Kentucky Derby Guide For Bloggers

    May 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The scribes at want bloggers to understand the salient differences between blogging and the greatest horse race in the world.

The Kentucky Derby and blogging seem to have a couple of things in common, and a few differences that merit further explanation. At the MoreThanDerby website, the writers helpfully point out, “The Kentucky Derby is the ideal sporting event for bloggers. Instead of going on and on for hours, the race lasts approximately 2 minutes, thus matching the attention span of most bloggers.”

They advise bloggers who may be traveling to Churchill Downs on Saturday that though they may blog in pajamas at home, “people still dress up for the Derby.”

For the bloggers who are staying at home, MoreThanDerby provided a useful list of tips for the viewer:

•  A stud is a male horse kept for breeding, not a blogger in the Technorati Top 100.
•  Post time means that the race is close and betting is no longer allowed. You don’t have to fire up your blog software.
•  To understand a horse’s odds, remember that they are the opposite of links. High odds are for bad horses that are unlikely to win.
•  The reason they don’t show you much of the infield on TV is because it is only suitable for cable.
•  When you hear the term server it applies to the people bringing drinks, not your blog host.

Many race fans prefer to take in the Kentucky Oaks the day before the Derby in person, and spend Derby Day at parties where they can watch the Run for the Roses on TV while enjoying a beverage or two. But check out the websites for the Derby or the Oaks first. Especially if you’re a blogger.


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