Kidnapped 5-year-old Girl From Arizona Found Alive

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A 5-year-old girl from Arizona, Aleeha Green, was found alive in Utah after being kidnapped by her biological father on Tuesday, according to ABC 4 in Utah. The family owes their thanks to the Utah Highway Patrol. The Amber alert came out last night from Yuma, Arizona, but she was found all the way over in Saint George, Utah. Police suspect her father was on his way to Montana.

After the Amber alert came out, the Utah Highway Patrol was on high alert for Aleeha's non-custodial father's truck, believed to be lime green with purple flames. They tracked 47-year-old Jeff Green down at around 1:30 and arrested him at the Utah-Arizona border at 3:30, eventhough he had disguised his truck. “He white-washed his truck. He painted it white with white primer,” said Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant Danny Ferguson, one of the officers responsible for finding Green, arresting him, and taking Aleeha to safety.

“He didn't want to harm his own daughter. He actually pulled over when he realized we were coming after him,” said Ferguson. “He had few comments. “My life is over… what's the difference?”

Ferguson says he was mostly worried about the five-month-old. “She was fine in the car seat up in the truck. She looked great actually. She was fine. She was happy,” said Ferguson.

Sergeant Ferguson thanked Green for not hurting his little girl, something he rarely does to suspects. Green is now sitting in the Washington County Jail on $100,000 federal warrant for kidnapping.

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