Kerry Pledges Support For Net Neutrality

    June 30, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Former presidential candidate Senator John Kerry weighed in on the Network Neutrality debated by submitting a column to voicing his commitment to the principle’s protection.

Kerry informed readers that because an amendment to Sen. Ted Stevens’ telecommunications bill was voted down by a vote of 11-11 in the Senate Commerce Committee, the battle would now be fought on the Senate floor. Kerry joins a list of other senators who’ve pledged to vote down or stall Stevens’ bill if no Net Neutrality protections are included.

“It will not stand,” said Kerry.

I voted against this lousy bill for two reasons: because net neutrality and internet build-out are crucial to building a more modern and fair Information Society

Free and open access to the internet is something all Americans should enjoy, regardless of what financial means they’re born into or where they live. It is profoundly disappointing that the Senate is going let a handful of companies hold internet access hostage by legalizing the cherry-picking of cable service providers and new entrants. That is a dynamic that would leave some communities with inferior service, higher cable rates, and even the loss of service. Not to mention inadequate internet service – in the age of the information.

Kerry’s running mate in the 2004 elections, John Edwards, also put in his two cents earlier this month. Edwards was joined by Virginia Governor Mark Warner, who is running for the Democratic ticket in 2008.

“The companies that want to charge for the Internet are running a slick public relations campaign to make themselves look like a grassroots operation. That’s why the folks on our side need to wage a real – and overwhelming – grassroots effort to make sure Congress understands that Americans want to keep the Internet the way it is – free and open to everyone,” wrote Edwards.


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