Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Hank's Depression


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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are doing their best to work things out and save their marriage. Hank is rumored to have cheated on Kendra with a transgender woman and although he denies it, Kendra believes the rumors are true.

Things haven't been easy for the couple and their struggles have been shared on Kendra's reality show Kendra On Top. Still, Kendra says that she plans to try to work things out and doesn't want their marriage to end in divorce for the sake of their children.

Kendra recently appeared on the celebrity reality show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, something she has been looking forward to doing for a while now.

She talked about her relationship with Hank and admitted that she should have been more supportive of her husband at times.

The other celebrities were taking turns sharing their biggest regrets, and when it came time for Kendra to share hers, it was all she could do to get the words out.

"The only thing I can really say is not paying attention to severe depression with my husband," Wilkinson said before putting her face in her hands. "I wish to God I..." Kendra said as she started to cry.

"There's such a thing as depression you know, even if you're a big guy, it's real,” she continued. “You have to hear people's cries. Because I didn't. He came to bed so many times crying and he needed me you know, and I wasn't there for him."

Kendra seems to think that Hank's depression may have motivated his desire to cheat and had she been more supportive, he wouldn't have had to have looked elsewhere for companionship.

Hank has admitted to struggling with depression in the past and said that it started after his football career ended and caused him to do a lot of things he wouldn't normally have done.

"For the past two years, I’ve gone through a serious struggle with depression, and during that time I lost the ability to open up to my best friend, Kendra,” Hank told Us.

Hopefully Kendra and Hank will be able to save their relationship and maybe Kendra's time away will help them both come to an understanding and be more prepared to open up and communicate better in the future.