Kevin Fox Quits Google

    January 4, 2008

Kevin Fox’s resume is both impressive and accurate; it states that, from August of 2003 to the present, he’s acted as Google’s "Senior User Experience Design Lead."  At the end of today, he’ll need to do a little updating, though, as this will be his last day at Google.Kevin Fox Quits Google

So what did that five-word title mean, anyway?  In Fox‘s own words, he "[d]esigned Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Reader 2.0."  He then adds, "I currently lead the design of Google’s publishing products including Blogger, Google Groups, Page Creator and others."

So, although Fox’s departure seems to be taking place on good terms, it will nonetheless be something of a blow to the search engine giant.  Another, probably unrelated, issue: aside from a pledge to blog on a daily basis, Fox doesn’t state exactly what he plans to do.  "I’ve decided to take the plunge and do it all over again, working for a very small start-up" is the only clue he drops in a blog entry.

Ah, well.  Employees have been leaving Google left and right in recent months, and from an outside perspective, we can at least comment that the trend will allow that many more new people to work at the wonderful Googleplex.