Kevin Rose: Digg ‘Bury Brigade’ Exaggerated

    March 1, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Rose has responded to allegations that a cabal of Digg users actively and effectively bury any stories they disagree with, especially those that criticize Digg.

Digg has its critics, particularly among the SEO community. So when a story by Muhammed Saleem appeared at Pronet Advertising citing proof of a ‘bury brigade’ in action, others were quick to jump on the story.

Saleem cited David LeMieux and his efforts to gather information from Digg Spy through its JSON array. That hole allowed LeMieux to post who was burying what stories on Digg, and for what reason.

That explosive revelation looked pretty damning. But after the kerfuffle had settled a little, a couple of other items became known. First, LeMieux backtracked on his research, in a comment added to the Digg story about the bury brigade:

Yeah, the real to false ratio was about 1:4 so one out of every 4 burries was actually committed by the user. They have apparently fixed the hole, and quite quickly too.

Today, Digg’s Rose clarified the bury brigade issue, and the blocking of sites by Digg when they deem it necessary:

For the same reason that we don