Kendall Jenner Introduces New Boyfriend To Mom

    August 11, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Kendall Jenner has a new boyfriend named Chandler Parsons. Although the two haven’t been dating for very long, Kendall seems smitten with Chandler and has already introduced him to her mom and some of her other family members.

Kendall has been linked to a lot of young heartthrobs over the last few months and just a few days ago she was seen leaving a party with Justin Bieber.

Rumors suggested that Kendall and Justin were more than just friends and several sources claimed that the two had been hooking up for weeks.

Neither Kendall nor Bieber commented on their relationship or even admitted that there was one and it looks like Kendall may have found a different boy toy to keep her busy.

Parsons managed to impress Kendall’s mother Kris, something that is not easy for most guys to do.

“Mama Kris met Chandler a few weeks ago and was blown away by not only his good looks, but his promising B-ball future,” a source said.

Kendall may have nabbed Chandler just in time. He was rumored to be getting ready to film a dating show that was much like The Bachelor. Chandler would have been surrounded by dozens of beautiful, single women and had his choice of which one he wanted to pursue a relationship with.

Now that he and Kendall are together, it doesn’t look like he will be participating in the show.

“Chandler was just about to start filming a series similar to The Bachelor,” a source said. “But before the cameras had a chance to roll, he’s pulled out of the show. He was going to be introduced to a group of gorgeous women in hopes of being fixed up with the girl of his dreams.”

Kendall seems like a girl that knows what she wants and how to get it.

Hopefully the couple’s relationship will work out.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Rachel Slurr

    Wait, what a white boy?!

    • carbonstbum

      Great name Racial. Made me laugh.

    • Zoeyissi

      I know right! Shocking. Now this is kardashian scandal.

    • Jake

      Of course a white boy, and it is good for her !

    • Oicu

      She is a Jenner not a Kardashian.
      Bruce has several kids and none of them are with blacks. But if she wants a boyfriend that is black. More power to her.
      To all Black men.
      Be careful.
      ‘Once you go K-Dash, you never go back.’

      • Jonathan Trivette

        In the past she has been with blacks. Of course it her choice, but it’s just sort of a shock to see one of those girls with a white guy. She may be a Jenner but she relates more as a Kardashian.

  • Ron

    Holy shit…He’s White…

  • Lhel

    Chandler! Stay SMART don’t be stupid!!! you know what I mean right?!!! Now remain FOCUS and stay away from trash!!! got it?!!! good:-)

  • Maya

    Oh, Chandler….nooooo.

  • arthur wilson

    this doesn’t make sense, he’s white

  • arthur wilson

    Didn’t a Kardashian already ruin the career of a Maverick’s already, ala Lamar Odom

    • Jonathan Trivette

      No, Lamar ruined his own career.

  • fran attawat

    different “flavor” everyday. huh??

  • Wyatt Lowther

    she knows what she wants? she’s eyeing that $40M he just got from Dallas.

  • Wyatt Lowther

    he should run while he still has his money.

  • Rosemary Davis

    RUN CHANDLER RUN!!!!! please remember what happen to Lamar Odom and his career he has been reduce to nothing for being in that Kardashian snake pit. Kendall Jenner run thru men like Kim did and probably would still be doing if she wasn’t married to that nutt bag.Chandler Parson please don’t get involved with a Kardashian you will regret it just ask Kris Humphries,Reggie Bush and,Lamar Odom.

  • donna

    wow his good looks and b-ball future , run Chandler RUN!!!!

  • kay

    Oh my goodness he’s HOT!!!! I need to move to Dallas lol.

    Anyway, I concur…Chandler, make like a pantyhose and RUN!! Do we really need to go through what happened to Lamar and Kris. H.

  • olivia

    Kendall looks and walks very masculine, she is not sexy at all, with that straight skinny boy body, bony BUTT and all of that dark facial hair, she has a better mustache than Justin Beiber.

  • Just The Facts

    Uh oh – a white guy…….Mom is not going to like that…………..

  • MS.S

    Publicity stunt for yet another scripted fabricated storyline to be written and put on their show for Rotation. Kendall, LOVES BLACK meat, always has always will,and that is one of the reasons hardly any white males look her way. Doing the research all of these men has to do is get someone to do an investigation and they would a background check to see all of the MENS who has had kendall sexually. I am quite sure this young mans Parents are going to intervene with this situation. Pimp mama kris always on her agenda to find the riches of riches males to attach her pimp out daughters onto. I can understand why kendall does not see her mother for what and whom she is a straight up pimp and one who lives with so many SECRETS that are well known hidden from the media,tabloids,and family outside from the compound. I am quite sure they have many counsins that knows in’s and out’s of all their secrets. Now as for this young man as a mother of two adult sons of my own. I would give him some serious advice. If the world has seen all of her and she has no problems of praising the illuminati symbols, my son pray for her but keep her away far away,basically RUN do get involved. It would be nothing but more than a serious entrapment this is how all the kards/jenner girls row, upon the ORDERS of their Pimp mama kris jenner. It is what it is. The family has stated out of their mouths that their family is KURSED so what does that tell the world, a whole lot. RUN SON RUN for your own life would be destroyed by the jezebel’s touch.Prayers.

  • Williams Mandy


    • Jake

      What do those brainless women see in black men ? beside those 50 inches ding dings of theirs …..

  • Gallo

    Sure glad he’s white!!

  • edward vasquez

    The Fartdashian’s like it anyway it comes as long as it pays

  • joe (Sec. 122)


  • Oicu

    I’m not much of a K-Dash fan. But she is young, famous, & rich.
    You go rich girl, you go.

  • Herrmaniac

    I wonder if Kendall is gettin ‘dicked’ on a nightly basis…yeehaw!

  • Jonathan Trivette

    He’s white!!!! Now this is news worthy.

  • Cap-em-all

    Why doesn’t she bring her hood rat friends to meet mom? She’d be more impressed wid a brudda.

  • Jimmy

    Chandler, If I were you .. RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! If you stay with her you can kiss your NBA career goodbye.


    Oh please no…keep them out of Dallas. *makes cross sign* Hopefully Cubes has banned them after the whole Odom fiasco. CHANDLER DON’T LET YOURSELF BECOME LAMAR ODOM OR KRIS HUMPHRIES!!!! STAY AWAY OR PLAY BBALL SOMEWHERE ELSE