Kill Your Television:

    October 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Channel surfing? So last year. TV Guide flipping? So last century. Building your own TV channels via the search engine? That’s today.

There’s only user-created videos from blogs and podcasts available now for the most part, reports, but the My Blinkx TV service from offers a glimpse of the future.

The service sifts through files, matching queries via its voice recognition technology with content in its database. Once a set of results has been returned, users can save the results as a channel on the site.

Also, the service lets content creators upload their video blog or podcast updates to Blinkx. Once uploaded, the site generates a transcript of the episode. That makes it available to others who search for keywords relevant to that new content.

The report notes the significant difference between Blinkx and search engine powerhouses like Yahoo and Google. Those two giants of the search arena cull text-based data associated with multimedia files to index them. Blinkx uses speech recognition technology from Autonomy to listen’ to the content’s audio instead.

With buy-in from the major broadcast and film studios, which will probably be a long way off, more users would be compelled to try Blinkx by virtue of having commercially-made content available. Blinkx could end up working like a broadband Internet version of TiVo were that to happen.

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