do this to any child, let alone one’s own, is to me unthinkable. I can’t help suspecting there must be more to this story…insurance policy maybe?

  • Gary


  • linda logan

    these people have no sense,if you think about it,how did this girls mom get those kids she no only looked at their dad,but she also had sex with him..did anyone drown her with acid!!!!!

    • Chriztina

      she probably never even met him until the wedding ceremony.It is so difficult for those of us trained from birth to think for ourselves to understand a culture where girls are not ALLOWED to think at all.

  • jay price

    God almighty these people are savages. We consider Pakistan an ally and we send billions of american dollars to a nation that lives in the dark ages. I say to hell with Pakistan. These are the same people that hid that filthy dog Osama has-been Laden. Thank God we got rid of that fool. Thank God I live in America, land of the free!!!

    • Aleem Alibhai

      KKK are all over America they too are terrorists…. just remember when you point a finger there are always more pointing back.



    • H8rter


  • Aleem Alibhai

    I am a proud Shia Ismaili Muslim living in Canada. I do not personally know a single Muslim that is a convicted felon. Islam is a religion based on the ethics of kindness and caring. The actions of extremists should not and cannot be the basis of your views on our religion. The actions of this couple is not sanctioned by Islam, it is purely cultural. Just as it is cultural for women to wear clothes that reveal skin in America, it is cultural for women to not be allowed to wear revealing clothes in Pakistan. It has nothing to do with religion as I know many Muslim women who wear the same brand of clothing as Christian women. You were brought up with certain morals and ethics, this defines what you believe is right and what is wrong. People in Pakistan were brought up with different morals; they believe, to some extent, that this kind of behavior is acceptable (obviously not throwing acid on someone’s face seeing as they ARE in jail). Even in Canada and America I have heard stories on the news were an infant was put into the microwave for crying too much. This is obviously not acceptable but, it still happened. Should someone from Pakistan read such an article they too would assume all Americans put their children in microwaves for acting up. Is this fair? Absolutely not! We must remember to look at things through the eyes of others before making such comments. Isolated events must be left isolated and not associated with entire nationalities or religions. In no way, shape or form am I saying what these parents did was acceptable and neither do their people seeing as they are in jail.
    In the future please refrain from posting defamatory comments without first looking into the situation thoroughly. And if you still feel that your opinion is true, please refrain from posting it onto the internet. Thank you.