Kids Alcohol Mimosas: Restaurant Serves Kids Booze

    June 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Some New Jersey parents are upset this week after they say a family restaurant served their kids alcohol.

Jeremy and Dawn DeRoo took their three daughters to brunch at Bazil’s on Sunday and ordered them orange juice; when one of the girls complained that it tasted funny, their mom figured it was just different than the kind they were used to and didn’t think much of it. But after tasting it later, she discovered that it was actually a mimosa. To add insult to injury, the waitress allegedly brushed it off as no big deal and offered to replace the drinks with milk, and the manager never came over to apologize.

The DeRoos say their kids showed signs of being drunk later that day and slept for hours after they got home.

“That’s not good enough for parents having kids, drunk and sleeping all day. It’s not fair. These little kids shouldn’t have any alcohol period,” Jeremy DeRoo said.

The restaurant’s owners say they aren’t sure how the mixup happened, and that all drinks are labeled to avoid mixups; luckily for them, the DeRoos say they aren’t going to pursue legal action.

  • Lisa

    Who cares? It’s no big deal. they’ll end up drinking someday.

    • Candy

      You sound like a winner Lisa. Someday when you stop getting abortions and actually care enough to have a child, someone will serve alchohol to your mongoloid, crack addicted kids whose father left them because you were too much of a whore to stick around. Let’s see if you aren’t tweaking too much from ice to actually be angry.

      • Jay

        I would say that Lisa definitely shouldn’t of made it seem like it was okay or no big deal that it happen… but… I’m more amazed by the things you said in your post. I’m shocked that someone who is obviously so concerned for the well being of kids would attack someone in such a manner on here. What kind of example would your post be for a kid of any age to read. Don’t we teach our kids to be better people and not to name call or bully?!?! It’s a little shocking that instead of trying to prove a point you decided to completely over shadow the whole article with such an uneducated attack on a person.

        Servering alcohol to minors is a big deal because who knows what kind of reaction they could of had to it or how negative the results could of been. I believe the restaurant should of shown way more concern and be punished… but I’m still lost in the fact you attacked in that manor. Looking at it from a different point of view would be… the next time your child has an opinion that may be wrong or different would you really want someone to attack them in the manor you just did?

      • Heather

        You need counseling, Candy.

      • Heather

        Shame on you for talking to someone like that. I hope you are not a mother.

      • Chad

        Wow… Candy is nuts! It’s sounds like there is a lot of noise going on inside that head of hers. A BIG wall of noise but no real thoughts. Why do I think she is really telling all of us her life story?

        • michelle

          right Chad. Don’t nobody want to read that ***t. she thought she was on twitter. lol!

      • michelle

        what in the hell are you talking about candy? leave your personal drama off the site. We are to comment on the article sweetie, not personally attacking one another. Girl get counseling, quick.

  • leo

    If they don’t press charges the restaurant will do it again to another family.

    • Renee


      That’s not always true. It was an accident that could have happened to any waiter since at family dinning places in most cases the bar makes the drinks. If sued the waiter will most likely lose their job. This alone can set off a long chain of events that are unnecessary. Now, the waiter as well as the manager should be ashamed that they brushed it off. The waiter should be given a warning etc. not to brush off unhappy patrons, but I am sure the “tip” left is lesson enough. The manager should be embarrassed as it is their duty/responsibility to ensure every customer is happy with everything from their dinning experience including drinks. But, the parents are just as guilty here I mean really? A)Your child said the food/drink tasted funny, and you blew it off. First thing to be done is check it duh! B)If your waiter is less than helpful and the manager does not willingly come over demand to see them. You are a paying customer and will get service. If you are not satisfied with the result from your conversation at the restaurant contact a GM or higher.If nothing else they will at least offer you a gift card or $$ off your meal. The proper steps were not taken by the parents to take this seriously, and in no way should all blame go to the facility.

  • Robert

    Slept for hours? Do they take reservations. Where do I sign up?

  • Name

    It was a mistake. It is not like this restaurant has a policy of boozing up kids. The kids slept for a while. No one was harmed. So many people like to make mountains out of molehills.

    This is a non-issue.

  • Chad

    I love when parents avoid any responsibility what so ever. Gee my daughter says the orange juice in a champagne flute tastes funny and you think nothing of it? My sister would have tasted it when it first came to the table to make sure. Press charges????? For what? It’s not like they brought the kid a martini. Seems like a simple error that could of been avoided if the parent was more attentive.

  • Yolanda

    Why wasn’t the mother concerned about rancid orange juice? Those parents are lucky the kids slept all day, they could have had a vomit filled day. Those are always fun…..

  • nina

    They made a mistake & brushed it off. Surprised Mom didn’t just drink the “Orange juice”. She sounds like she needs some sort of liquor to relax her anal attitude for an accident.

  • kittenchick22

    The mother should have tasted it right away! and good that they did not press charges. One time, when I was 8 months pregnant I went with my husband to watch sports at a bar. I ordered cranberry juice and they brought me a cranberry vodka. We told the waitress that I was pregnant and that my juice had alcohol. She brought us another one that was even stronger than the previous one. We had to tell her a second time that it had alcohol. The third time, my husband went straight to the bar and watched them pour another drink for me to make sure it didn’t have alcohol. Needless to say, we never went back there again.

  • Romari Martinez

    I do think it’s a big issue, not the mistake but the restaurant’s attitude in not caring for such “slip”, if it happened to my son I would be extremely angry and would’ve gone to the police too! Imagine if the kid’s had an allergy to vodka, such as I have, and passed out in the middle of the afternoon! I found out about mine the hard way but I was already an adult. It gives me the creeps to think a kid could go through such ordeal, and with no clue on to what was going on. The parents should’ve been more careful tasting the drinks too, and given credit to the kid’s opinion, but this is common among parents (not to “believe” their kids over something). Finally, Ms. Candy definitely should be banned from this and other forums. This kind of people scares me… They’re the ones that seem to be prone to extreme responses that could bring more harm than repair to an already hurtful situation….

    • Name

      Yeah, but that did not happen. So you are going to impact a person’s life by involving the police about something that did not happen? Contrary to popular belief. The police, often do not make a situation better.

      It was a mistake. I am sure you would not want the police involved every time you make one.

    • Chad

      Mimosa’s are orange juice with champagne… not vodka. And if it’s like every restaurant I have ever been to my entire life then the amount of champagne was less then desired.

  • logan

    I am an expert when it comes to getting drunk, and if her kid had a few sips and sent it back. I highly doubt that half a mimosa if that, had an effect on there sobriety all day. I could understand feeling drunk for a little bit, but one drink isnt going to make a kid drunk and tired all day even if they have never had any alcohol before.