Kelly Ripa Shares Chiseled Abs On Social Media

    December 13, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kelly Ripa shared a photo of her amazingly chiseled abs on Twitter earlier this week. She credited her trainer, Anna Kaiser, for her incredibly svelte form. Ripa, who is 41 and a mom of three, is a fitness fiend, and works out faithfully. After seeing the photo she posted, you’ll agree that her hard work is paying off quite nicely.

The cohost of Live With Kelly and Michael, Ripa has long been known for her petite frame and active lifestyle. It’s uncertain, however, if fans had any idea exactly how ripped Ripa is. The fitness regime she strictly adheres to includes cardio, strength training, stretching and toning. It’s definitely not a wimp’s workout or one recommended for a beginner. It’s uncertain how long she has adhered to Kaiser’s program, but the results she has achieved speak volumes for the workout’s success.

Kelly Ripa’s toes are pointing to an inspirational quote from Henry Ford. It seems like Kelly should be penning her own inspirational quotes in order to prompt others to work hard at defining their abs the way she has.

Kelly’s trainer appeared on Good Morning America on Friday to explain how hard Kelly had to work to achieve that rock hard six pack. Was Kelly posting her photo as a means of promotion for her trainer?

Even if Kelly Ripa was doing promo for Anna Kaiser, many of her fans are no doubt grateful for the good information. After seeing how fabulous Kelly looks, people are likely asking, “What can I do to look like her?”

Image via Twitter

  • Sorry

    Make me a millionaire with no worries and a lot of time and my stomach will be flat as can be.

    I honestly don’t think people realize how much real free time these people have. That is part of the illusion the world tells us. You can do all these things….. bullshit … there literally isn’t enough time in the day. Between sleeping, eating, traveling, basic conversation — there just isn’t a long time. Especially if you freaking work a normal job.

    • Sallie Thornton

      Since Regis left the Kelly and Regis show, Kelly’s attitude has changed drastically. She is all about herself, she’s egotistical, and a show off. I won’t even watch the show anymore. I’ve also heard this same complaint from different people.

    • Cullen

      Except the fact that most millionaires who have that time don’t look like this. “Sorry”, unfortunately you’re just one of the many out there who love to tear down people’s accomplishments. I think Kelly’s message says it best though: Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right. I wonder which one of those you fall under? I’ll take a wild guess…Can’t.

      • Sorry

        Nope. Again another example of people reading into what I said way too much. I am not tearing her down. You are also assuming everyone wants to look like her as if she is ideal. There are tons of people who aren’t in shape and don’t really want to exercise like crazy. They are still good people.

        But you bring up a good point. Her statement I guess is egotistical because she is assuming everyone would want to have the body she does — hence the “can or can’t” — those that want her figure or have her figure fall in to the acceptable “can” category …. those that don’t want her figure or don’t have her figure fall into the unacceptable “can’t” category….

        She never stops to consider that some people just might not want to look like her … it isn’t a matter of can or can’t …. it is a matter of —- I don’t care and it is not that important to me.

        Again, give me millions, give me free time, give me no worries (so cortisol doesn’t automatically build up in my body) and I will have a flat stomach too.

        • Jan

          Wow! You are reading way too much into the quote she posted. First off the quote is by Henry Ford. The quote simply means if you think you can do it you can and if you think you can’t then you can’t. She is not implying that anyone wants to look like her. She is simply saying if someone desires t get in shape and think they can, they can but if they want to get in shape and think they can’t, then they can’t. It’s that simple. As far as millionaires having a ton of free time… that is not true. I am close friends and business partners with quite a few millionaires and they are very busy people. They work harder than most people who have a regular job and those of them who choose make the time to stay fit. Doesn’t matter if you have money or not, if someone wants to get something done, they find a way to do it PERIOD!

        • Cullen

          @ Sorry

          First off, you make yourself a target with your comments, and it’s so evident that you’re predisposed to not liking this individual. Secondly, where did I see anyone claim that she is “Ideal”? All I stated was, I think that you have enjoy tearing people down, because of what Kelly was able to accomplish. And your comment that anyone could do this if they had millions was absurd, because it takes a lot more than money to get people into shape. Much of it has to do with being motivated.

          Your, “They are still good people” comment smacks of insecurity. Where did Kelly ever state that if you don’t look like this, then you’re not a good person? Nobody is saying that…

          The quote was not egotistical either. It simply reflects this world and how we think. If we tell ourselves “I can’t”, then we probably have no chance of attaining our goals or dreams. The most successful people in this world are those who dream big. When I state success, I don’t mean from a monetary stand point either. To be successful could be just about anything.

          Your, “She never stops to consider that some people just might not want to look like her” comment once again smacks of insecurity, because in your very next paragraph you state that if someone gave you millions, gave you free time, gave you no worries, that you would have a flat stomach too. First off, I doubt that she’s reaching out to people like yourself, who like to tear people down, like you do, and you’re doing that by the way. When you state that if you had millions, free time, and no worries, that’s tearing someone down. I’m sure Kelly Ripa isn’t given millions, because I’m guessing she’s busted her butt earning those millions. That comment just further illustrates how insecure you are. I don’t have millions, I don’t have a lot of free time, and I have worries, BUT I find time to make myself a healthier human being, by eating right, working out, and running. I think excuse making is par for the course in this country, but when people go the extra mile to belittle someone’s accomplishment, it’s sorta sad. Obviously it’s important to you; her story. If it wasn’t, then you wouldn’t take the time to comment on it.

          • @Cullen

            Ha! Ha! Your are very funny!

            I don’t think the person sounded insecure at all. Where do you get all that? Crazy.

            You are also fooling yourself. It is much easier to stay in shape when you have millions, free time, and no worries.

            Just admit it Cullen — you read into what the person said. Stop trying to convince people otherwise.

        • Jasper

          She should be torn down, she is self centered and a very nasty person. People who watch her and admire her need to get a life. Who would want to look like her she is so gross.

          • @Jasper

            Cullen is just delusional.

            I have been a personal trainer and the reality is that people who actually have time to work out have a much better chance of getting in shape.

            You don’t see to many people working 14 hour days looking good. Ripa has a hell of a lot of time on her hands. She talks for what … an hour a day…. had people that do research for her?


    • @Sorry

      You are right.

      I was a personal trainer for a long while. It is hard for people to even find time to work out. Between work, traveling to work, family eating, and sleeping.

      Ripa’s life is not normal. She talks for a freaking living. She talks for what — two hours? She does not work much and gets paid a ton.

      She isn’t working ten hour days and traveling one hour each way to and from work.

  • Scamuel Jones

    She’s nothing but a two-bit Hollywood whore who will do all comers for a quarter!

  • josh

    she’s the perfect example of health not only that she is a good kind hearted person stop hating on her also she works like anyother man or woman and maybe more sometimes i dont know im not her but she does work alot she finds time like anyone else

    December 13, 2013 at 9:06 pm(the first comment) how is she about herself and egotistical?

    • Sorry

      I never said she was egotistical or all about herself. Find those words in what I wrote — they aren’t there. You are reading into what I wrote based upon your own thoughts in your head.

      What I said is give me a million dollars and free time and no worries and I would have just as flat as a stomach.

  • Unconvinced

    In my view, she looks anorexic. So many of these Hollywood types think that looking like skeletons with skin is attractive. Her legs and arms are pencil thin. When you see these people in public, I swear you can see the skeleton through their faces. They do not look healthy and pretty much everyone that I know “who is healthy” says the same thing. This is not attractive at all.

  • JayZee

    Well if I had millions and loads of time on my hands. I’d look like that too. You can have cooks, organic meals, personal trainers and nannies. That’s not exactly a luxory many of us can afford.

    • Sorry

      Yeah — you thought of something I didn’t. The food aspect —- that takes money. Ever been to whole foods? That stuff costs a freaking fortune.

      To look good you have to have a great diet or just not eat, but the not eating part will catch up to you.

  • Unome

    Kelly ripa is the most overrated, nobody, no talent whatsoever, self centered, egotistical, uneducated, uninformed, pompous, waste of good oxygen I have ever seen on television. Myself and everyone I know quit watching the show when Regis left because Regis was classy, and dignified, and respectful. Kelly was never more than a lame attempt at sidekick window dressing. We ALL wish Regis would come back. Just my opinion.

  • cindee

    Most people are just jealous of her. I don’t really think about her or watch her much. I do know it takes a lot of hard work to achieve her look no matter how much money you have and you still have make good choices with your diet.(We can all do that). We may not look like her in the end but we will still be healthier for it!

  • carman

    If you were old and well endowed, you would smother if you tried to stand on your head. You need to add a “Do not try this at home.”

  • pattib

    I can’t figure out if Kelly Ripa is anorexic or if she just looks minuscule next to Michael Strahan. She looks like she is shrinking right before viewer’s eyes. Not a good look. She looked much more healthy and attractive when she was with Regis Philbin.