Kelly Rowland Talks Pregnancy And Babies


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Kelly Rowland is excited about her pregnancy and although she still has a few months before she will bring her child into the world, she said that she is getting antsy and excited to meet the baby and share her child with the world.

She said that her excitement is getting to be too much and she can hardly stand the thought of having to wait to see her baby's cute little face.

“Now it’s getting to the time where I’m getting a bit antsy and I would really, really love to see the baby’s face. I can’t wait,” the expectant singer told E! News Thursday during a TW Steel event in Los Angeles to launch the “Kelly Rowland Canteen Bracelet Timepiece.”

Kelly said that although she is beyond excited to have her baby, she has also enjoyed being pregnant and said that she has loved every stage of it.

“It’s like you’re really pregnant when you feel the baby move. You’re thinking to yourself, ‘Whoa!’” Rowland said.

“Of course you know there’s life before that’s growing inside of you, but then when you actually start feeling these different things happening—the flutters, and kicks and punches—it’s completely…I’m at a loss for words,” she told the magazine. “It’s mind-boggling. It’s pretty amazing.”

She also said that she knew pregnancy would bring changes to her life, but didn't expect it to change her body in so many ways.

”The most shocking thing about pregnancy to me is probably the way your body changes — nobody can prepare you for that,” told People magazine. “Not a book, not anything. You just go through it.”

Kelly also said that she doesn't deprive herself from her pregnancy cravings and admitted to indulging in nachos and cheese, chocolate ice cream and peanut butter. Sounds like Kelly's baby is already getting what he wants when he wants it.