Khandi Alexander Joining "Scandal" Cast


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The Scandal cast is growing. Khandi Alexander of CSI Miami and Treme fame has signed on for a repeat role in the show where she will play Maya Lewis who is the mother of Kerry Washington's character, Olivia. That's right, Mama Pope has finally been found. Olivia's previous beliefs surrounding her mother have been incorrect. The new discoveries will add a dramatic dimension for Olivia Pope to manage.

Alexander's first appearance on the show will be this Thursday, and it seems that excitement is already growing. Fans will see Alexander through a series of flashbacks during her first episode on the show. You know, in order to create the level of tension that has contributed to the show's popularity.

Tony Goldwyn who plays President Fitzgerald Grant spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the intense family dynamics that are being introduced into the show.

"You can only imagine what that would be like to find out that your mother did not die in the way that you thought she died, in terms of it being a willful act. It's surreal for Olivia. The audience can imagine what that must be like to find out that your mother was murdered along with hundreds of other people. So the fact that her father was behind it is incomprehensible. It's going to really complicate [Olivia and Rowan's relationship] because Rowan remains a very dangerous person. It's not like everyone can just expose him or take him out. It becomes a very volatile and dangerous situation. You can imagine how devastating it is for Olivia."

The ABC hit airs at 10 p.m. on Thursdays.

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