Kendall Jenner: Underage Drinking at Khloe Kardashian’s Birthday Party?

    June 29, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kendall Jenner was reportedly spotted sipping champagne at big sister Khloe Kardashian’s recent 30th birthday bash. This means the 18-year-old was underage and drinking aboard a yacht in New York City as she danced the night away on the top deck. Of course it’s quite unlikely that this will shock many people. Kendall is, after all, part of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family–and they do what they want when they want–right? Fortunately younger sister Kylie Jenner, who is just 16, stuck to water as her beverage of choice for the celebration.

Mom Kris Kardashian was at the birthday bash for Khloe but that didn’t seem to alter what Kendall Jenner drank throughout the evening.

Kendall has been front and center in the news recently for two reasons. The first–her landing a photo shoot for the Givenchy fall fashion campaign was a huge boost for the model–and then the second newsworthy tidbit involves the likelihood of Kendall Jenner soon posing for a spread in Playboy magazine. Of course Kendall comes by this opportunity naturally. Both Kris Jenner and big sis Kim Kardashian have taken it all off for Playboy in past issues.

It would seem if Kendall could choose to pose nude for Playboy that she could certainly decide whether or not to consume alcohol at a party, however the law doesn’t quite work that way. And in New York–as with the other states in the country–the legal drinking age is 21.

There was absolutely no question at this party about Khloe Kardashian and French Montana being a bona fide couple. He could barely keep his hands off her all evening long. This is, of course, something all of Khloe’s sisters–including Kendall Jenner, with whom she is very close–have known for quite some time, despite the family’s refusal to acknowledge that Khloe was seriously involved with the rapper.

Oh, to be a Kardashian (or a Jenner, as the case may be) and to know that rules are made for everyone except those with certain last names. Unfortunately this isn’t teaching impressionable teens–like Kylie and Kendall Jenner–a great deal about real life. It’s high time Kris Jenner stepped up to the plate and worried more about being a mom and less about being the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch.

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  • Rebel_Lady

    That whole family is trashy.

    • FkcuKardashians

      Dont forget the family’s hole is trashy too

      • Lisa Crosby

        The “family’s hole”? What the hell does that mean?

  • patcos

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Kendall and Kylie, the youngest of the attention addicted, money grubbing, no-talent reality TV clan, currently live the lives of a couple of wealthy, entitled 25-yr-olds. Since their momager won’t put her foot down and make them act their age, certainly no one else is going to tell them what they can do with all the fame and money they already have. The idea that they will refrain from alcohol until they are of legal age is laughable. They will be so screwed up by the time they are halfway through their 20s, people will be appalled.

  • jillrudisill

    The problem I have with all of this is that every time the Jenner girls get caught doing something illegal and wrong they say it is not what we think that they are just teenagers. They try to sell themselves as teenagers that are innocent and do no wrong but when we see it with our own eyes I don’t know how they can say that it isn’t true and it isn’t what we think. What the girls don’t seem to realize is that we do see right through them and they can deny all they want but we know different. I don’t even know if Kendall got her diploma and if Kylie is even going to school. I know they claim they are home schooled but who knows if that is even true.

    • Lisa Crosby

      You don’t speak for me when you say “all”. Since you can “see right through them” and “know different”, then why don’t you know if they are in school, or have graduated, if they are home-schooled, or what? All you know is what the media tells you. Period. And you can’t believe them most of the time, anyway. So in reality, since you weren’t there, you don’t know if the kid was drinking or not-but if she was, so what? It’s not even illegal in NY for her to sip champagne if she’s with an adult-responsible or not, but you wouldn’t know that because the writer implied that they were breaking the law.

    • Guest

      You’re totally right. The worst has been having to watch online celeb sites post each and every half-naked IG pic these girls post, and in sexually suggestive poses. Seeing terms like “sexy” being used to describe these TEENAGERS is disgusting. Jenner or Kardashian, it doesn’t matter. These people are very good at what they do best – lie and spin. Every word out of their mouths and on their “reality” show is a lie and when the truth is outed, they spin it til it can’t be spun anymore….that or they just do something new for media to talk about and all is forgotten.

  • lindy west

    The constant barrage of Kardashian “news” is completely void of anything of value. The whole family lives under one idea and that is to act as completely selfish and uninspiring as possible.

    • fran attaway

      thanks to BIG MAMA—and i do mean big as in her body

  • Lyle Luquette

    who cares, it is legal in the state of NY if you are with your parents. Seriously, stop making up news, and go find some. http://drinkingage.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=002591

  • Nameless.

    This post is ridiculous. This writer puts it like no teenager has never done it. I bet he/she did it too. What about the ones that use fake ID’s and sneak into bars and drink like pros. Its just because she is on the media but there are MANY other american teenagers doing the same and NO ONE does anything about it. Yet underage drinking is considered a crime but sending a 18yr old to war to get killed is not. Just saying. Journalist and writers please occupy yourself and preoccupy to deliver important information to readers. We don’t care if rich people farts or not.

  • JKD

    like it matters no one cared when harry styles popped her cherry and they were going and going from hotel to hotel when she was 17 ,that’s one reason Bruce Jenner got fed up because kris is trying to raise those girls like whores and he wanted them to be ladies

    • maxxt

      How would you know? Do you know them? JO

  • David

    sipping champagne, smoking pot and sucking cock. All runs in the family. It’s a matter of time we will see the TAPE. I must say she is Hot and Sexy.

    • Lisa Crosby

      You are a disgusting pig who’s probably never even met a lady. Well, not one that would give you the time of day, anyway.

  • eryche

    It’s funny that so many women that do that puffy stuck out lip look don’t realize that it looks foolish, not sexy.

    • Lisa Crosby

      Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • General Electric’s BIG DOG

    Stop writing about the Kardashians.

  • Guest

    Their favorite junk food–Ho-ho’s. Favorite machine—back-ho. Favorite time of year–Christmas—Ho,Ho,Ho.

  • mike

    Its too bad the ship didn’t sink

  • Kat

    Oh please this writer needs to stop this shit. They are acting like other teenagers aren’t going around drinking. People just love to shit on this family. Let her live her live.

  • Julia

    Poor Khloe: You’dnever know it was her birthday. Everyone is shining but her.

  • Unspoken

    I don’t understand why people stalk that family. It’s a waste of time. Of course she drinks and other stuff this shouldn’t be a big surprise. This writer seems to not live in the 21st century. OF COURSE kids and teens under the age of 21 drinks, hell, even 10 year old kids drink. This article is a waste. What’s next ? you’re going to write about which hand she uses to wipe her butt, or what’s her favorite color is and why? Pathetic.

  • h22racer

    Learn the law ignorant people…. in 45 states its legal to drink at 18yrs, but need to be on private property with parental consent. 21yrs is just to purchase alcohol

  • HolidayGuest

    Love the article! Agree 100% !!