Kelly Ripa Gushes on Greece Vacation With Seinfelds

    July 1, 2014
    Pam Wright
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TV personality Kelly Ripa recently returned from a two-week European vacation with her family and the Seinfeld family.

Once the Live with Kelly & Michael cohost got back into the studios on Monday, she couldn’t wait to gush on the trip.

“I’ve gotta tell you, it was magical. It was one of those trips where it all came together so beautifully,” she said on the show. “We started out in Paris for a couple of days – just a quick, quick trip to Paris – and then we spent the bulk of our trip, 10 days, in Greece, going from island to island.”

Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, 43, treated their three kids, 17-year-old Michael, 13-year-old Lola and 11-year-old Joaquin, to a vacation of a lifetime.

As for the Seinfelds, Jerry and Jessica brought their children, 13-year-old Sascha, 11-year-old Julian and 8-year-old Shepherd, to hang out with the Consuelos kids.

“It was like having no kids because they all amused each other and nobody drove us insane, so it was like a vacation,” Ripa said. “They weren’t fighting with each other and they weren’t telling us how bored they were. It was perfect and so much fun.”

Ripa, 43, shared photos of her magical European vacation on her show. Some of their favorite stops along the way included the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, Poseidon’s Temple in Athens and Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece.

“It was a lovely trip,” she said. “If you’re taking a trip someplace overseas and you’re thinking, ‘Where should we go? What should we do?’ I highly encourage you to visit Greece because the people there are the kindest and the loveliest, and it’s so beautiful.”

Needless to say, pics were shared along the way on social media by both Ripa and Jessica Seinfeld.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Cynthia Leischer Vornberger

    How ignorant isthat……to post all your family photos bragging on your vacation—she NEEDS TO GO–big time…..she is far too high on herself and what does she do to earn that kind of money—obviously she is in somebodys back pocket…..PLEASE!!!!!!! enough is enough!!!!!!

    • JP

      Why not share happy moments? It’s not bragging, it’s simply sharing.

    • Donna

      jealous much? She wasn’t bragging, she was just sharing.. she’s not the only one who’s ever shared photos of their vacation and told about it, and she certainly won’t be the last. As for being able to afford such a trip, I’m sure she makes decent money being a host of a show and it’s possible she saved for the trip as well. Nothing wrong with that either, either way.

    • Whatevah

      *sigh* Jealous much?

    • Nicole

      Cynthia, you don’t have to be a millionaire to vacation in Greece.

    • Mon Mothma

      Wow. Hateful troll. It’s not ignorant at all. Stop raging on the internet, if it’s “enough” for you, then don’t read it.

  • Mark Y

    She’s such and idiot.

    • Tragic Bliss

      Says the guy who can’t spell “an”.

      • KeK


    • noodles

      aND SHE HAS no ass, SKINNY LITTLE bitch.

      • Mon Mothma

        Another moron speaks

      • jerold horton

        Now Now, a little bit of jealousy.

  • Latrl

    I enjoy sharing my travel experiences as well. Why do some people have to hate on others for spreading information that some of us find helpful? If you don’t like it then don’t read the article…or get out and get in the game of life and share your own unique travels with others!

    • Mon Mothma

      Agreed. If this story is just so horrible to some people why did they click the link. And then waste time commenting on something that means nothing to them. I enjoyed the pics. Glad they had a good time.

  • Angela Gialamas Papas

    I don’t think it is bragging at all. I really enjoyed seeing all the pics and wished there were more. Being Greek, I am happy to know how much they enjoyed their trip and appreciated the people, scenery and food. Couldn’t get enough!

    • Mindy

      Well said Angela, thanks! I feel the same way!

    • BurntSienna

      Greece is my most favorite place in the world. The scenery, food, people – I loved it all!! Been to Santorini 2 times, Athens once. I am always dying to go back and try another island and have some grilled calamari and Santorini salad!

      • noodles

        Seems like all Americans should visit Greece, after all we are TAKING IT UP THE ASS BU obama for 6 years.

        • Mon Mothma

          …sigh. I think people are more tired of Obama haters trying to turn every story into a reason to bash Obama. In two more years who will you cry about. Just shut up already…it’s been 6 yrs of crying because you didn’t get your way.

  • malibuugirl

    Kind of funny considering I roll my eyes when my husband asks me to go away to an island for a few days. They are nice but I would NOT call it magical. I’ve been to 18 of the islands as we live in Greece. With the exception of Santorini, they’re all pretty much alike. And really, there are only so many days you can sit on a beach before you start going crazy. So don’t be jealous. It’s not that great.

    • Nicole

      The vacation may have been magical to her, not because of the location, but because she got to enjoy it without her children complaining the entire time. I think that, for many parents, that is magical.

      • malibuugirl

        Haha. I don’t have kids and work at home from the computer, so I tell my husband my real life is a vacation and the trips are exhausting – the ferries are packed, all the packing involved and dragging luggage around, etc. we live 10 mins from the water here in Athens so sometimes I don’t see why we have to go away when there’s a perfectly good beach right here. :)

        • BurntSienna

          Instead of complaining, count yourself lucky. I have to drive 3 hours just to get near an ocean, and it’s nothing like the water of the Aegean. If I could see that every day, I would think it magical, like my own little slice of heaven. Been to Santorini 2X’s and am always yearning to return. Maybe you should appreciate it more, I know I would!!

          • malibuugirl

            I know. I have it good. It’s just that every day, I have my day to myself. I work a lot but I love what I do so I don’t really need to get away from it all. Holidays are hectic. But yes, some days I do wish I could appreciate it more. We have a month coming up of 10 days in Crete, 4 in Paris and 9 on the French Riviera. We house swap so that’s how we can manage all of that – and we have an older (but free) house in Crete to go to every year. But it’s true that when you see something every day, the newness does wear off. You can’t appreciate things when they are too easily accessible.

  • dontworrybehappy

    People are out of work, schools losing libraries, country at war….and they are shoving this in everyone’s faces. By the way, I lost all respect for Jerry when he sued the author of that book he wanted for his wife. Then went on TV to drag the hard working woman through the mud. Hey Jessica Sklar, get your own idea.

    • Nicole

      If we all had to wait to enjoy our lives until everything was perfect in the world, life for everyone would be miserable. It’s nice to see that she finds such joy in vacationing with her family.

    • Mon Mothma

      They aren’t shoving it in your face…you clicked the link idiot. If You don’t want to read it then don’t. Seems you’d rather read nothing but stories that aren’t happy. And when you go on vacation, don’t tell your friends or family about it or share pics. After all…people are out of work, schools are closing and the country is at war. How dare anyone have a vacation and enjoy it.

  • Bill Mauldin


    • JoJo

      I with you, Bill…she’s such a silly ass.

  • g gentry

    I very much enjoyed see the pictures. Sounds like a wonderful vacation with family and friends.

  • Joe Robertson

    Damn, Mark Consuelo is effin hot!

    • Marlene

      Maybe to a gay man he is hot. I personally find him short and strange looking.

  • IMHO

    I rate my dislike for Ripa right up there with Kar-Trashian, K-Nasty, Lousy Lohan, BeyZee.

    • Mon Mothma

      Yet you took the time to read the article.

  • Cindy Smith

    Lovely people…

  • susanjlamia


  • Notthereyet

    I guess I am not a fan of pretentious people… and Kelly Ripa is pretentious. On her show she is constantly talking about the trips to the Hamptons and how she had dinner with [drop name here] and her children and her hair and her exercise regimen and her clothes…..

  • peggy

    sickening. Kelly is so into herself. we don’t care what she does with her family not to mention her namedropping friends. Michael was perfect on show while Kelly was gone

    • Mon Mothma

      Well, I enjoyed it. So you don’t speak for everyone when you say “we”. And if you don’t care why did you click the link and take time to comment. Lol and apparently you watch the show when you don’t like one of the hosts….awful rude people.

  • CamanoArtistMom

    Such beautiful pics Kelly! So glad you all had such a great time.

  • Lola Jordan

    I didn’t think my opinion of Seinfeld could get any worse, until now.

    • jerold horton


  • alexa

    Kelly’s such a backstabber/ kiss azz. Haven’t watched her show since Regis left. She acted all nicey nicey when he was there but since he’s been gone she never contacted him. As for Michael, her co-host, he’s nothing but a wife beater. Don’t know why he was hired in the first place.

    • jaime

      You must know all of these people personally. I didn’t know any of that!!!

      • alexa

        Just because you never heard any of these things doesn’t mean they’re not true. I’m sure you can google it to see that Michael has been accused of beating and cheating on his wife. As for Kelly…Regis has said on late night TV several times that Kelly has never called him. Try being polite when you speak to someone next time.

        • jaime

          Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I was being polite. I’m not the one that was name-calling. And just because someone says it, doesn’t mean it is true. I guess you are the only one allowed to speak. Have a great day :)

          • rm

            well, you know, Jaime…if alexa found it on Google it HAS to be true. I mean…gawd…what are you thinking? 😉

        • Mon Mothma

          Polite? Lolol. Ok kettle.

        • JoJo

          I saw the interview on late night TV where Kelly said she doesn’t keep in touch with Regis since he left the show. Silly little girl, if it weren’t for Regis you’d be an out of work soap opera actress. Loved you as Hailey in AMC then you became a “Big Star” and you forgot those that helped you become who you are today.

          • alexa


  • noodles

    Like we really give a SHIT about her and her vacation with the JEWS.

  • kj

    Very phony. She’s another one that needs to go…

  • jerold horton

    Rubbing it in isn’t she, who can afford this stuff and come back and say
    everyone should visit these place, Yell i’ll go next week.

  • vee105

    I don’t think it is bragging, I luv seeing other people vacation pics! Stop Hating, you are only blocking your own blessings! Kelly is Kool!

  • roostrdude@sbcglobal.net

    I wish Jerry would have married that young chick with the huge bazooms.