Kieren Romney: Has Dark Skin, Name Means “Black”

    September 21, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Mitt Romney has a new adopted grandchild and that baby has a very descriptive name. The new baby, son of Ben and Andelynne Romney, Mitt’s son and daughter-in-law, is named Kieren which is a derivative of Kieran, a Gaelic name that means “black”. The baby has dark skin and was born via a surrogate.

The birth of little Kieren made the 22nd grandbaby for Mitt and Anne Romney. Or did it? Earlier this week, Mitt said the same thing for his last grandchild. Romney’s son Josh and his wife Jen gave birth to a little boy this summer — born the same day as royal baby Prince George — prompting Mitt to send a proud tweet welcoming grandchild “#22″.

So which grandchild can claim spot #22? Politico found that Mitt and Ann Romney had grandkids No. 17 and No. 18 during the 2012 presidential election season, when their son Tagg and his wife Jennifer welcomed twins via surrogate. Then, early this year there arrived another set of twins, No. 19 and No. 20 in February, when son Craig’s wife Mary gave birth to twins.

So, by that count, little Kieren can proudly claim spot number 22 on the long list of Romney heirs, and in all fairness, you can’t blame poor Mitt. It’s 22 children! Most people probably would lose count. Let’s just wait and see if he can remember all of their birthdays!

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  • Barbara

    So what’s the point of this article – a smackdown of a Romney son and daughter-in-law? Kieran is a fairly common Gaelic first name. We have one in our family.

  • Ruby

    My biological daughter is named Keegan (listed above). She happens to be black. We named her Keegan McKenzie because the meanings we found of the names together mean “little fiery – daughter of a wise ruler”. This article is so insulting to the public in that it tries to appeal to the weakest of minds by to scraping and scrounging to find negative connotations in the sweetest of moments in this family’s lives. The whole #22 argument is not at all, since he could’ve easily meant “I’m made a grandparent for the 22nd time (since the twins of the 21st time would have given grandchildren #’s 21 and 22 ) OR heaven help us if after that many he just made an error in math. Get a life and stop being so petty!

  • kathy gin nc

    Such a little Doll