Kendall Jenner Denies Throwing Money In A Server’s Face

    August 13, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kendall Jenner’s name has been dragged through the mud quite a bit lately.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reportedly has a history of being extremely rude to people.

First, it was rumored that she’d been rude to Jada Pinkett’s maid. Now, several media outlets have reported the 18-year-old model recently threw money in a server’s face.

On August 4, Kendall was reportedly dining with Stephen Baldwin’s daughter, Hailey, at Mercer Kitchen in New York City.

According to Page Six, a witness who’d also dined at the restaurant revealed the reality TV starlet caused quite a scene.

In addition to alleged throwing money at the server, the witness also claims she left without paying her full bill. “Kendall and Hailey started laughing,” the witness said.

“Kendall took a couple of $20 bills out of her wallet, threw them at the server and walked away, not even counting if it was enough or if it included a tip. Kendall got up and left and didn’t pay for all the food,” a source told the publication. “About $60 worth, and without a tip.”

Then, to make matters worse, the server Blaine Morris allegedly took to Twitter on August 5 with further details about the incident. “That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill to be thrown money in your face,” Morris tweeted.

Of course, the tweet has been removed. However, Kendall is insisting the claims are completely false. So, on Tuesday, August 13, she took to Twitter to set the record straight.

“These rumors r absolutely ridiculous! I would never throw money in anyone’s face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that,” Kendall tweeted. “Said it once and I’ll say it again, don’t believe everything you read!” she concluded.

Although Kendall’s representative hasn’t addressed the claims, Hailey’s representative did release a brief statement about the alleged restaurant debacle. “They thought everything was paid for. Kendall was polite and asked, ‘Does this cover it?’ They didn’t run.”

Image via Kendall Jenner, Facebook

  • bigbanglasers

    SURE! I believe her

  • Tanya Jones

    kendall your not as slick as you tried to be. these servers deal with stealing celebrities everyday.

  • Tanya Jones

    when you walk out on your bill the servers are faced with the decision to either call you out and possibly be reprimanded by their boss for doing so or just let them get away with it and wait to hear their bosses opinion after. which probably ends with the server paying the bill themselves. kendall should remember that no matter what someone is going to pay. its not cute hon.

  • Tanya Jones

    some celebrities walk out on their bills regularly. they should be ashamed

  • DeniseNY

    Wow. She’s an even bigger POS than the rest of her family. Color me surprised . . . NOT

  • #don’tcare


  • perrye

    Should we be surprised? Look at her whole family? Look at her influences? Look at her choice of “friends”. This girl is pure trash, just like her family…

    • shawn occonnor

      i urge you to say it again, true

  • MS.S

    I can only say that if that were had been someone else other than kendall, that person would have been ARRESTED. No jokes/insults intended the whole Wicked kardashian/jenner’s, girls feels that they are ABOVE the laws,under age drinking,walking out from paying a meal ticket (I feel sorry if she had tried this before and the waitress did not say anything). Kendall, can try to do Damage control all she want to but in today’s world people will come to judge her for all of her OWN actions that she put out there for all to see with their own eyes. It is always something with the kards/jenner girls,thinking that they can do whatever and will not be charged for their ACTIONS. It will not matter how many times kendall, will choose to try Damage Control. The world will look always look at her as another WILD CHILD, and eventually down that path of destruction kendall TRUTHS will be reveal, but she does have a chance to make a difference as a young lady. We all make are silly mistakes just because she is handled money everyday from pimp mama kris does not give her the RIGHTS to walk out on paying for her meal. Kendall should think about other peoples needs rather than her own selfish little Image which has been PAID by the billions that her pimp mama kris jenner has in the bank. So kendall,yes makes her own money (makes it even worse,a young model on the rise does not PAY HER MEAL TICKET)wow, but that does not give her the rights to not pay for a meal that cost only not so much to what she MAKES by her modeling deals,and the wicked kards reality show. Kendall needs to give it a REST, and LET IT GO NOW Pay her bill make a difference if she never comes clean kendall has labeled herself and no matter where she eat she will be watched like a microscope)! Of course the Universe will look at her in a very different way. People works hard everyday kendall needs to try and work as a waitress for 1 day and then she experienced how hard it is how to put food on table for so many families. It is what it is. Kendall, says her mother taught her BETTER, it really doesn’t seem like it, for the mother has her own tendencies and alcohol issues that are hidden secrets, which are hidden are very worse. It is what it is and no insults intended it is only an opinion.Peace.

  • Jeff

    I’m waiting for her sex tape to come out. Isnt that what this family is all about anyway?

  • Cz

    I am glad someone finally called her on her bad attitude and thinks she is better than anyone else, and so very rude. If you watch Keeping up with the Kardashians she is rude even on the show. She is even rude to her mother, and I think that she gets worse & worse with her mother. The only normal and down to earth girls are Kyle & Kloe (if everyone would just stay out of Kloes business and let her try to sort things out in her life since she has been through so much, instead of trying to tell her what to do).

  • Me

    Why would the server lie.

  • Kat

    So if you are famous(?) Because of your stepsisters sex tape, you get to eat free ? Rude little b. She should have been arrested.

  • Bill Accord

    Nothing like a good hard slap in the face to bring someone back down to reality!

  • http://missbraza.com/ ๓เรร๒гคzค

    . “They thought everything was paid for. Kendall was polite and asked, ‘Does this cover it?’ They didn’t run.”
    So, you are handed a bill that shows the amount you owe…you take money out of your wallet…you can’t tell if it covers or not? You can’t count by 20’s or what?
    Perhaps you shouldn’t be dining alone if you don’t know how that goes yet…

  • Tina Ferguson



    This is what happens when there is total and complete indulgence in the family. The parents are not doing their job so you get rich, spoiled brats that show uter contempt for people in general!!!! The Kardashians are just such a family. They are very shallow and think only of themselves and the Bible does not exist to them. They feel that they are above the law and all others!!!

  • irishchik61

    how do you forget to pay your food bill? She is just like her older sisters … spoiled, rude and abnoxious. I would be ashamed if that was my daughter. I don’t care if you are a “celebrity” you should be treated like everyone else. Kendall you are a POS and people should not watch you. But what do expected from the horrible example you have as a mother.

  • will

    HA HA HA never disrespect someone does that also included maids or no because she was banned from will smiths house for that “rolled her eyes and huffed like the maid was stupid when she asked if Kendall wanted sweetener for her iced tea!” Im sure she didn’t throw money in the waitress face.

  • kim

    where there’s smoke, there’s fire

  • $1127376

    Were hip to your trashy ways, save it for your family.. Your classless like the rest of them.

  • lovesmycat

    Kendall is 18 yrs old and too full of herself with too much fast success as a high fashion model. She didn’t earn her success. I believe the servers and have always thought restaurant servers have the hardest jobs because they have to deal with self-loving people who think others are below them. I had a friend who inherited millions and she never wanted to leave a tip because she didn’t think it was necessary.

  • LG

    She left without paying and she acts like a spoiled brat so she probably did throw the money at the waitress. Why should anyone have to chase after her? She should have just apologized and is trying to deny her behavior by threatening to sue. Spoiled brat.

  • shawn occonnor

    i believe the waitress. you kar-dash-ians. or should i say kartrashian

  • Tom Thibodeau

    Although cute as a button, with the notoriety of the Kuntdashians, I wouldn’t put it passed one of them to act this way!

  • fran attaway

    of course she did! she is a snot!

  • jz

    Of course she denies it. It makes her look like the little spoiled brat she is. So at the least she stormed out and did not pay her bill. She is saying she is going to sue. Get a life you little BRAT. I am sure you acted badly. What reputation are you trying to uphold the one that parties with older men who have been accused of domestic violence or the one that has no brain. get over yourself, own it. You would get more respect if you owned who you are but being fake is something that runs in the family.

  • http://www.wesgps.com Zeus2U

    I don’t really know who this person is, but please, oh please, please throw a little chump change my way; I’d love to wipe it on the floor then smear it on your so-called celebrity face – then slap the $hit out of you. Oh please. This from a 70 year old man – and I guarantee you my a$$ can back up my mouth!

  • imlovesem

    she says, “I was raised better than that…” well we know who raised her…an evil pimp named Kris…so I don’t doubt that se threw money at someone and didn’t pay. kartrashians are gross and yucky, please America, help them find a new planet to live on so there could be peace on earth!

  • balletlady

    She is an adult now, responsible for her actions. Maybe she thinks since she is part of the Kardashian clan she walks on water & can get away with things. Her attitude on the show is disrespectful & rude. Her dumb ass father lets her buy a house for herself when she should be at home under parental supervision since she can’t seem to control herself in the outside world. Mama Kris pimps her out as a model & allows her young teen daughter to wear a see through top with nipple exposed…nice Kris.
    WHERE the Hell is her father (soon to be another mother more than likely) in all this? Why doesn’t HE get involved in his daughter’s lives. Is it because he is spending more time away from his daughters trying to find the “appropriate hair color & style” for a WOMAN his age? I can only imagine him trying on women’s clothing & swim wear when he’s home alone in his rented beach house.
    If you can’t get along with your bossy dominatrix wife, LEAVE & get a divorce. Stop coming by making “visits” to see what’s up & then complain about what goes on in Kris Jenner’s house since YOU no longer live there by your own choice.
    These kids can’t understand why Bruce is changing from being Dad to another Mom in appearance. It must shock, hurt, confuse & disgust them as I am sure their friends are getting a good laugh as to why a 63 year old MAN wants to become a woman. Bet if we looked in his closet & dresser drawer we’d find push up bra’s & thongs along with nighties & woman’s clothing on the hanger.

  • Jimmy

    She was on the I’m “famous” thing and thought no one would say any thing about her walking out. Let’s see what her upstanding sister Kim has to say its usually earth shattering or maybe Khoe and her dirty mouth

  • Lavis

    Please can we trade all the Kardashians and have Robin Williams back please.

  • tamara

    Kendall don’t try to cover up what did you do wrong just try be better, I know it is hard for you be better ,I don’t blame you ,that is your mamagers fault .

  • My melody

    shamed on you Brat you should know better, what can you expect from spoil brats like all that family they think because they have money and fame they can do whatever they want ,buy a bit of respect with all the money you guys have ,don’t forget one thing we the public make you famous and from my side i wont spend one cent on any thing related to you guys shame on you ,shame….=(

  • ameme

    Acting just like the rest of trashy family ……………Who likes them other than the press I ask because I have never seen a positive comment on any of them …….

  • Bishop

    I really can’t stand that Kardashian Family. They’re liars, no morals having hoes. Almost all of them got ass jobs done including mom and they use people. I feel sorry for kanye when that marriage is over. He’s gonna pay big money to that family.