Kerri Kasem: Not Loving Visitation Agreement at All

By: Aleyia Dixon - December 21, 2013

Kerri, Mike and Julie Kasem told the media in September that their father’s current wife was not allowing them to visit him.

It got so bad that Casey Kasem’s ex-wife, children, friends and colleagues staged a protest in front of his home with signs declaring how much they miss and love Kasem.

As Kasem’s Parkinson’s Disease worsened, the kids got more frantic to see him. They quickly decimated any public suspicions of seeking financial opportunities from their wealthy father; they were all trust fund recipients and now hold well-paying jobs. They are aware that they have already been cut out of the will since the new marriage and have accepted that.

The Kasem offspring decided to take it a step further by bringing their concerns to the courts to request a conservatorship. According to the Associated Press, a settlement between the two parties has been reached to avoid that. The two younger siblings, Mike and Julie, are happy and relieved– but the eldest, Kerri Kasem is not.

As the settlement was announced Friday, Kerri Kasem remains dissatisfied. The settlement terms are not publicized, but Kerri wishes to find an agreement that allows her to visit her father without some of those restrictions placed.

What do you think: Is this a case of the younger, wicked step-mother trying to protect her name in the will, or a case of a wife knowing what’s best for her ailing husband? It is hoped that the affairs swirling around Casey Kasem are not causing extra distress for him as he deals with a debilitating illness.

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  • Really … Wow

    Why are people this stupid? Really. To me this is simple, people should be allowed to visit their loved ones whenever they want. My God, are we this stupid in this nation.

    This is a case of a gold-digging wife trying to protect her future money. Period. A damn wife who did absolutely nothing to generate the millions she is going to receive.

    If you ever wonder why American women get a bad reputation and actually have a bad reputation worldwide — it is because of cases like this. Gold digging bitches from hell that refuse to do the right thing.

    • Thomas Fox

      Absolutely nothing to add to that. well said! Wouldn’t you love to see a horrible person like that somehow end up broke & destitute as a punishment?!

      • MomPerson

        I am not familiar with the back story in this situation, but the players and the story sound like a familiar one. aside from the possibility of the young, healthy wife wanting to make sure her inheritance is protected, there is also the possibility that the children are concerned about the care he is getting and not wanting anyone “hurrying” his otherwise inevitable demise along. The new wife could always make it sound like his kids really don’t care about him, and are not coming to see him because they could really not care less about him! She might be afraid the kids will talk him into leaving the new wife much less than he was planning to, especially if they see him often and spend their time with him trying to make the wife look real bad. Older people often find themselves alone and sick and will happily trade off their estate for someone to be their companion and caretaker. Seems like an even trade to me, as long as the two parties are doing what they want and both have all the truthful information! I just hope for all parties involved that the dying man is being treated well, with love and truth.

        • @MomPerson

          You talk twice about the young wife making sure she maintains her inheritance. What about doing the freaking right thing?

          The young wife can also go out and get a job and support herself. Just because you marry someone that doesn’t mean you are entitled to having your whole life taken care of. Get off your ass and go work like everyone else.

          The funny thing is that if you do the right thing, most of the time people will help you out. Your husband will leave you money.

          Do the right thing. Let a daughter see her father.

    • ainsley

      you are a woman hater. your statement is sad.

      • Glenn

        It is not about hating a woman. It is about sorry women who are greedy and evil. Maybe you dont qualify as one, but their are many gold diggers and this wife is one of them. American women are looked upon as bad, sorry, sluts whores and worse, not because men hate them, but how they show themselves to the world. Dont blame someone for pointing it out.

    • ralph

      If someone told me I couldn’t see my sick, or healthy for that matter, mother I would beat the shit out of them.

    • TDWM

      He married her in 1980, according to wikipedia. So she’s not THAT young. FYI

  • CheshireKat

    Every child deserves to see their parent(s) in a time of severe illness. I think the step-mother is selfish and hateful for being so cold.The step-mother gains nothing out of denying them visitation so that leaves it to greed,hate and plain nasty.

    Shame on her.

  • Tbear62

    I think there is something more to this than what is posted. I am having a hard time understanding why the judge didnt allow the conservatorship for the financial aspect but didnt see or allow for the need at the time- for personal visitiaton. It said that they all had been trust fund kids so money was off the table- I would guess that given with parkinsons- HE- Kasey himself established something in a living will stipulating that he didnt want the kids see him going down hill and wanted them to remember the old dad they had. I know people who arent famous and had no money that have done the same thing. Jean and he have been married forever- She had a budding career if you recall- BEFORE Cheers even so it wasnt money that lead them together- tehy were quite happy for decades before this.

    • too tired for this

      Where are you getting your ideas?? Do you have a personal relationship with this family? You sound like you are in your own little fantasy world.

    • ainsley

      I agree. Unless you are a wife of an elderly man or a child of an elderly parent, you just do not understand how a very sick person does not want to see loved ones, nor has the emotional energy for a visit from loved ones – it could kill him physically if he gets too upset. THE 2ND WIFE IS RIGHT! No money matters involved here. Pure respecting wishes of very ill person. Not only this, but often elderly have personality changes. I know of two men who absolutely would not speak with anyone that was part of his family – they sought out only those he had not seen in 50 years prior in the months before they passed.

  • too tired for this

    There can be real love between two people who are more than 20 years apart in age, BUT it IS VERY UNUSUAL…THAT SAID, it doesn’t take much to know, one picture says it all, the “child bride” got her hooks into a man who is lonely and ill. She will get what she deserves some day, but not soon enough. I feel badly for his children.

    • too tired for this

      Where are you getting your information? Do you have a personal relationship with this family? You do sound like you are in your own little fantasy world.

      • Too tired for too tired

        Too Tired For This: Seriously? Are you going to post some variation of the same whiny, holier-than-thou comment on every single comment? How about you go and take a nice nap, so you can stop being the self-appointed Anal Retentive Defender that nobody wants to hear anyway? Your ignorant over-defense is as annoying as the ignorant and unnecessary opinions you’re attacking.

        • William Lento Sr

          Immediate family should have a say no matter what the stepmother says,she may be his wife BUT his children are his blood,And blood is thicker than water

    • @too

      Age doesn’t matter. I know tons of people who are in the same exact age group and they are divorced. I think people just have unrealistic expectations about what life is. They then start to feel bad about their lives and blame the person they are with. They then get divorced.

      The thing I caution all my friends about is having unrealistic expectations. Don’t buy into what the world tells you. The world feeds you bullshit.

      In this case though, she is a freaking gold digger and there is no excuse for not letting a daughter see her father. None.

    • just the facts

      Why is she the gold digger and child bride and he is a weak old man. Jean and Casey have been married for over 33 years. If she was just after money, she could of divorced years ago and got a nice settlement. And by the way, these are not small children, they are all in there 30’s. Noone know the reason behind the lack of visitation outside this family.

      • Dve

        Who is Noone?

  • jodi

    this wife of casey’s is a BEAST….she needs to go away and let these children be with their father. she is a total nut case. doesn’t the judge see this???????

  • Schteveo

    I don’t know the ‘new’ Mrs Kasem…but family either sticks together and helps each other in times like this.

    OR, they do like the Kasem’s. They splinter and fight. And the fact that some of us have BIG BUCKS doesn’t mean squat when the feelings get wound up.

    Praying for the Kasem’s and their woes.

  • Nick

    It’s no ones business. The court has stepped in and that should be that. Sometimes there are logical reasons but I don’t care. No one else should either.

  • Debbie at National Show Tickets

    I had the pleasure of meeting him several times during the years and know he would want to see his kids. No one should be deprived the right to see a parent if there are good intentions to seek the best for their ill parent. Set money aside and do the right thing before it is to late.

  • Jana

    Jean wll get hers for what she is doing to her stepchildren.

  • Bill Clausen

    It isn’t all about her, Casey is 50% of the problem. He set this situation up, along with her. He cut his kids out of his will–and that says it all.

    Bad Karma coming to him unless he changes his ways. I’m heartbroken for the kids.

  • David

    What I noticed and find unusual is that the children were taken out of the Will. While a father could change a Will to include his new wife, why would he totally eliminate his offspring of anything? Perhaps there was not a good relationship between he and the children. Regardless, the radio industry lost one of the best radio announcers of this century in Casey Kasem and that is our loss. He and Paul Harvey were among the greatest of all time.

  • http://yahoo Denise

    what person would not allow children to visit their dying father? does she have something to hide and how come they were taken out of the will – why would a father allow that to happen. seems she is a gold digger and does not deserve anything. I am hoping someone will step in before it’s too late for these kids. he was a great man and I enjoyed listening to him on the radio.

  • ainsley

    This is a clear case of the ex-wife and her children attacking the 2nd wife and not respecting her or the ill man’s wishes. I would really like to know how often these so called 30 year old children bothered to visit their dad when he was well because if there was constant relationships happening all along, the cessation of those get-togethers would not have been so blaring. Stop hating 2nd wives and remember there was a reason the man chose to be with the 2nd wife and not the first wife – that was his choice too.

  • dena anderson

    I am in a similar situation only my son was in an accident at work and had severe brain trauma now my daughter-in-law has limited my visitation to once a week I am now afraid it it will end all togethter

  • Nat

    Actually, he and his current wife have been married since 1980 (That’s almost 34 years in case you were wondering) and have a child as well. She is 60, so the notion of her being a “younger, gold-digging b*tch” doesn’t really apply here IMO.

  • lia

    Just sad What does it matter at this point if there is some strife amongst this family LET THE DAMN KIDS SEE THEIR FATHER… AND EVIL STEPMOTHER

  • Gene

    And now, a story about a dog named snuggles….@$%%
    for those who remember when garbage mouth took a hissy fit on the air.

  • Janet Clayton

    What a disgrace…any stepmother who prevents a mans children from seeing him ESPECIALLY when its towards the end if his life, is insecure and jealous of his love for his children. I used to think his wife was a ditsy blonde…but now i see this was an act..shes really a manipulative stepmonster..what comes around goes around lady!