Kidnap Victim Shuns Family For Not Looking For Her

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Kidnap victim Michelle Knight has requested that her family members not visit her in the hospital as she recovers from what has been an 11-year ordeal, apparently because those closest to her didn’t look for her after she disappeared.

32-year old Knight vanished in 2002 after a custody dispute involving her then-young son, and her family thought she had run away. When kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro allowed Knight and the two other women he held captive–Amanda Berry, 27, and Gina DeJesus, 23–to watch television, he taunted them with footage of candlelight vigils held in their honor. Knight’s family held no vigil, in part because they believed she’d left of her own will.

“They took him and she went out and took off and never came back,” said her grandmother. The family did file a missing persons report, however.

Knight, who was held the longest of the three women, reportedly suffered five miscarriages at the hands of Castro, who allegedly beat her in the stomach and starved her while she was pregnant. She remains in the hospital’s care, though the other two women have been released. Ohio prosecutors say they are pursuing a charge of aggravated murder on Knight’s behalf, which carries a possible death sentence.

The three women were rescued earlier this week after Amanda Berry saw her chance to escape with her 6-year old daughter and took it, banging on the outer door of the home to get the attention of anyone nearby. Neighbor Charles Ramsey was just finishing dinner when he heard the noise.

“I’m eating my McDonald’s; I come outside; I see this girl going nuts,” he said. “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!”

Investigators said today that they’ve confirmed that Berry’s daughter belongs to Castro. Ramsey said he was shocked to learn of the horrors that went on just feet away from his own home.

“I barbecued with this dude! We ate ribs and whatnot, and listened to salsa music!” he said.


Michelle Knight has reportedly been released from the hospital and is asking for her privacy as she continues recovery. She has thanked everyone who helped with the rescue and anyone involved with setting up a fund for her, Berry, and DeJesus.

Kidnap Victim Shuns Family For Not Looking For Her
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  • http://yahoo Margrit Koch

    Michelle, keep up your hopes and new dreams. You too will get better. Don’t let that creep have another moment of your precious life. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a beautiful girl, don’t give up. much love and courage.

    • robin


  • natasha

    don’t waste tax money on this guy,use that money for schools,and give this guy and all like him to the public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we will handle this guy for free!!!!!!!!!!! and i wonder if this girl has a place to live,or a way to be financially supported,i hope the gov. doesn’t make her live on a tiny welfare check,or have to get a job. she should be taken care of.give her a few acres,and a cabin or something.people should rise up and kidnap this guy and his brothers!!!! we need to get back some of the old ways of handling justice.

    • cyndy

      I think that they should chain the guy up and let everyone throw big hard rocks at him, let him feel some pain

      • JD

        Here’s and idea… cutoff his weapon of choice… stick it down his throat. Then load those women, and their families up on that bus he used to drive and let them take turns running his A$$ over until justice is served!

    • Rachel

      Well apparently we need to be getting back to English class as well.. -_-

    • Concetta Vaccaro

      I think the family should be ashamed of them selves. How dare they .Even if she ran away they still should have looked for her . I do not blame her .If it was me I would disown them. Have nothing to do with them

  • steve

    I will pay all of my on exspenses if the good folks of ohio will give me three days with this person. I asure you when i am done with him he will beg me to kill him.!!!! now starts the justice system he will get free dental free lawyer and free food and a new suit for court!!! this piece of monkey shit needs to see me for 72 hours. for free!!!!!

  • http://WebProNews Barbara

    I hope dear Michelle that our Lord takes you in his loving arms and helps you recover from this horrible ordeal you lived with. There is no punishment fit for the animal that did this to you and the other girls. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I’m sure none of this helps, just know that you are thought of and I am so sorry that you lived this. Happy you are free now. Sad that you have all those memories that will haunt you for a long time, if not forever. Please take care of you. Your family will be there, it’s TIME for you right now. Peace ~ Love ~

  • Anthony

    Cannot blame her. Her sense of loss and betrayal (and anger) must be intense. She has been in captivity physically and emotionally. But even now, if she never finds a way to forgive them (not live with or be close friends with that rotten family of hers!) she’ll be a prisoner of hatred and resentment.

    • Sharin

      I don’t believe anyone really knows how much her family went thru when she disappeared or how hard they looked for her. I highly doubt they just said “oh well” and went about their business. In any case, let’s get real. This girl was held by someone who obviously did not care about her well being. I’ll bet a lot of the resentment and anger she is feeling was brought about by what was drilled into head by her captors as she was brainwashed. As for all three of the girls…it’s a miracle they are alive and, hopefully, will be able to begin to live again. Other than tie these animals up in someones basement for a decade or two, I don’t know what could be done LEGALLY that would compare to what they did. Kudos to Amanda for her strength and bravery for helping save the others. While they did have 10 years taken from them, they all have many years ahead to heal, put behind them and look forward to what the future holds. Bless you all.

  • Sarah

    This Monster said he didn’t know that DeJesus was so young…as if he just found out after his capture!
    Well she was his daughter’s best friend so he had to know. Additionally he blamed the three girls for
    getting in the car with him….as if he was a complete stranger. But DeJesus would have gotten in the
    car because she trusted him as her girlfriends father. She was likely in their house many times, since
    they were neighbors. He made himself known in the neighborhood by playing with the children in
    the streets. He tried to gain their trust so he could abduct, rape, torture and imprison them. How
    could he live with himself everyday knowing that he had 3 woman tied up, waiting for his torture
    and rape. They should have been in school every day; dating; being with their families; enjoying
    themselves. He is pure evil. So self-centered that he felt entitled to do what he wanted to these
    girls and take away their lives. They will be damaged for the rest of their lives and will need a ton
    of healing. Can these girls even walk straight? They all need a relaxing vacation on a tropical
    remote island. How can anyone survive this treatment for this long. I went to bed thinking of
    their ordeal and woke up with it still on my mind. My entire body is affected by this and I’m sure
    most people knowing about this would feel some emotions, hopefully. You don’t know what evil
    looks like on the outside. How can he do this to his own family? I think he wrote the note with
    the intention of it being found so he would have sympathy, as if he is mentally ill. But, he’s not!

  • Ped

    To make matters worse, after asking for her privacy, her grandma reports that Castro messed her face up so bad she will need reconstructive surgery. Why did grandma need to report this to newsmedia when Michelle has requested privacy? I don’t blame Michelle at all for distancing herself from her family. Poor girl.

  • muffy

    I don’t blame her at all.. come on.. 11 freakin years and not a word.. whatever.. what a bunch of selfish folks… wow.. I would be beside myself… now since all the publicity they are gonna want to cry bitter tears and show love…. whatever, wipe them tears with the same rag u wiped them years ago with… this girl not only was kidnapped and received abunch of torture, but now she needs counseling for that 11 yrs of bondage, and God will have to help her with her hatred and forgiveness towards her family… I do pray she eventually forgives them however,,, it will help her heal faster… God bless u

  • Michelle

    Castration for Castro!!!

  • Naomi

    Reading all of the comments and with knowing what I read about everything that happened I just can’t help but feel bad for these three ladies. It kills me a little on the inside to know that there are really people in the world who could care less about someone’s where abouts because of the things they may or may not have done in their past. No vigils were held on her behalf and they stopped looking for her. FAMILY don’t do that. What kind of mother could just give up on looking for their child, someone they carried full term and delivered however. I don’t have any children but I know I would have NEVER stopped looking for her. It seems as though she has no one and that’s sad because she probably wouldn’t even want to let anybody in and that’s understandable. I pray that GOD blesses her and the other two with great help and get them to a point where they can LIVE again. I just wish I could give her especially a huge hug, I wish I could help her with her healing process as well but only GOD can get them where they need to be to find themselves again.

    And for the police and detectives in that area, y’all need to retire and hire people who’ll actually get the job done. How could they have searched the house and come up with nothing when clearly they were there the whole time. That’s another thing I’m not understanding.

  • http://yahoo wendy escude’

    i can only pray michelle finds a new and loving family to help her thru the trying times ahead…this poor woman needs all the love and support she can get…its very apparant, she did not get it at home before this horrible monster kidnapped her…i respect her for shunning her family..it sounds like they were never there for her when she was there…good luck michelle and god bless…

  • hollie

    After you’re 21 years old its not a big deal if you go missing. They believe that you’re an adult and should be able to do what you please. The police in Cleveland took her off the list after 40 days because she wasn’t found. It wasnt their fault they didnt look for her, but the police.

  • gerontologist

    Once Castro is moved to prison, the state won’t have to put him to death because other prisoners will do that themselves. There is hatred among inmates for people who commit crimes against children, and these young women were so young when taken.

    As a social worker, they all need counseling but Ms. Knight seems in need of it the most. I hope that they are all able to recover and adjust to being free.

    • Renee

      Not true. I know that it DOES happen sometimes, but for the most part people like this are put into protective custody and on suicide watch, and anything else they do to make sure high profile people are safe. It is foul and a waste of money but none the less, this man will make it to whatever it is the law hands him. Look at Scott Peterson. The man who savagely killed his late term pregnant wife, threw her in the ocean, causing her baby to come out of her body and be found separately. They lived in my town. He is still sitting on death row, alive and well and appealing his sentence. Just saying, I wouldn’t count on the other prisoners to bring justice. It seldom happens anymore.

  • http://yahoo Ann

    God Bless this poor girl. I would have gone to any length to find my child. God gave us our children to love and protect them and this girl was abandoned by all means. May she find peace in her soul to forgive them.

  • jeff

    I’m glad the death penalty is on the table. Why would anyone want to put money towards feeding, clothing, and housing a worthless piece of filth?

  • becky collins

    the truth is some families are not very nice, I pray that she will find love in her life. God Bless her.

  • Linda Baker

    How do we know her family never cared or looked for her. They filed a missing persons report, they must have cared. She was an adult when she disappeared/was kidnapped. They may not have done candlelight vigils, but that probably never stopped them from calling old friends, extended family members, or current and past acquaintances. How can we be so judgmental? This man totally hurt those three women physically, tortured and starved them. Just imagine what he did psychologically to them. Of course he taunted her about the lack of attention she was getting compared to the other 2 captives. Any way to hurt them further and break them down to nothing. Show some compassion people and look at the whole picture, which we all obviously don’t have a clue what that is. Until we stand in someone else’s shoes we have no understanding of them and who are we really to judge. She’s been traumatized and just needs her space. When she’s ready I’m sure she’ll speak to her family again. Let us not ASSUME anything folks and make an a$$ of U and ME.

  • tammy

    poor baby, she is going to need a lot of therapy. i believe she dealt with most of the abuse and she was there the longest. right after losing her son; she was picked up by this monster and felt alone. my heart goes out to her and she will be in my prayers every night.

  • tamarahope

    I think her familys lack of concern for her well being is shamefull on there part! I mean we hear all the time on the news about custody battles & how deadly they can become!They had know Idea if the babys father had did something to her or what was going on,& couldn’t be bothered to check it out,so I feel she has every right to be mad!I’m not saying the father was bad but you just don’t know in the world we live in today.But to do nothing,thats wrong,I hope she & the 2 other girls go on & have a good life and can put the awful things that happened to them behind them!

  • http://yahoo.com janice

    keep in mind the person who told her no one wanted her was her abuser, gives him power, I do not believe her mother ever gave up, it’s hard with a troubled teen or young adult you do your best and you worry terribly, my own daughter went through an awful experience with a child and sometimes they push you away when they need you most I will pray for her and her family. Long road ahead hope people give her space and time to heal.

  • Michelle

    I believe in our justice system and the courts; however, this man/monster should be taken out to the middle of nowhere and be shot in the back of the head for what he did. All the women will be spending a life time healing and recovering. I feel for all the women but I also feel for the little girl. On day the little girl will find out how she was conceived and brought into this world. I just hope the little girl realizes its not her fault or her mothers either. For Michelle McKnight, I’m sorry for what her family didn’t do. If my child was missing, no matter how old she was I would tear this world apart looking for her for the rest of my life.

  • calvin morrow

    what I like to no, what did he do to get them to go to his house in the first place, he had to offer them,
    they need to tell what make them end up in his house,
    I belive that was a drug house,

  • Lorie Northcutt

    I think the betrayal of her family is just as bad as what that crazy bastard did to her.

  • http://WebProNews Doreen Sawyer

    I can fully empathize with Michelle and how her family has treated her disappearance. I hope she moves on with her life, WITHOUT her mother in her life.

  • tom

    muslims sanction violence against women with their religion. If you dimwits permit them to penetrate Western culture and marry Western women you’ll see more of this. so you politically correct f&^%% out there have been warned.

  • evelyn

    I TOTALLY AGREE tha Michelle had the worst time of it it seems. I really feel for her but one thing all these women are young, with youth on their sides youth has its place and maybe it will help hopefully. and I hope that she and her family can reunite peacfully. and that dog, monster, sadist, demon, mental idiot (and these are his good qualities) His behind cant take the beating that it deservers maybe he can stay in a place for the next ten years by himself and learn to eat whatever he can find to eat just throw him a loaf a bread once a month

    • http://yahoo Paula Goldman

      No food for this s… head. Death by starvation is slooow and painful.

  • Pamela

    My heart just TOTALLY BREAKS for Michelle, and what she had to endure. I sincerely hope that she finds content, if not happiness, eventually. In regards to her so-called “family”…I really cannot blame Michelle for NOT wanting to be bothered with them!! However…I hope that she can, one day (FAR in the future, no doubt!), reunite with them, and not necessarily for her sake…but for her son’s.

  • http://WebProNews Delores Wright

    I watched the interview with her mother. It sound like this one was a bit of a wild child. They were poor did not have much from what I could see. The mother said there was not good relations with them or her and they were taking care of her baby. She says they looked around for her. Because she had a reputation for leaving and disappearing they just did not put much faith in looking for her. Sad, that things like this exist but, it does. This young lady has to look at the role she played in the situation of her family. She needs to get all the support she needs to go on with her life. Terrible experience to have to live through but, I am sure she is terrified of life at this point. Wish her well.

  • dossie

    Even though it’s sad, before everyone starts argeeing with her without all the facts should not attack the family just yet. If there was a custody battles going on maybe she was a party girl and din’t take care of her responsibilty as a mom and had a history of taking off, if that’s the case we can’t fault the family, especially not knowing if she had a history of bailing. If so, that means this awful experience didn’t change her at all it makes her the same selfish person she may have been. Family is all you got, so when you get a second chance to be lucky enough to get them back after all that time you embrace it not shun it. May God Bless her to open her heart to forgive what she could have played a big part in.

  • http://2bbritt.com Britt

    If my child disappeared under similar circumstances, and I thought she ran away, my mind would rethink that if two more girls disappeared from the same area. But that point is moot because I would never stop looking for my child.

  • Lee

    If anyone deserves their child back is the brave young lady, Michelle. Michelle demostrated of what a mother is. With her bravery and courage she saved other lives other then her own. I wish the best for all three young ladies and the child. May God Bless them all.

  • http://Facebook.com Heather Pemberton

    She did the right thing by shunning her family. I would do the very same to mine if i were going through the same terrible ordeal she suffered through!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Paula Goldman

    I sympathize completely with this young woman. Before that evil man is possibly executed she should have him pay her way to settle in a new state with better Police and FBI offices.

    As far as her family goes, I say, “Dump them, there are much better people in the World to associate with. Be even stronger: Move On. Good luck!

  • roxanne hawk

    When the details regarding these girls horrible ordeal slowly started to come out to the public, I felt horrified for them all. However, not to much was being said about Michelle. I felt really bad for her. I don’t blame her for shunning her family. Her mother is just awful! As for this bastard, be grateful it was not my daughter! I live in Texas and I am packing all the time. This bastard would not be going to trial,I would be going to trial for his murder!This talk of maybe the death penalty, no question about it in Texas! He would not be on death row long, less than 10 yrs. Executed, BAM! Right to hell!

    • cheryl

      killing him is too kind. Guns aren’t the answer either. Let the law shoot the guns. Let’s leave him to God.

  • larry

    what happened to the boy?

  • larry

    what happened to her boy??? lame article

  • cheryl

    Michelle and the other 2 girls will have to have a lot of therapy to even begin to get better from this. Here is a prime example of where, I think even God would not ask her to forgive Castro, or her family.
    Ten years of abuse is a long long time.

  • Mackenzie

    fuck her family. She has every right in the world to be pissed off after what shes been through. The best they can do for her now, is to leave her alone for good.

  • http://yahoo Paula Goldman

    This fiend should not be allowed to lollygag on Death Row. Without a doubt, the community could handle the punishment. In the olden days a criminal like this piece of fecal drainage would be hung on gallows in the public square. Then his head would be removed and placed on a pike. This would be good for the birds as they pecked out his eyes all the way down to his slimy penis which might taste the best of all.

    Kill Baby, KILL.

  • Tanya

    I think the death penalty is too good for this POS! He needs to be locked up in a 6X8 cell in solitary confinement. Locked up 23 hours a day. Definately not in general population!! FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! AND MAY IT BE A LONG AND MISERABLE LIFE.
    Death would be too quick. He deserves to suffer, to be starved and beaten.
    My prayers are with you Michelle, I’m sorry that your family just gave up on you like that. If you were my daughter I would have never stopped looking! Also, I’m so sorry they took your son away from you like that. OMG, the loss you must have been feeling when this asshole stole you. I wish there was a way to snap my fingers and make your pain go away.

  • Songlien

    unspeakable! you’ve been abducted and no one looks for you- they get “family of the year” award.

  • Brooke

    Anyone else find it rather offensive that the writer of this article chose to only include quotes from Charles Ramsay that caricatured him as black? Included the bit about running into a black guy’s arms, eating ribs and McD’s, but nothing about what he actually did to help (kicked the door in, called 911). Even the article linked to suggesting he would make a good meme has more info on his heroism than this one.

  • Sandra

    Investigators said today that they’ve confirmed that Berry’s daughter belongs to Castro

    Really-who would say this insensitive crap. Being her biological father does not mean he owns her and that she belongs to him.

  • http://WebProNews AYB

    What a sick freak who isn’t even human! All these lovely ladies are in my prayers but I pray for Michelle the most. How horrible to be kidnapped, tortured,raped and worse repeatedly for 11 years only to find out that your loved ones didn’t care enough to look for or even miss you. Shame on all her family members!!!! I pray for God’s comfort and healing for the rest of your lives. You deserve that. What’s worse is poor Michelle is suffering through this alone and who could blame her. If this had been my family I wouldn’t want them in my life anymore either. God Bless and keep you Michelle.

  • bahzing1

    Hopefully Michelle, you can rise above your bad feelings and realize a lot of the attitude of how your case was handled wasn’t due to your family so much as it was the police who handled the case, Your age, and it is just what it is. If you are mad at your family I am sorry you feel that way, and I am truly sorry you had to endure something so horrible most of us will never know how it was for you, Be good to yourself girl, and don’t ever believe it was for anything you did that caused this to fall upon you.

    • anonymous

      I am very sorry, however Michelle comes from a very bad family. Uncaring and abusive. I mean, her Mother had no photos, what-so-ever of Michelle…and she did not even remember what she looked like. Really? You never, ever forget your child’s face…Never! I can not blame her for wanting no part of them at all. I believe they are only after fame and fortune. The Grandmother is not even her Grandmother…it is her Aunt, who had children taken years ago and Thank the Lord, they did and still do have (the same) very great Foster Parents. Michele needs a new start with a new family. This is her chance to have a normal (as possible) life with real loving and caring people. I pray for Michelle, Gina, Amanda and Baby Girl. They are true Miracles and great inspiration to the entire world! God Bless.

  • Fred

    Oh good-now the fetus is a baby subject to murder charges. Liberal, baby killing abortionists never cease to amaze me.

  • Elle

    there are some mean and uncaring people in this world. My birth mother never wanted me,the midwife had to slap her and force her legs apart as she folded them to try to kill me. When I was a teen, She even had my step father beat me as she stood smiling at me. it was so bad for me that her mother, brother and sister helped me to run away. and later, she even tried to secretly get custody of my children(she wanted to get checks from the welfare for them) but her brother sent me a message. I have lived through child and spousal abuse, rape by a former fiance’ and being stalked. I forgave them all . I forgave my birth mother to her face at my grandmothers funeral. She said she had never done anything to be forgiven for. I made my peace with God.
    I never remember her telling me she loved me. I moved on with my life and I went to college later and bought my own home and took martial arts and learned to dance and went to art school. One thing i did was let my children make up their minds about my birth mother…I never tried to influence them at all…they learned on their own how she was… We all lost because of the way she is…but sometimes, you just have to stop blaming others for how your life turned out and take responsibility. I for one can understand how she feels…She has choices, she needs to forgive them and either try to be a family again or move on with her life. You cannot undo what has been done…but hate will destroy you. I have always told my children this…”If someone is hurting you, get away from them.(speaking of family or friends )You can choose to let them hurt you, or choose to move on and become the person you want to be. It’s tragic what happened to those girls…they are all still young and they need to heal then live by themselves for at least a year to know that they can survive without a man. A lot of women do not know how strong they really are.
    For me the thing that turned me around was taking survival combat(martial arts). I learned to be a survivor and participator in life. That gave me confidence to move on. They can wallow in pity of what was or rejoice in what is now…a new day and a new beginning!

  • Stephanie

    What a horrible feeling it must be for to know her family did not care enough to look for her. Even if they thought she ran off on her own, they should have tried to find her. I hope she gets all the love and support she needs from others.

  • Cherie

    Im glad that they made it out alive and hope they can put as much as they can behind them and as for her Mom if my child ran away to do whatever they thought she was doing I still would of been looking. in a time when the world didnt know who she was she had a family.When she disappears the family she thought she had gave up on her I would give up on them too. No One deserves that on top of what they went through. Stay Strong girls live the life you deserve.

  • Mary

    We don’t know the full story. Did the woman have a history of doing things like her family thought she did? I know a person whose sister would take off, sometimes for weeks at a time and nobody (not her parents, sister, ex-husband or children) would hear a word from her until she returned. Now, if something like this happened to her, and they knew her history, why would they waste money, time and energy looking for her?

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