KickApps Catches $11 Million

    August 14, 2007

KickApps was already doing quite well, and the company has now received $11 million in fresh funding.  According to various reports and statements, the money will go towards making KickApps faster, bigger, and generally better than ever.

A little background information may be necessary, however: “KickApps Corporation enables any web site to quickly and easily add advanced social media functionality to increase audience growth, deepen consumer relationships and create new revenue opportunities.”  A press release also notes that the company’s worked with entities like HBO-Cinemax, BET, and Autobytel.

KickApps’s new pile of money should make it an even more attractive partner in the future.  SoftBank, which led the way with funding, acknowledged, “It’s exciting how quickly the market is embracing social media.  It has changed the way publishers and brands interact with their customers and audiences.”

While we’re on the subject of “exciting changes,” a few more KickApps stats might as well get tossed out; it seems that, in the first six months of 2007, “Videos delivered grew by 11,850 percent,” “Photos delivered grew by 1,580 percent,” and “Audio files delivered grew by 1,473 percent.”

And as a final sort of fun fact, courtesy of VentureBeat’s Dan Kaplan: one of KickApps’s customers is the radio program known as “Dee Snyder’s House of Hair.”