Kelly Ripa Doesn’t Care If Her Daughter Likes Her


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All parents struggle with disciplining their children. While it seems like something that would be fairly simple, many parents aren’t strict with their children because they are afraid it will cause them not to like them.

Kelly Ripa said she isn’t one of those parents and she doesn’t care if her daughter doesn’t like her or gets mad at her when she is disciplined.

She recently said that she had to take her daughter Lola’s phone and computer away from her because she was misbehaving. She also said that it left Lola very upset with her mother.

"She recently lost her computer and phone privileges, so it's like taking away oxygen," Ripa said on her show.

"We are like very fair parents and we will give you certain freedoms," she continued. "When you want privacy in a not-private world—like, you can't have privacy and be on Instagram. I'm sorry, that's not how it works. Privacy is for if you want to write a letter or write in your journal, I'm not going to read that. But if you want to tweet about what a pain in the butt your mom is, I'm gonna see that."

Ripa explained that her daughter was caught playing online when she was supposed to be studying and that the punishment was losing her phone and computer privileges.

She also admitted that she found out Lola was playing on her phone instead of studying by snooping around in her room, and said she may not have went about it the right way.

"No, I don't think she likes me, but I don't care," Kelly said. "I'm like, 'I'm not your friend, I'm your mom. I'm not your friend.'"

Do you think more parents should feel the same as Kelly Ripa?