Kendra Wilkinson Family Feud Continues


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Kendra Wilkinson has had a number of familial issues over the past couple years.

However, the family sparring isn't just between her and Hank.

According to Radar Online, the Kendra On Top star's mother and brother aren't too pleased about her decision to reunite with her father, Eric Wilkinson.

Kendra's brother, Colin, reportedly took to Facebook to voice his displeasure of his sister's decision.

“Who would consider a man that left them with nothing. Never attempted to be involved in your life and never helped at all their father,” Colin said via Facebook.

Kendra and Colin's parents split back in 1984. Their father hasn't seen the former Playboy Playmate's over two decades, so Colin and their mother, Patti, suspect he only wants money, reports Yahoo News.

“He may excepted [sic] her request out of a thought of getting money. Making his name bigger,” Colin said.

Although her mother and brother are skeptical about the reunion, Kendra has spoken candidly about reuniting with her father.

During an interview with People, Kendra revealed she has always desired to reunite with her estranged father.

"Every single year I think about my dad," Kendra told the publication. "I wondered, 'Do I want to go reunite with him on camera?'

Kendra also shared her father's reservations about reuniting on television. But, apparently, he had a change of heart following Hank's cheating scandal.

"Before this drama happened, my dad said he would rather do this in private. But when this scandal hit with Hank, he called me right away and was like, 'Bring the cameras,’” she recalled.

"If it wasn't for this mess with Hank, I would have never had the courage and the strength to go to my dad,” she continued. “I hadn't seen him in 20 years, but I had no fear anymore. And I couldn't be more proud of myself. I am so excited that I did that for myself as a human being.”

Needless to say, Kendra's mother is quite disappointed with the entire ordeal. “I continue to be hurt and disrespected by my daughter,” Patti said via Facebook.

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