Khloe Kardashian Issues an Ultimatum to Lamar

    September 28, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Khloe Kardashian has been struggling to cope with the possibility of her marriage ending. The newest gossip relating to the Khloe and Lamar scandal is, Khloe dropping her married name, “Odom”, from her Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Earlier this week, Khloe’s rep explained why she dropped her married name. “She took off Kardashian and Odom on her bio only. Her Instagram handle has ALWAYS been just Kardashian to match her Twitter name — so both of her names are @KhloeKardashian. They always have been but, yes, in her bio she removed both of her last names. So it simply says Khloé.”

Khloe and Lamar’s fourth wedding anniversary was yesterday, and as far as we know, they did not celebrate together. Khloe ignored questions from photographers and reporters as she made her way to the gym instead of spending a romantic night with her husband.

A source close to Khloe and the Kardashian family says: “She still wants to save their marriage; she wants him to get better, but there is a lot to work out. She’s taking everything one day at a time and concentrating on herself. Everything with Lamar is very unclear.”

However, an insider told In Touch magazine that Khloe has given Lamar an ultimatum. “Khloé is giving Lamar until their four-year wedding anniversary to show some sign he still wants to be in their marriage. If not she’s filing for divorce.”

Maybe this was the last straw for Khloe. Last night, she tweeted a picture that she had posted on Instagram. The picture said, “I can’t explain and won’t even try”.

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  • Please

    Lamar drinks and drugs because he has to put up with the nonsense of those hypocritical, selfish, self-centered women. They are awful and a symbol of everything that is wrong with women today in America.

    • Yes

      You are very right. It is all about them. Selfishness personified.

  • Well

    Mom, when I grow up can I fake a wedding just to make money, make sex tapes, and send instagrams of myself all the time?? Plastic surgery wouldn’t be so bad — I could pose in Playboy. Maybe I can do a reality TV show?? Then, when things go wrong, I can blame my dysfunction on men!!

    — Says many girls in America thanks to the Kardashians

  • susieq

    The Kardashian family are money greedy fame seekers. They have no talent to offer and should be banned from publicity!

  • http://WebPro Janice Jones

    Khloe, keep your chin up, there are plenty of people who have you in their prayers!

  • confusedg

    Wow so what’s Khloe and Lamar’s relationship got to do with the fact that american girls want grow up and make the same mistakes Kim made! How irrelevant are your comments right now???

  • Agatha

    Khloe please hold on. The storm will calm soon. In a marriage there are ups and downs but we hve put on the full armour and soldier on. Marriage is s sacred act. Remember yo vows