Kelly Ripa: 1996 Photo Of Wedding Goes Viral

    May 3, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kelly Ripa, who has long been the darling of daytime TV, shared a photo of herself and husband Mark Consuelos at their 1996 Vegas wedding recently, and the pic has gone viral.

The image shows a much younger Ripa in a pink spaghetti-strap dress, hugging her new hubby in front of a sparkly backdrop. The “Live With Kelly And Michael” co-host tweeted the pic to celebrate her 17th wedding anniversary.

Ripa and Consuelos met during their days as soap opera actors and have been together ever since, making them one of the cutest and most endearing couples in Hollywood.

“He is the person I was meant to be with forever, and I think he feels the same way,” she said.

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    Kelly looks great in the photo however as much as I love her show and watch it all the time she needs to get someone else to help her pick her wardrobe. She wears the worst looking clothes of any celebrity I have ever seen. With all the money she makes you would think she could pay someone enough money who knew how to dress her nice and not tacky looking. She dresses horrible. But as a person she seems sincere and all but a little naïve.

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  • http://google lucy lopez

    I love kelly Ripa seens she was on All my children. I also love that she has been married to mark all these years.She is a roll model to married people everywhere. I would love to meet her someday. Her and co-host Michael make me laugth verytime I watch the show. About that lady’s comment that kelly does’nt know how to dress, she is crazy. Kelly dont you listen to her you are one of the most best dress woman on tv. Love you and Michael. Happy aniversary to you and Mark. May God bless you both.

  • JenniferH

    I remember Kelly when she first appeared on All My Children. She was an excellent actor and perfect for her part. When she and Mark got together, you could feel the chemistry! Loved it!

  • colby

    mmmm… side boob

  • Rick

    Kelly is such a beautiful gal. But she needs to go to the auto body store for a front end alignment. One headlight goes east and the other west. Looks like the lights are switched with them both pointing towards the curb. New bumpers wouldn’t hurt either.

  • GG

    Kelly is so pretty and she doesn’t look like she’s aged a bit! Mark ain’t too shabby either! I wish Kelly would do more acting. She is adorable and so likable!

  • Dennis Knight

    She’s one of those that you would like to buy for what she’s worth and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth.

  • Helen rivera

    It’s nice to see 2 people that still honor, love, and respect each other after 17 years. Kelly is looking a bit anorexic. She would look healthier if she gained 20 pounds or more.

  • mopar

    I think everything should go VIRAL

  • sandra kivela

    I think the picture is beautiful. Her and Mark make a great couple and they still look very happy together. Great job Kelly and Mark and a successful marriage. Hard to do in the showbiz industry.

  • Barb

    Love you both from AMC to your show Kelly and Love when MARK

  • Barb

    Love Kelly and Mark since AMC and still love her now and when Mark is on he is adorable…………
    Michael you are great with Kelly you are a sweetheart

  • http://email Debra Abreut

    Much happiness to you both!

  • Eagle

    I love Kelly and Mark they’re the real deal, down-the-earth couple I’d love to meet them with my husband for a dinner! God Bless them

  • Tom

    The luckiest man in the world is the one who finds a lovely young lady in his arms who looks at him the way Kelly is looking at Mark. Her eyes say all there is to be said. Seventen years is merely the concrete evidence of the promise in her eyes all those years ago. What a lucky man.

    • David

      That’s cause they’re the same height


    She was on a Philadelphia tv show called “Dancing on air” In the early 1980s. She always wore red and she was very perky but was not really very pretty. She was a regular on the show and had a lot of “face time”

  • http://Yahoo Gloria

    This is a sweet picture !

  • mommy

    This picture should be entitled, “Before Botox.” Kelly has even admitted to getting Botox on a regular basis. Too bad she looks like skeletor now!

  • vdub

    haley and mateo forever! lol

  • Humita humita

    I dont really like Kelly, but good for her to be married for 17 yrs….that is a lifetime in Hollywood. To those ripping her apart…jealous much? Get a life already….so much hate.

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    Kelly way to go. Interesting to “tweet” this message to your hubby instead of doing it face-to-face…one-on-one. Keep up the good work and hope that All My Children goes back on the air soon! The “chew” is a joke!

  • Jimmy

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  • Larry Morrow

    What Boobs!?

  • reyshel

    Congrats. I know it can’t be easy balancing fame, marriage and family.

  • http://webpronews Karen Bunny

    well, i was W-R-O-n-G–
    “Kay” i just realized it–YOU are getting paid for your sarcasm!
    what a brilliant idea! if it wasnt for you, no one would have said one word here….not a bad job to have…my question is
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  • Lily

    What a lovely photo.

  • tr

    this is for kay you seem to have a huge anger problem and do not like kelly. Shes funny and witty you must be jealous of her why because you have two flat eggs on your chest. Hope your your tv has only one channel and its has kelly and michael on 24 7. plus i would take a guess your not married either. because no one can stand you.

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  • Teri

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Kelly & Mark are such a beautiful couple I wish them many more Years together, and for those who are making negative comments, don’t hate!!! God doesn’t like ugly

  • http://YAHOO BRIQUE