Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett "On The Road To Recovery"

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Kendra Wilkinson sat down for an interview recently to share the news that she and husband Hank Baskett are still together and are working hard to repair their marriage.

The reality star says that while they didn't renew their vows--as reported recently--they are "on the road to recovery" and aren't willing to break up their family over Hank's alleged affair.

Baskett reportedly cheated on Kendra with a transgender model and later had a phone conversation with her, a recording of which was leaked to the media. Wilkinson says that her husband did speak to the model, but that the tape was manipulated.

"It's a real tape, but, it is manipulated, it's cut up! And there is someone behind it. If you had one chance, one chance to save your family, to save yourself, to save the most amazing parents, the most amazing children, the most amazing wife, the most amazing life – You are not gonna go and scream and yell and threaten and this and that. You are gonna play a game. You are gonna play ball and… he was smart by doing that. Unfortunately, he got trapped up. It's sad, it's sad. They got an innocent, vulnerable guy. It's so sad," she said.

The couple have been sharing their marriage troubles on their reality show, Kendra On Top, where Kendra confronted Hank recently about his indiscretions and said she's angry that he would come home with such a big secret. However, she told People Magazine that after coming from a broken home, she wasn't willing to split up her family.

“I come from a broken home. I come from my mom and dad making a decision literally right in front of me, saying, ‘It’s over,’ and I remember the day that they just split up, and it was over. That broke me as a child, and throughout my teenage years, and through now. I’ve come so close to the divorce. I have met with divorce lawyers. But the one thing I can’t forget about are these two kids. I was a kid at one point when my parents made a rash decision, and it hurt me still to this day. The one thing that cannot happen is making a quick decision, just based off of what the public thinks I should do. That’s the worst thing I can do for myself, it’s the worst thing I can do for my two kids," she said.

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