Kelly Rowland Dishes on Pregnancy: 'I'm Getting a Bit Antsy'

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Kelly Rowland will be holding her baby boy in her arms in just a few short months, and the Destiny's Child singer says she is beginning to get antsy for his arrival.

"Now it's getting to the time where I'm getting a bit antsy and I would really, really love to see the baby's face. I can't wait," the expectant Kisses Down Low singer told E! News Thursday during a TW Steel event in Los Angeles to launch the "Kelly Rowland Canteen Bracelet Timepiece."

The 33-year-old mama-to-be couldn't help but gush on the miracle and milestones of pregnancy.

"It's like you're really pregnant when you feel the baby move. You're thinking to yourself, 'Whoa!'" Rowland said.

"Of course you know there's life before that's growing inside of you, but then when you actually start feeling these different things happening—the flutters, and kicks and punches—it's completely...I'm at a loss for words," she told the magazine. "It's mind-boggling. It's pretty amazing."

Rowland recently said her pregnancy has been a ''beautiful ride,'' but is always surprised at the changes in her body.

''The most shocking thing about pregnancy to me is probably the way your body changes -- nobody can prepare you for that," Rowland told People magazine. "Not a book, not anything. You just go through it.''

Rowland and husband Tim Witherspoon are busily preparing for their new arrival this fall, and she is indulging in every little craving that comes along.

"Right now I just really love nachos," she said.

"Chocolate ice cream and peanut butter mixed together is just glorious," she also admitted.

Pam Wright